Due to the fact that I just started a Bleach ask not that long ago, I am going to go and brush up my drawing skills.

I haven’t drawn them in so long. ( my obsession with Hetalia has made me its slave.)

Going to go draw Ukitake first. Let’s see how this turns out….

Little story I'll delete soon

Once upon a time ther were two kingdoms. One was ruled by a queen and the other by a king. Both of these kingdoms had beautiful crowns prepared for their leaders partner. These crowns were wanted by many, but obviously only the partner of the leader could have it. Many theives came dressed as knights or princes or princesses just to steal the crown. They would fool the kingdom and the leader take the crown and broke it. As a result the kingdom walls grew higher and higher and the kingdoms were put under more and more security to ensure the safety of the crown. One day the kingdom ruled by a man had a princess at its door. When the guards saw the princess and decided she might be fit to have the crown he allowed entry to the princess. The kingdom had the same thing happened with Jushire (the kingdom ruled by a queen) exept with a prince. Once the prince reached the castle. He was put under extra heavy guard, for the kingdom could not afford the sorrow of a broken crown again. This may have made the prince uncomfortable, the queen worried. She let the prince who turned out to be from the other kingdom hold the crown but he could not wear it. The same thing was happening over in the kingdom ruled by a king. It was not that the queen didn’t trust the prince. She was just too worried to have a broken crown. She felt maybe if the other kingdom will let the princess wear their crown this prince can wear this crown. Both sides waited but none made a move. The queen thought to sign a treaty with the kingdom. But the king would not speak the the queen for he feared the queen would break his crown. But the queen knew sooner or later the king would have to come face to face with the queen. She thought out the conversation in her head and put all of her guards on the crown because her walls had been let down. Both walls were let down. It was a scary time for both kingdoms but it had to be done. The double in guards on the queens side made the king think the prince wasn’t welcome so he did the same to his crown. Until the fateful day where they meet face to face both sides fear for the safety of their crown.