jus' precious


You know, everyone keeps…a few painful wounds buried in his or her heart. If they can move on, it’s great. Even if they can’t, they still live. They become numb to the pain with time. You’ll be fine soon, too.

literally the quickest pidge drawing you’ll ever lay eyes on. (feat. a color palette)

D’ya know what really annoys me? When people come into bookstores, with their friends or family, and then loudly and proudly proclaim for the whole shop to hear how they hate books and never read. Well done, you special little snowflake, you. Now sod off, because us bibliophiles don’t want your bad ju-ju hanging around our precious bookstores.

I hate it even more when non-readers come into bookstores and start to tease their bookish friends about reading, and not exactly in a nice way. Again, just go please. 

I have no problem with people that don’t like reading. Fine. It’s not your thing. But don’t try and shame the people who ARE into the thing. Not cool.