jus' precious

ygo arc v au where everything’s the same except yuri always has earphones on with loud af music blasting everywhere he goes and the only time he ever bothers to take an earphone off momentarily is whenever yugo shows up as he condescendingly asks him “i’m sorry, yuugou-kun, right?” and then puts the earphone back on with a shit-eating grin on his face as he watches yugo clearly fuckin losing it

Ok so do you realise that the first two times Wolfgang met Lila it was actually setting up the kalagang sex scene.

When Lila was getting it on with Wolfgang in her sensate form, Wolfgang said and realised for it to work you have to really want it.

And in episode 4 when Lila interrupts the kalagang bathroom scene 😡 she said to Wolfgang she can sense that he really wants her aka kala.

And bam in epi 6 kalagang sex coz both have wanted it since 1x02 but now kala has taken the stand to be brave, to know it’s ok to embrace her feelings and desire and love for Wolfgang. Also let’s be honest when Wolfgang mentioned Lila to her that’s one of the reasons that pushed kala to want to be with Wolfgang. The thought of him meeting, being with someone else scared her so much.

Anyhow I’m rambling jus thought this was precious and I didn’t even realise this till I recently rewatched those episodes. Idk how I missed it that it was a hint n set up for the kalagang sex.

This kid came into the store twice today and he paid with crumpled dollars and then a bunch of change. The man behind was kind and donated a dollar to his purchase so the kid left his extra change in the “take a penny” holder. And just how this kid was dressed and everything, how it happened, it had a Stranger Things feel. Or Sandlot? Like the time period movie feel. I dunno it was real but surreal.