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As Fate Would Have It~ Pete Dunne Imagine

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It’s cold in your small apartment, only light in the room is on your table with also a light coming from the TV screen. The colors flashing over your dull face as you flipped the channels. 

Pete has gone somewhere, he hasn’t told you where he went off to. He always seemed to be off somewhere, without you. 

“ Quite buggerin’ me! Can’t I breathe without ya buggerin’ me?” he yelled right before he left slamming the door behind him. Pete and you were merely friends sharing the apartment. 

Checking your phone for any messages, finding none. You decided to go on Twitter scrolling through your dash until you reach the NXT Twitter showing the promo between Pete and Tyler for the UK Title this upcoming Wednesday. You remember when Pete had told you first about it, how excited he was that he wanted to becoming champion. He deserves it, after everything he worked for. The moment was his. 

But Pete wasn’t usually like this, not at all. He never snapped at you. You dialed a familiar number putting it on speaker, with minutes he answers the phone. 

“  Do you know the fuck is wrong with Dunne?” the other person on the line chuckles. 

“ Hello to ya to Y/N” Trent says, you could hear people in the background.

“ Hi Trent, better?” you got up from the couch making your way into your bedroom to fish out your journal to write in. it made you feel better usually. But as you looked into the drawer, it was there but something was off about it. Flipping through the pages as you had the phone on your shoulder and ear listening to Trent talk on the other line about something to due with the match on Wednesday.

 One page stuck out to you as it was folded, you never fold your pages. Suddenly it was like a light bulb flash on top of your head as you realize that Pete has been in your room going through your stuff. How dare he? This was your own private stuff in it, all your memories and secrets kept in it. Who gave him the right to snoop.

 A wave of angry tears find their way to your eyes, streaming down your cheeks. In rage, you throw your journal on the bed,on the other line Trent was still talking like there was no tomorrow. You haven’t seen in him awhile. Your balled fist wipe your tears as you sniff, catching Trent’s attention. 

“ ‘hat’s goin’ on?” he asks, worried.  

“ Nothing” 

“ I call ‘hat bullshit, yer are crying. Talk to me” 

“It’s fucking Pete that’s what!” you ended the call with Trent being angry at yourself for leaving it out for Pete to find your journal. 

As you sit on your bed, the ringing of your phone once again cuts through your room. You’re not into the mood to talk to Trent or anyone at the moment, but the familiar tone lets you know it’s not Trent calling. When you lift up the phone from your bed, turning it over, as if the name on the screen hissed at your skin. A picture of Pete with his nickname lights up on your screen. You stare at it for a moment before declining the call. You let it sit on your bed, let it continue to ring, wiping your eyes from the tears. 

There were only a few moments before it rang again, and don’t answer him again. Rejecting the call, pressing the red button. Grabbing your phone hearing it ring once more, groaning you get up to throw it against the wall with a harsh swing. 

It’s been a day since you last spoke with Pete. He has been trying to reach you and talk to you but got nothing from you. You haven’t even peeked out of your room since you were home, you had a few days off before getting back into the ring. You questioned yourself if you were being dramatic about this or not or should you confront him about this. But then you remember, he looked into your journal. Something personal to you. 

It’s Wednesday, now. You’re returning from home going back to the arena for your match tonight against Ember Moon. Tonight wasn’t too pleasant as you had to face Pete one way for another. He has been trying to talk to you and tried to corner you but you always had a chance to run away.  You’re parking the car, getting our your back when you hear Liv call out to you, you just groan continue to walk inside. You groan gets louder noticing the figure waiting by the door until he clears his throat.

You open the doors walking inside holding your bag on your shoulder, he follows you inside walking besides you. He is wearing a cap on backwards, clutching his bag on his shoulder with a hoodie on him with some shorts. 

“  Hey” you roll your eyes and take deep breaths not to lash out on him. 

“ Fuck off, Pete” 

“ You haven’ been ignorin’ me…” He steps in front of you stopping you in your track, looking elsewhere but at him. Only a few inches separate you. He has a sad look on his face, pouting with his eyebrows pulled together. 

“ I take it ya hate me or somethin’” 

You let out a chuckle and attempt to walk around him, he steps in front of you yet again blocking your path. 

“ Wait..” He sighs and takes off his hat to run his fingers through his hair brushing it back. He thinks to himself to why your this pissed off at him. He never seen you like this. But then the other day he went to look for your journal again to see what you wrote that day when it wasn’t there. It’s like a lightbulb appeared on top of his hat. He sighs. 

“ Can I jus’ explain m’self b’fore ya go?” 

“ Sure, you can go ahead, but it won’t do you any good.” You spatted, snarling at him. “ It’s better if you save your breath.” 

“ I wasn’ goin’ t’apoligize,” he tells you. This shocked you, he wasn’t? Then why was he wasting his time standing in front of you. 

“ Good to know. Move out of my way.” 

“Y/N,” he sighs, licking his lips trying to find what to say to you, taking a step forward. You stepped back, wanting nothing to do with him. 

