dear america,

i’ve been sitting on my couch all day, wrapped up in a blanket, eating chips ahoy and retweeting every upsetting tweet on my timeline, in the worst funk i’ve ever felt. just shock. disappointment. doubt. my anxiety, my depression-everything in my mind spiraling and bringing every bad vision of the future to the front of my mind, but then i realized something- this is what he wants. this is exactly what donald j fucking trump wants.
he wants us like this. he wants the LGBTQ+ community to lose hope and dull their colors. he wants women to stop speaking out and believe that nothing will ever change for us. he wants every person of color to feel anxious and scared. he wants us to believe that we’re done. he wants us to believe that this is it. he wants us to believe that all this progress over the years was for nothing.
and if you give up, that means he wins.
have hope. have fire. if you can’t find a reason, have the revolution running inside your veins out of spite. if you continue to be loud and proud about who you are, weather it be as a woman, as a person of color, as someone who is disabled, as someone a part of the LGBTQ+ community, that means his mission has failed. he wants us to feel so small that we want to hide underground, but fuck no, we’re going to rise right out of this.
if there’s anything i’ve learned about my peers as a teenager in america, whether i like them or not, is that the modern youth of this country right now are phoenixes. rising out of the ash of the country we were born in, glowing with new ideas and morality. what’s one more flame to set and crumble for us to come out of the other side, a powerful new being?
if you think of this as anything, take it as motivation. motivation to do everything he’s against. have a voice. fight for your rights, and other people’s rights, take none of his shit. be there for your friends who are worried. we stand for love and equality for all, and there will never be anything more powerful than that. so love one another. celebrate your differences. have each other’s backs. never lose the lightning in your mind and thunder in your words.
because there is nothing more inspiring and beautiful than living in a country with a leader who wants to tear you down, as you keep growing and rising above with your fist high and a fucking smile on your face.
the future belongs to us. we may hit a few hurdles along the way, just like now- but we. will. win.
he doesn’t get the last word. we do.
with love,
jules (a 17 year old aspiring writer who is very fired up)

anonymous asked:

Why do you think DC has had such tough time in establishing their cinematic universe to get a Justice League movie out like everything that's happened starting with Man of Steel to Batman vs Suprman has seemed I don't know kind of rushed I think in some way the Nolan Batman movies have something to do with it in that those were not the movies used to begin the road to a Jusice League movie,

It’s a difficult question because there are a lot of factors. The first among them being that it’s difficult not to follow the Marvel Cinematic Universe model. So much of what they’ve done with their universe comes from the fact that they wanted to do things differently. They wanted to do their own thing and have their own feel, and almost all of it has been to their detriment. 

And yeah, they are rushing to keep up because it’s a superhero infested climate and they need to have a Justice League franchise competing with the Avengers franchise. Which, when you think about it, it would have actually been better to take the time to build a universe and then have a Justice League movie after the Avengers movies have wrapped up. (or in between reboots or whatever) Then there’s no competition, really. One comes in and fills the void left by the other and everybody’s happy and not constantly comparing the two. 

Everything about this should have been easier. Marvel had to get back several licenses for the cinematic universe. They had to jump through hoops to make a deal with Universal to use Hulk, they had to make a deal with Sony for Spider-Man, get the rights back for Daredevil, Elektra, Punisher, and Ghost Rider. 

Warner Bros. owns every single DC character outright. They’ve had the ability to make this happen for decades, which makes the fact that their cinematic universe is so rushed feel that much more unfortunate. 

They also don’t have a singular vision. It’s overtly clear that they’re flying by the seat of their pants from movie to movie. They don’t have a Kevin Feige, that one person in charge of running the ship, playing showrunner for multiple mega-million franchises to make sure that everything is moving in a clear direction. DC makes a vague plan for where things are going and as soon as something doesn’t work out, they scrap it and start over. They have Geoff Johns involved, but they’re not giving him control because they’re handling things very much like a studio. 

I think that’s ultimately what it comes down to. The studio executives are calling all of the shots, making all of the decisions, and they don’t care. People behind the scenes have come out and said recently that they’re not overly concerned with quality. They haven’t learned their lesson. Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad both suffered immense critical backlash, a lot of fans were unhappy with them, but they made a ton of money. That’s what the studio is concerned with. Their focus is entirely, 100% on making a profitable movie first and a good movie second. 

And there are moments in all three DC Universe films so far that I really, really like. But it’s not going to be the cinematic universe that it could be until something changes in the way they’re doing business. They’re not going to get really good until they stop being afraid of drawing comparisons with Marvel, let filmmakers run with a vision that everyone is on board with, and just let them be really good movies. 

They have to have faith that if you make something good, something unique, something different, audiences will turn up. 

Honestly, it’s not the MCU model they need to follow. It’s Fox’s model. I know that sounds ridiculous because people have their own opinions on the X-Men franchise, but DC needs movies like Deadpool and Logan to save their cinematic universe. 

They need things that are filmmaker driven and completely willing to take risks. That could instantly get their universe back on track. 

anonymous asked:

Why do you think DC has had such tough time in establishing their cinematic universe to get a Justice League movie out like everything that's happened starting with Man of Steel to Batman vs Suprman has seemed I don't know kind of rushed I think in some way the Nolan Batman movies have something to do with it in that those were not the movies used to begin the road to a Jusice League movie,

I’m not the person to ask since I think they’ve done a perfectly fine job establishing their universe.

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Uçan kuşları gözlemektesindir tekbaşına
Çamların yeşiline dalmış gitmiştir gözlerin

Radyo dinliyorsundur ya da susarak

Bir kitabı okumaya çalışıyorsundur, kimbilir…

Sonsuz güzellikte bir aşk düşünüyor olabilirsin
Belki de anılarını deşiyorsun
Bir olmazı, bir açmazı derinden derine kucaklar gibi
Bir kahve içmeyi, bir elma yemeği kurarak
Saatine bakıyor olabilirsin uykulu gözlerle
Çocukların oyununa dalmış, gitmiş olabilirsin…

Mahpus gibi, tutsak gibi, belki köle gibi
Yarını olmamak gibi bir duygu içindesindir
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Ya da uyumak istiyorsundur her şeyi unutmak için
Belki sen de benim gibi ölesiye yalnızsındır…

The Angry Birds movie wasn’t very angry

It should have been on the level of F is For Family, The Turrets Guy, Winnebago Man videos in terms of anger. The Red bird is just annoyed.

Like I needed to have a build up like the character being treated like utter shit the whole movie and you just want him to fucking kill other birds and pigs.

A satisfying revenge fantasy like the Crow or Punisher 2004 or Falling Down. Those pigs were mildy annoying. Like the bigs needed to smash a few eggs and maybe tie up the main character and smash the eggs on him. That way he’s soaked in the baby jusices of the dead birds. You know. That way the audience would be fucking pissed by the end and he just destroys the fucking pigs.