In Time part 2

As you watched the man in front of you, you couldn’t say anything. All the words that you wanted to voice just wouldn’t formulate. ‘Say no’ your brain yelled at you, but you didn’t move an inch. ‘Think about all that he put you through’ your mind shouted. You blinked. ‘You loved him and he embarrassed you. You stuck by him and now he wants more from you?!’ Your fingers curled on the bed, but still, no words left your mouth. Jason was watching you intently, basically on the edge of his knees waiting for you. His eyes were pleading and his lips were parted. Every nerve in your body was tense and you began to feel weak. Light headed. You hadn’t seen him in two years and… now he was back. The love of your life and the biggest heart break you’ve ever experienced all in one. In a simple world this was a no brainer, no to Jason. He had to go, but as you leaned forward you realized this wasn’t a simple world. It was complicated and twisted and confusing and made you want to hear what Jason had to say. “You have a lot of fucking explaining to do,” you said your voice becoming softer than you’d expected. Jason blinked and then suddenly he was smiling. It was small, so small that you could barely see it in the dark. “Just for the night or maybe two; you can sleep…,” you bite your lip as you thought for places for him to sleep. The guest room was under construction and the couch in the living room was being cleaned and the basement was also being renivated. “I can sleep on the floor… anywhere really,” Jason said quickly. You looked at him and nodded. “You know where the blankets are,” you replied. And he stood and placed a kiss on your head. You looked up at him in shock and he looked just as thrown off as you. Maybe it was an instinct so you shook it off and went in the bathroom to change and wash your face. When you came back out, Jason had made a pallet on the floor and was sitting there with his shirt off. You bit your lip and slowly made your way to your bed. “I locked the door back and brought the key inside,” Jason said as you turned on a lamp by your bed. “Thanks,” you replied and attempted to give a smile. It didn’t work very well. You and Jason sort of stared at one another awkwardly until you muttered a goodnight and layed down in your bed. Half way through the night you felt your heart beat quicken and you had the urge to run. You ran out of your room and into the street where a figure stood. You couldn’t see his face but you wanted to follow him. Once you did, you realized you had made a mistake. You were trapped by two dark figures and a scream escaped your lips. As they moved in on you, you screamed louder and shook your head. “Y/N,” one of the voices said and then you were being awaken. You panted, out of breath as you opened your eyes. Jason was over you, rubbing your arm. When he saw you were awake, his worried face relaxed a little. “It’s okay baby it was just a dream,” he muttered as you bit your lip. You knew that this wasn’t just a one time thing. You had been having nightmares… the same type of one’s at least twice a week. Ever since he was sentenced. And now there he was standing over you, saving you from them. It was overwhelming and you felt tears prick your eyes. Soon, they were falling. Jason’s hand moved to rubbing your cheek and wiping your tears away. “Baby, I’m right here,” he said. “I know I haven’t been. But I am now and all I can do is try my very best to pick of the pieces that I’ve left behind.” He said and pulled you into his arms. You wanted to fight it, but it had been so long since you were this close to him and it felt so good. You wanted to say something or do something but before you knew it, you were asleep and you slept through the rest of the night

Elevator Tunes (Slightly Mature)

Author’s note at the end xx

The dexterity if his hands made my whole body tremble.

Feeling his long, skilled fingers graze the sensitive skin exposed on my thigh, my mind instinctively began conjuring up the image of his fingers travelling elsewhere. I yearned his touch all over and even the slightest contact between us had me arching into his palm. He had me relinquishing control whenever I was with him, willingly, because it never seemed to fail in setting me off…

His thick lips, planted sloppy wet kisses slowly over my jaw, easily down my neck and it got harder for me to bite back my moans with each one. A sense of pure bliss washed over me entirely and numbed my senses, provoking my subjectiveness as a whole. My mind was slowly drifting away from reality thanks to him.

Momentarily, I forgot that we were in an elevator.

But upon realizing it, I then deemed it to be the most agonizingly slow elevator ride of my life. Justin could tell that I was growing impatient when I buried my face into his chest, so he held me. He pulled me closer to him by the waist and enveloped his muscular, inked arms around my hips. His erection was pressing thickly against my belly, and it amazed me to see him remain so calm. Meanwhile I was dying. As I leaned into him, I could feel his fingertips brush over my ass accidentally, but it made me cringe – cringe with desire.

Finally a ‘ding’.

Justin loosened an arm from me and entered the code that allowed us access to the penthouse. Then he guided me through, keeping his heated hands low on the curve of my back. Before we even made sure the door was shut, I found myself kissing him. He was fine with making me wait, but I was far too desperate to even mentally accept the idea.

Justin,” I moaned against his lips. He was being chaste, and it was pissing me off because we were both aware of the severity of my arousal even though he acted as though he didn’t care. I looked up slowly and nearly melted at the sight of his intense hazel eyes. Absentmindedly, I nervously began to chew on my lip.

His hand slid down and gripped a handful of my ass, and then I heard him groan. “God, baby, you’re so fucking hot.” He grunted rubbing his crotch against mine. I could have said the same about him, but I needed to release some sort of tension – not build more. “And you were so good for me tonight.” The gradual change in his tone got me pooling. This transition was, by far, my favorite of all the emotions Justin portrayed.

