On Friday Mattel launched its new Sheroes collection of Barbie dolls, which celebrates women who have inspired girls by breaking boundaries. The women were honored at the Variety Power of Women Luncheon, where their dolls were unveiled.

“Barbie has always represented that girls have choices, and this Spring we are proud to honor six Sheroes who through their trade and philanthropic efforts are an inspiration to girls,” Evelyn Mazzocco, general manager of Barbie, said in a press release.

Included in the collection is the talented director Ava DuVernay, director of the Academy Award nominee for best picture Selma. DuVernay’s doll is styled with a casual look of a black turtle neck and jeans and is posed sitting in her director’s chair.

Mazzocco continued in the statement: “Started by a female entrepreneur and mother, this brand has a responsibility to continue to honor and encourage powerful female role models who are leaving a legacy for the next generation of glass ceiling breakers.”[X]


Ferguson (9/28/2014) 

If you think for ONE MINUTE that the protest in Ferguson have calmed down, you would be wrong. Very. Justice for Michael Brown is being demanded EVERY-SINGLE-DAY.

It is alive. It is effervescent. It is strong. It is powerful and it is there to stay until Darren Wilson is arrested! 

Fore more videos from Netta and DeRay McKesson who are down in Ferguson every day, giving us this material, check out additional videos below







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Şimdi belki benim gibi ölesiye yalnızsındır
Uçan kuşları gözlemektesindir tekbaşına
Çamların yeşiline dalmış gitmiştir gözlerin

Radyo dinliyorsundur ya da susarak

Bir kitabı okumaya çalışıyorsundur, kimbilir…

Sonsuz güzellikte bir aşk düşünüyor olabilirsin
Belki de anılarını deşiyorsun
Bir olmazı, bir açmazı derinden derine kucaklar gibi
Bir kahve içmeyi, bir elma yemeği kurarak
Saatine bakıyor olabilirsin uykulu gözlerle
Çocukların oyununa dalmış, gitmiş olabilirsin…

Mahpus gibi, tutsak gibi, belki köle gibi
Yarını olmamak gibi bir duygu içindesindir
Belki de kendini bağışlamıyorsundur
Benim hiç bilmediğim bir şeylerden ötürü
Kırık trenler gibi öylece kalakalmışsındır
Kalkıp gidip çekirdek almayı düşünüyorsundur
Ya da uyumak istiyorsundur her şeyi unutmak için
Belki sen de benim gibi ölesiye yalnızsındır…

anonymous asked:

What's your opinion on Midday Justice (Mcree and Pharah) both as a romantic/sexual relationship and as a relationship in general (since so many people forget that ship was originally just short for "relationship.".)

tl;dr it’s very likely jesse and fareeha never interacted in the original overwatch. in recalled overwatch, i think they’d just be work partners and then maybe friends, but it’s certainly possible that it could become more.

(i’m a little late with this, sorry ;-; but what a great ship name! and as always, read this post before continuing on.)

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