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🔮Crochet Tops & JuJu Beads🔮
My Tribe Will Always Include My Sissy @lyricalcris
Crochet Top By @stitchsister
Necklaces Created By @_gypsy_eyez_ of Ju~Ju Beads

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perspicxcious asked:

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real grammas give u money

ah yes. my biggest what if. i say this because 90% of the pain we concoct together spawns from one of us saying “WHAT IF….THIS HAPPENED….”.spoiler alert: we both end up cRYING (or really, i end up crying while you cackle like a witch) and whatever we’ve managed to think up is fun and jus t??? beautiful?? much like you, i won’t lie. you’re incredibly smart, and super hard working (remind me how many jobs you had going at once? and how many stressy hours??? like dam n). i seriously cannot find the words to say how wonderful a person, and friend, you are so–if there’s a word you know that means “i wish you could be here with me”, let me know?? because it kind of–it kind of fits for this. 8( love you BUNCHES you GIANT NERD.

OMG im watching a makeup collection video and this girl legit has NINE beauty blenders jus sitting in a dish on her vanity…. nine

Ok, enough of the “All Lives Matter”. We know your lives matter, we know tht for damn sure. Thts all we’ve been told and taught throughout history. Can we jus have something for ourselves. We say “Black Lives Matter” b/c its bout time tht the black race hears tht they are important. And it’s bout time tht it’s drilled into your heads and history tht we too are important and we matter. B/c we DO MATTER