Şimdi belki benim gibi ölesiye yalnızsındır
Uçan kuşları gözlemektesindir tekbaşına
Çamların yeşiline dalmış gitmiştir gözlerin

Radyo dinliyorsundur ya da susarak

Bir kitabı okumaya çalışıyorsundur, kimbilir…

Sonsuz güzellikte bir aşk düşünüyor olabilirsin
Belki de anılarını deşiyorsun
Bir olmazı, bir açmazı derinden derine kucaklar gibi
Bir kahve içmeyi, bir elma yemeği kurarak
Saatine bakıyor olabilirsin uykulu gözlerle
Çocukların oyununa dalmış, gitmiş olabilirsin…

Mahpus gibi, tutsak gibi, belki köle gibi
Yarını olmamak gibi bir duygu içindesindir
Belki de kendini bağışlamıyorsundur
Benim hiç bilmediğim bir şeylerden ötürü
Kırık trenler gibi öylece kalakalmışsındır
Kalkıp gidip çekirdek almayı düşünüyorsundur
Ya da uyumak istiyorsundur her şeyi unutmak için
Belki sen de benim gibi ölesiye yalnızsındır…
a cover
  • a cover
  • jusic

i decided to do a cover
it was really hard, and i mess up in a few places but.. overall i think it turned out ok.


GROOVE:   How the Other Half Live, Tribes.  Tribe-vibe in your face piano.

AIn’t it strange how the other half live?

yourfavoritegreg asked:

Did you ever watch any Superhero cartoons

jusice league, justice league unlimited, earth’s mightiest heroes.

i watched some ultimate spider-man but then had to stop because of coulson

batman the animated series

the tick

teenage mutant ninja turtles


wolverine and the x-men

young justice

What Do People See, When They See Us?: Justice for Sandra Bland

I feel like I keep writing posts like this…

Each death impacts me differently. There aren’t hierarchies in the tragedies that have been placed on Black lives, but the slap of, yet, another death, stings with varying reverberations. The foul play surrounding Sandra Bland’s death is taking on a different haunting. Maybe, because I can’t stop thinking, “that could’ve been me.” I see myself in her. In her selfies, in her choice of earrings, in…

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Not only did I get 2 basic Ravens for $9 on Jusice.com, but they just arrived, and it’s the original basic Raven with gradient eyebrows :0


Lejla Jusic | Sevemez Kimse Seni

hadi biraz kederlenelim la

pietrojacksitoff asked:

I thought the same thing about BvS tbh


like, I’m cool with Ben Affleck as Batman (I actually pretty much despise the Nolan movies anyway and tiny Christian Bale never made sense as Batman imo but whatever, I digress) but like

1. there are at least five thousand better ways to start the Jusice League

2. the Batman suit looks like a fucking Liefeld comic

3. I legitimately thought Lex Luthor was Jimmy Olsen until I remembered Jesse Eisenberg was cast as Luthor. They’re going to give him some kind of origin story I’m assuming bc he’s not bald but come on dudes, if you’re going to give him hair, give him REAL hair.

4. Wonder Woman is the ONLY thing this movie has going for it and even then I’m not totally convinced. The wristlet bit looks really fake and cheesy?

5. I have no hope for DC at all and I’m just going to cry bitter tears because the Flash movie I have waited decades for is probably going to be complete and utter trash and I’m so sad.

I’ll still watch it all, of course, but it is painfully clear that DC is trying to play catch up with Marvel and it’s just as obvious that that is a race they’ve already lost.