He was going from ‘loving boyfriend’ to ‘daddy’.

Pressing another wet kiss to my swollen lips, he led me to the bedroom. Only a sliver of moonlight illuminated our room and our unnecessarily oversized bed. “You’ve been such a good girl for daddy tonight, baby girl.” He whispered quietly whilst nibbling on my earlobe. “On the way home I was thinking of ways to reward you.” Dragging my false white nails over the lapels of his suit, I sucked my bottom lip in between my teeth and hummed. “You can ride daddy’s cock, if you want, baby girl. I’ll even let you sit on my face.”

The rawness of his words sent me over the edge, and practically a millisecond later, I attacked him. I flew into his arms and wrapped my legs around his torso, initiating a passionate kiss as I began to rip off his tux.

His tongue was the first thing down my throat, and it caught me off guard for a moment, but his tight grip kept me secure on his body. Soon, his tantalizing tattoos were exposed while his suit jacket and shirt – as torn as mangled as they were – ended up in a pile on the other side of the room. I ran my fingers through his dirty blonde hair and sucked on his tongue, moaning at the thought of it plunged into my soaking wet core.

Sitting on his face would be heaven.

He pulled harshly on the zipper of my bodycon dress and tugged it over my head. Lowering me back down to the ground, my hands found his belt buckle and his suit pants came off along with his briefs. My mouth watered once his erection sprang free and I even contemplated sucking him just for a little while. Justin’s size was intimidating and no matter how many times we had sex, I never got used to its largeness. Every once in awhile, I would doubt if it would even fit inside of me. But then I’d be carried back to the mind-shattering orgasms it’d bring me.

Sometimes I found myself wondering how I got so lucky to have him as my boyfriend.

“This new?” He hooked a finger under the strap of my black lace bralette and stroked himself softly. A soft moan followed by a nearly silent “fuck” escaped his lips once I nodded. He ran his fingers through my long, brown hair and snaked his fingers down my back to unclasp the bra. My tender breasts jutted out over the fabric and bounced freely once my bra hit the floor. Justin paused for a moment but then pulled down my underwear as well.

OkaY GUYS NOT EVEN GONNA LIE HERE: I GOT SO HOT WHILE WRITING THIS SO I HAD TO STOP FOR A MINUTE. If you guys like it and want me to write more, message me and I’ll finish it. But if not, I don’t wanna put myself through the heat. OmG I was just like “GOD I WANNAA SIT ON JUSTIN’S FACEEEEEEEEEE. LOL. Yeah bYe. 

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Description: Justin buys y/n Calvins and is so turned on when he sees her in them. Justin’s POV

I couldn’t resist. When I saw those Calvin’s the first thing I thought of was how Y/N’s ass would look in them when she tried them. I stopped on the way back to our place to put them in a little gift bag. I can’t just be throwing shit at her without it looking presentable. 

“Y/N?” I called out when I walked in. She was usually there to greet me when I walked in. “You worry too much Justin.” God I could be so paranoid. 

“Back here babe!” She called.

“Where are you?” I frowned, when I still didn’t see her.

“In the closet.” God she was so hot. Even sitting there in an oversized sweater, in her large glasses and a day old bun on top of her head. I leaned down to give her a proper kiss. “Is that for me?” She purred, flashing me one of those grins that stopped my heart.

“It might be.” I gave her the bag, suddenly hoping she wouldn’t think it was dumb.

“Hey! My own pair of Calvin’s!” She stood up, taking off her underwear, and pulling them on. “God these feel good.” She said running her hands over her ass, feeling the newness of the material. All I could see was how perfectly it showed off her shape. And damn did she have a mighty fine ass.”

“Give Daddy a spin Y/N.” She winked at me before giving me a slow spin.

“I love them, Jay! Thank you for thinking of me all the time.” I couldn’t take it when she stood on her tiptoes like that. I grabbed her, sliding her glasses off and putting them on the shelf behind her head. “Justin. Please.” She breathed.

That’s all I needed to pull that sweater over her head, her bun falling out of it’s delicate place on her head, falling down her back. I moaned at the sight of her bare skin and she wasted no time in taking off my pants and going down. I threw my head back, trying to keep myself upright. She was so good at that. I cried out. “Y/N!” As her tongue swirled around my tip. I yanked her up by her arms before lifting her up by the legs. She moaned my name, and it set my nerves on fire. I slammed into her, relishing in the familiarity of being inside her. Bracing her back against the wall, I went faster and faster. It didn’t take long for us to climax. 

“If I knew a pair of Calvin’s was all it took..” She teased.

“I’ll buy you more tomorrow.”


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Beginning of the End Continuation

I’ve gotten a lot of positive feed back for this one which is pleasantly surprising especially since this is the first one in a while so thanks. Along with a lot of likes, I’ve gotten request for a part 2 so it’s coming up. Don’t be shy to ask for certain imagine ideas also. Can’t say it enough, I’m open to request ❤️