“ Stop” he growled seeing every time he took a step forward, you take one back.
“ Pete, fuck off!” anger tears spilled down your cheeks, you never cried in front of him because he never knew how to handle when someone cries or is hurt. Your head is turned away from him as you sniff, trying so hard to keep your distance from him. You don’t want to even be here. The Pete you knew would never snoop in your things. 

“ Are ya cryin’?” He looks confused with his eyebrows frowned together, his hand is up reaching for you. His chest feels like it’s tightened and he feels lost not knowing what to do. 

“ Go away.” you say through your tears, but he stood there. “ Pete.. please.”
“ ‘m sorry. ‘m sorry ‘m an idiot . Didn’ know yah’d be upset like ‘his”

“ What’s that suppose to mean?” you asked, turning your head towards him.
“ Yeh never talk to me about your day, I knew yeh like to write, I wanted to see yah writin’” 

Your fist were balled up as you angrily shook staring at him. 

“ That’s my stuff! You went through my stuff without my permission! The fuck Dunne!” 

“ Didn’ think it was that big of a-”

“ Excuse you! Those were my thoughts. You invaded my privacy!” 

You wanted him to know that what he did was wrong, he stopped over a dangerous line. 

“ There was a reason I never showed because it is my journal. My stuff! My private writing!” 

“ But you’re so good! People deserve to be able t’read yeh stories” 

“ Shut up!” a hand runs down your face as you sigh. He’s not understanding you clearly. 

“ What I write in my journal is for my eyes only. I don’t want to share with anyone. Understand?!” 

I jus’ thought th-”

“ Thought what? You don’t! You invaded my privacy Pete! You read things I don’t want you to ever find out! You cannot do th-”

You were cut off as Pete grabbed your face with both his hands as his lips are on yours, kissing you with hunger. Your hand balled up a fistful of his shirt, pulling him closer to you as you kiss back. He pulls away for a brief moment and your out of breath with your lips tingling. 

“ Would yeh jus’ shut up?” he whispers, fingers brushing over your cheek. “ m sorry. I was tryin’ t’ make yeh tick” 

You had barely enough time to tell him off again when his lips crash against yours, hands going from your cheeks to your waist making you go back until your back hits the wall. Your mind is clouded like a blank page, tongues going into battle. You had never imagined kissing your best friend like this. You’d be lying if you told yourself you never thought of him as more of a friend. You push every thought away as your arms go around his neck, kissing him. 

“ Dunne! What the blood hell are yeh doin’ boy?” Regal’s voice makes Pete pull away from you as he glance over at him. 

“ Yeh got a match in less than 10 minutes” Pete’s eyes go wide before he looks at you, kissing you one more before he rushes to his bag picking it up tossing yours to you before he rushes off. 

“ Good luck Bruiser!” you yell, he stops in his running turns to face you yells out, “ ‘his is for yeh love! ‘m winnin’ ‘hat ‘itle for yeh!”

Oh man, where do I begin?

A year ago, I officially began my presence in the Fire Emblem Fates RP community — and here I am, still here, a year later! Only those who have been around for longer than I have remember my old URL KIRAQI — but upon further deepening of Kiragi’s character, was changed to the one I have present day. It’s only been my second experience with a community on Tumblr, my first being in the Osomatsu-san fandom — and I had ditched one of my blogs in said community in favor of Kiragi.

I guess I should start with what I’m thankful for in this introduction. Honestly, there’s a LOT to be thankful for — this community’s kindness, it’s welcome, and the zeal it had ever since I joined to improve many different aspects of myself in the creative aspect. This includes my graphics, writing, musical ability — it’s endless. I joined this community with absolutely no idea how it’d work out — honestly, I thought it would be a lot like the Osomatsu-san community, where the majority of people DREW ANSWERS to asks. I was surprised to find out that the majority of the fandom used their creative writing skills for the most part. I was young — er, younger — when I made the blog, so I had no knowledge of what I was doing, other than the fact that I was here to have fun — I think that’s the most important part to when I joined. As began to roleplay more and more, new glasses were placed upon my face, and I started seeing — well, EVERYTHING differently. 

Before this gets too long, I’d like to just say thank you — to YOU. Because it’s likely that if you’re seeing this from my blog, you’re following me — you’re one of those THOUSAND followers that I have accumulated over the past year. Roleplaying is not my priority, as writing in a whole is just a hobby for me, and I always do things in the order and balance that I want — perhaps that’s selfish of me, but this community has allowed me to realize MANY things. Everyone I met was so unique and amazing, and even though I’ve only managed to fully befriend only a fraction of my followers, I cannot wait to see what’s in store for me in the future!

And — oh yes. You didn’t forget, right? Because I didn’t — I told you that I’d make a CELEBRATORY VIDEO. Now, let’s begin this long-ass bias list. | art credit !

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I had a dream last night that i needed to share. I stayed up super late reading fic and looking @ art and had a dream of a ju-mc-zen sandwich where Jumin is actually really nervous abt sleeping w mc and is humble enough to ask Zen for advice and zen is hella flustered n so turned on he offers to guide Jumin (who agrees) n eventually zen starts taking ju's hands and placing them in spots on MCs body and it turns into the hottest messiest sandwich ever.

