dear america,

i’ve been sitting on my couch all day, wrapped up in a blanket, eating chips ahoy and retweeting every upsetting tweet on my timeline, in the worst funk i’ve ever felt. just shock. disappointment. doubt. my anxiety, my depression-everything in my mind spiraling and bringing every bad vision of the future to the front of my mind, but then i realized something- this is what he wants. this is exactly what donald j fucking trump wants.
he wants us like this. he wants the LGBTQ+ community to lose hope and dull their colors. he wants women to stop speaking out and believe that nothing will ever change for us. he wants every person of color to feel anxious and scared. he wants us to believe that we’re done. he wants us to believe that this is it. he wants us to believe that all this progress over the years was for nothing.
and if you give up, that means he wins.
have hope. have fire. if you can’t find a reason, have the revolution running inside your veins out of spite. if you continue to be loud and proud about who you are, weather it be as a woman, as a person of color, as someone who is disabled, as someone a part of the LGBTQ+ community, that means his mission has failed. he wants us to feel so small that we want to hide underground, but fuck no, we’re going to rise right out of this.
if there’s anything i’ve learned about my peers as a teenager in america, whether i like them or not, is that the modern youth of this country right now are phoenixes. rising out of the ash of the country we were born in, glowing with new ideas and morality. what’s one more flame to set and crumble for us to come out of the other side, a powerful new being?
if you think of this as anything, take it as motivation. motivation to do everything he’s against. have a voice. fight for your rights, and other people’s rights, take none of his shit. be there for your friends who are worried. we stand for love and equality for all, and there will never be anything more powerful than that. so love one another. celebrate your differences. have each other’s backs. never lose the lightning in your mind and thunder in your words.
because there is nothing more inspiring and beautiful than living in a country with a leader who wants to tear you down, as you keep growing and rising above with your fist high and a fucking smile on your face.
the future belongs to us. we may hit a few hurdles along the way, just like now- but we. will. win.
he doesn’t get the last word. we do.
with love,
jules (a 17 year old aspiring writer who is very fired up)

An Innocent Blog Post:

I wish people were nicer on here. Not everyone knows about a certain social jusice issue, and while it’s important to inform others about it… people shouldn’t tell someone to kill themselves if they have a different opinion. Or if they made an honest mistake.

Typical Tumblr Response:

OP, are you white?
I bet you’re an annoying whitey.
Shut up, cracker.


Question: Why should it matter what color a blogger is? Being respectful to others is not racially exclusive.

Assuming a blogger’s race based on what they post hurts everyone. “OP, are you white?” That attitude is rude to white people because it assumes that being white atomically disregards their opinion… And it’s rude to poc because it assumes that all poc are hateful and rude. Neither assumptions are true so… why try to pick a fight?

Here’s a thought. No matter what race you are or what opinion you have, just be respectful. I’ll say it again. Being respectful is not racially exclusive. Because when you’re looking for someone’s color before judging their opinions, I believe there’s a word for that. It’s called prejudice.


Lady Jusice from Malifaux, an awesome miniatures game from Wyrd Games. I wore this at GenCon as their official booth model. Walking around a con blindfolded (yes, I was blindfolded the entire time-I could see, but visibility was pretty limited) is not exactly the most fun, but in general I had a great time.

I’m not normally someone who “acts” when I’m cosplaying-I try to embody the character as much as I can in my poses and expressions for photos, but I don’t stay “in character” the entire time.  I find it’s just to limiting to try to act like my character when I would rather just enjoy myself and the con. However, on the occasions when I’ve been hired as an official cosplayer or booth model, being in character is kind of my job. Fortunately, staying in characters as Lady Justice was super easy, since she’s a stoic dealer of justice (as her name implies). I pretty much didn’t speak and just walked around looking menacing.  Not being obligated to talk to random people was AWESOME. Perfect introvert costume.

anonymous asked:

What would be your genie wishes?

◘ - “Uhm… I don’t know. I’m pretty satisfied with my life right now, not much I
       would try and improve, ‘least not with a genie wish. Things that come to
      mind would be to wish that an unsolved case would get solved, for jusice sake.

      “I’d probably also wish for a happy life throughout for me and my family.
        Doesn’t have to be in a specific way, just.. live happily through-on.
       Maybe I’d wish for it to be possible for me to get pregnant from a fox…?
                       Just in case?”

anonymous asked:

It seems like it's too late to bring back YJ. Shouldn't you all move on?

You can if you want to. 

But I think people are still waiting to hear back from Netflix (just google “young jusice season 3″ news and read the recent pieces).

And these things–acquiring licenses–take time. Maybe months. Maybe years. Instant gratification isn’t always applicable. It’s literally only been like… maybe less than a month since the rumors picked up steam. 

And dammit I’m not giving up on something I truly truly want until an actual answer is set in stone, and I advise you to do the same (to anything in life, really). 

“Kurtuluş Parkı Akşam Üzerileri"ni, bugün, tek kişilik, coşkulu bir törenle açmış bulunmaktayım.

Törenin çay-sigara sponsoru anneme ve kitap sponsoru Cebeci Halk Kütüphanesi'ne buradan ayrıca teşekkürlerimi iletiyorum.

Bahar geldi.
Uzayıp omuzlarımdan dökülmeye başlayan saçlarım dışında hiçbir canlılık belirtisi göstermeyen bünyeme ve koşuşturmacalar bütünü haline gelmesine rağmen monotonlukta bir dünya markası'lığını da ilan etmiş hayatıma bile geldi.
Öyle garip günlerden geçiyorum ki; belediye seçimlerinin yarattığı heyecanları, kızgınlıkları, stresleri saymazsam, çoğunlukla tedirgin edici bir biçimde huzurluyum ve içimde, oraya nereden gelip de yerleştiğini hiç bilemediğim bir "her şey güzel olacak” hissi var.
Oysa, çok iyi biliyorum ki, her şey güzel olmayacak; hem neden olsun ki? 

Sanırım, anlatabileceğim hiçbir şey yok; var olduğunu düşünerek oturmuştum bilgisayar başına ama yokmuş.
O zaman, bu sıralar sık dinlediğim on tane şarkı var, onları bırakıp gidiyorum.

Al-Andalaluz Project - Morena

Dhafer Youssef - Yabay

Anush Arshakyan - Es Saren Kugayi

The Moldy Peaches - Anyone Else But You

Marjan Farsad - Delam Tangeh Porteghale Man

Emre Nalbantoğlu - İşler Yolunda Gitmiyor

Nico Vega - Bang Bang

Lilit Pipoyan - Don’t Cry

Lejla Jusic - Sevemez Kimse Seni

Soudad Massi - Ghir Enta

* Arkadaşlar, hayat çok garip bir yer.

Watch on jadebrieanne.tumblr.com

Ferguson (9/28/2014) 

If you think for ONE MINUTE that the protest in Ferguson have calmed down, you would be wrong. Very. Justice for Michael Brown is being demanded EVERY-SINGLE-DAY.

It is alive. It is effervescent. It is strong. It is powerful and it is there to stay until Darren Wilson is arrested! 

Fore more videos from Netta and DeRay McKesson who are down in Ferguson every day, giving us this material, check out additional videos below