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✉ //I'd love to do a modern au uwu

// I need a modern Vikings au so bad right now (though my college au fic should be done soon) so let me know if you want to plot :)

[02:17] torstein took me drinking anhd it may hvave been a bad edia
[02:20] iyf i asked you to pick me up would you be mad?
[02:31] aare you awake helga?
[02:31] Heeeelga??
[02:34] i jusrt thrwew up in sjome bushes

Send me a ‘✉’ for a drunk text from my character.

snowanchester replied to your post: can we fucking kill the whole “i’…

Yeah I mean if you’re lucky enough to NOT need make up good for you but I feel so awful without it and wearing makeup makes me feel better so like what’s the big deal? I’m a precious snowflake, you’re a precious snowflake, period!

Ughhhh like  it’s fine if you don’t want to wear make up or if you don’t need it but what about just enjoying it? I don’t wear make up because it’s vital, I wear it because i just fucking love it.

i’m so tired of this concept of women should wear make up and we are all superficial and the no make up is what makes you so fucking special.

Jusrt no, destroy the concept from the writer’s’s minds.

hey whats up !!!!! im going to my cabin there will br no wifi… ill be back either tomorrow or sunday. if u need it m.y ce.ll #. i.s 9.2.0.-.4.6.0.-. jusrt te.xt m.e .i.f .u n.ee.d m.e and tell me ur name !!! yea h ill be back asap. sorry i havent been on much but. ive been busy with school work and wrapping up the year and . idk sorry

fucufkc i jusrt talked to someone online who goes to the high school i’m going to next year and i am!!!

!!! new person to stop me from getting lost… he even volunteered to help me… now i will not get lost!!! hopefully… tbh i will get lost though… 

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✆ ✉ ☎""✿ø ^-^

Send “✆” for a morning text. 

Text from Valon @ 12:47 p.m. - Morninnngg, well, not really but you know it’s for me.

Send “✉” for a text that wasn’t sent

Text from Valon @ 3:34 a.m. - You have no idea how bad I want to hold you right now.

Send “☎” for a rushed text. 

Text from Valon @1:03 a.m. - I can’t tlk right now. gtg. ily

Send “⁇” for a drunk text.

Text from Valon @5:56 a.m. - Fck yio doont have idedz how much il lov yiuu. jusrt marrrryy me gomfdammti

Send “✿” for a suggestive text. 

Text form Valon @8:12 p.m. - How about I go to your place and help you relax?

Send “ø” for a late night text.

Text from Valon @2:46 a.m. - Sorry I didn’t pick up the phone…I suppose you’re already asleep so, goodnight and sweet dreams love.

(he’s an owl if you haven’t noticed)

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I've been trying to find a daddy for a while but don't know where to look. And ideas or advice?

Look here… But dont fall to fast because a bunch of “daddy’s” are actually jusrt men who feel entitled to your submission so please be careful

Beyoncé and Jay Z snag $P.5M church turned mansion in NOLA

Beyoncé and Jay Z snag $P.5M church turned mansion in NOLA

Keller Williams
Beyonce and Jay Z’s new New Orleans residence

They’re music business gods so it’s solely proper they need to have their very own church.

Beyoncé and Jay Z have snagged a former church turned mansion in New Orleans, based on stories.

The home, on Harmony St. jusrt half a block from St. Charles Ave. in the town’s tony Garden District, is among the most historic residential…

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HHHHHHHH fnfkfkfkjfkfk whyy. Do I constantly creave affectionn . I. I jusrt want to bee lovved romanticslly Inm lonelty