.Well, that is indeed a vivid dream,  if only my own consisted of such then I would not have to pay Netflix subs.  Thank you for sharing.  I am unsure what to do with this.

[Surgestive only | Comedy | Not to be taken seriously]

ZEN:“I always thought you were the kind of jerk who likes to watch”

Jumin:“As you can see,  I do like to watch,  you arrived surprisingly fast, in the neighborhood?”

MC’s head turns towards the sound of the extra voice in the room “Zen”

ZEN:“Since you need an expert,  spread those buns, Yes, just like that,  smooth it over, No! like this,  I swear you need an instruction manual!”

Jumin: “It is hardly my fault my meat will not fit”

ZEN:“Eat around, then it will fit, now gently squeeze, don’t go too fast, just squeeze gently”

MC:“Ahh guys”

Jumin:“Yes, I am squeezing gently at a 43-degree angle”

ZEN:“give me your hand,  squeeze like this”


Disclaimer: The budget was spent on the graphics department, therefore, we could not afford better writers, No sandwich ingredients were harmed in the making of this, MCs dress may have to go to the dry cleaners thanks to the not so gentle 43-degree angle squeezing of the mayonnaise,  Zen still waits for his sandwich but is currently satisfied drinking Jumins imported German Beer, Jumin refuses to eat the sandwich due to his nutritionist advice,  MC returns wearing Jumins shirt,  Zen screams foul play and tells him he can stick his imported German beer somewhere where the sun doesn't shine, Jumin is adamant he has not been to this place before and makes a note to tell Assistant Kang to search for ‘where the sun does not shine’,  somewhere across Seoul Jaehee looks out the window her spidey senses on alert “Yes Mr. Han”. Now this disclaimer is longer than the drabble, tiny print,  comedic purposes only,  not to be taken seriously,  roman numerals [Normal End]

Hello 😊 My name is Cree. I’m 20 years old (though tbh when people ask I always say 19) and live in Stratford (small town nearish Toronto, home to Justin Bieber and some really bomb theatre). This Saturday I am seeing Taylor in Toronto! Thanks to some amazingly generous people in my life, I jus found out yesterday that I also get to see her Friday!

I know everybody here loves Taylor (how is it humanly possible not to love her) and everyone has such beautiful stories about how she’s touched their lives in some way. I thought I would share mine, as I think it’s so inspiring when I read your stories; it reminds me I’m not alone and it reminds me that everyone is going through hard stuff, so it’s so important to be kind.

ANYWAY: I first heard of Taylor when I was 11 years old and driving with my mum. Tim McGraw came on the radio, and I remember loving her voice and the story she told with it. I had no idea, in that moment, the kind of impact Taylor would have on me over the next 9 years. I remember being so amazed that an artist whom I had never spoken to, could speak so personally to me. It was like she had read pages of my diary and was writing songs about how I felt. I had never felt so connected to a singer’s music before, and the fact that Taylor radiates kindness and warmth made me feel so connected to her as a person as well.

Over the next few years, I loved Taylor immensely and was so thankful to have her in my life, but it wasn’t until high school that I realized just how lucky I was; I’ve always been different, always been aware I was different in some way, but could never place my finger on what this difference was. The year I started grade nine, I began to be aware that this difference resided in the fact that while all my friends had crushes on boys, the only people I’d ever had feelings for were girls. This realization, which was devastating and terrifying to me, came at a time when I had a falling out with one of my best friends. This, coupled with trying to suppress the fact that I was a lesbian and the pressures of beginning high school, led me to a pretty dark place. I don’t like to go into detail about that time in my life, but I was horribly unhappy and felt incredibly isolated. I battled with a lot of self hatred and internalized shame that manifested itself in me being very unkind to myself, mentally and physically.

Throughout all of this, the one person I could always count on was Taylor. This might sound melodramatic, but I know most people will understand this. Her music, the things she sung about, her positivity and optimism and compassion made me feel as though I was never alone. I kept a diary during that time and used to write letters to Taylor; I would tell her about my day, tell her things I didn’t feel like I could tell anyone else. I knew that she would never read them, but just having an outlet for those things helped me so much.

I am 20 now. I came out to my friends and family over the course of this past year. They have been amazingly supportive and wonderful. I am still dealing with the aftermath of a lot of the stuff I talked about earlier, but the sense of freedom and liberation I feel is unlike anything I could have imagined. Taylor has helped me to achieve this point in my life. She has made me have a kinder, more open heart. She taught me it is okay to be different, as long as you’re being yourself. She taught me to never settle for less than I deserve, she taught me the importance of humility and hard work.

I am not sure where I would be without Taylor, but I do know that my life, and the world in general, is a much better place for having her exist in it. Your song Clean has been my motto for the past (almost) year. Anytime I feel like I could slip back into a bad place, I play it on repeat until I feel better. I cannot wait to hear you sing it, though I feel bad for anyone who is around me cause you know I’ll be hysterical the entire time.

You have helped me in more ways than I know how to say, and for this I am grateful in more ways than I can voice. I love you Taylor & can’t wait to see you this weekend! (((I HAVE BEEN WAITING SO LONG TO SAY THAT!!!!!)