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Visitor - Walker Apocalypse part 3

This is the third installment walker apocalypse. Its zombie stuff, daryl/dean friction then a certain someone comes to visit the four of you at the end. Enjoy

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There you were. Standing in front of the man you never thought you’d see again. The man who listened to your problems, went on runs with you, had your back. The man that when everyone disliked him you never did, the man that you would probably kiss right now if you didn’t have a boyfriend. 

You couldn’t keep in your excitement to see Daryl again. You ran at him and jumped up, he caught you and hugged you back. You let your legs dangle as Daryl dropped his weapon and wrapped the other arm around you, keeping you up in the air. He stank like dead squirrels, that he’d been eating to survive. You both practically stuck together, as you squeezed him so tight, ecstatic to see him again. Your feet had planted back on the ground but you still had a hold on Daryl.
Dean cleared his throat, quite obviously to make you realize that Sam and him were still there.
You stayed right beside Daryl but turned away from the hug. You picked up Daryl’s crossbow, and it nearly pulled you to the ground it was that heavy. You handed it to him then you walked towards Dean, Daryl following behind you but hanging back slightly. Daryl didn’t trust easily, and you knew that it would take him a while to trust Sam and Dean with his life.
You stood beside Dean, and he immediately grabbed your waist and pulled you in close. He had heard stories about Daryl that you had told and he had convinced himself that you had a crush on him, but you denied all accusations. Now that you were in front of him, Dean was trying to assert his role in your life by being touchy-feely.
“This is Dean, my boyfriend. And this here is his not so little brother Sam”
You laughed at your own joke, but nobody else did. Daryl and Dean were just looking each other up and down with sour looks on their faces. Sam walked towards Daryl and outstretched his arm for a hand shake. Daryl swung his crossbow around to his back, letting the attached strap take the weight of it, then he shook Sam’s hand.
“Dean” you nudged your boyfriend to follow his brothers actions. He put his hand out and made Daryl walk to shake it. Daryl was very protective of you and you knew he would be cautious of Dean.

You were sitting around the camp fire with Daryl, roughly five to six hours after meeting him. Sam and Dean had gone to tie  empty tin cans to string, so that when they tied them around trees at the campfire when you slept, any walkers that tried to get in would rattle them and alert you.
“So you gotta boyfrien’ now?” Daryl’s raspy, thick Georgian accent broke the silence as you added more paper to the fire.
“I guess so. Camp fire dinners, walker waiters bringing us the finest beans in Georgia” you smiled. Daryl’s expressionless reaction to your joke made you change your tune.
“Look, i really like him Daryl. I love him. Its not exactly ideal situation i know that, but if you could just be supportive…”
“I am” he said unconvincingly.
Sam suddenly emerged from the bushes, causing Daryl to aim his crossbow at the rustling in the hedges.
“Hey” you greeted as you recognized him not to be a walker.
“Whats going on?” He asked
“I have somethin’ for you” Daryl started to hoke into his pocket, then pulled out a your necklace with star on it, a present from your little brother on your birthday a while back. He held it in his hand, and you covered your mouth with your hand, shocked to see it again after you lost it. You misplaced it after the fight at the prison, where you lived before with Daryl.
“I was tracking someone, lookin’ for people from the prison. Knew it was a girl i thought it was you or michonne”
“Michonne?” sam questioned
“Our friend. She lived at the prison with us too” you filled him in
“Saw this and figured it was you i was trackin’. Herd of ‘em musta passed through, ‘cause i lost your footprints in with walkers. But i kept this jus’ incase.”
Dean walked around the corner, scaring the three of you. He sat beside his brother on the opposite side of the campfire from you and Daryl.
“put it on” you enthused. You moved your locks from the back of your neck and Daryl reached forward to you and put your necklace on. Once he sat back again, Dean started to chuckle.
“Somthin’ funny?” Daryl asked, glaring at Dean.
“Yeah. See you think its appropriate to put your hands all over my girlfriend”
“Your girlfriend? I’ve known her longer than you’ve had chest hair”
“That’s hilarious” Dean stood up then grabbed your hand and pulled you away
“Dean!” you yelled in protest as he involuntarily took you away from Daryl and Sam. He let you go once he had moved away from the campfire.
“Dean what the hell is wrong with you”
“I come back from trying to protect our asses, making a camp, and your getting cosy with the redneck” dean said in a loud whisper, but you replied with a shout, too mad to remember that noise attracted walkers.
“Don’t call him a redneck! i haven’t seen him in ages, he was being nice and giving me my necklace. Don’t annoy him because he has a short temper and he wont hold back in punching you if you push all his buttons”
“so you think he could beat me up?”
“Dean i don’t know who would win a fight and certainly do not want to find out” you started to tear up. It had been one day and there was already friction between your best friend and boyfriend. Along with no sleep and no food, you were an emotional mess. Dean closed the very small gap that was between you and hugged you tight.

“Hey, don’t cry”
“Cant you try to be nice?” You cried into his coat.
“I will. Shh”

You were supposed to be asleep, Daryl was on watch, but no matter how hard you tried and how tired you were you couldn’t get any shut eye. You slid away from Dean who was wrapped around you from behind. You tucked the blanket on him properly then went to sit beside Daryl.
“you should be sleepin’”
“i know. I cant”
Daryl slid over on the log that he was sitting on to give you more room.
“Take it you didn’t see anyone else from the prison?” You put your hand out for daryl to pass you the water beside him.
“No jus’ you. I seen a walker in riot gear like Glenn’s, but i don’t think it was him” He passed the drink over to you and you took a drink.
“how long you been with these guys?” Daryl asked
“Month and a half roughly. I’m not sure”
“How’d they end up in the sticks of Georgia? cause they don’t sound like they’re from here”
“Kansas they’re from. They were working a case”
“Shit” Daryl interrupted your story and leaped for his crossbow as he noticed the rather clean, walker at Dean. He had managed to appear there with out noticing you. He appeared to be tapping him rather than biting him.
“Hold up” you said, walking round Dean to face the walker. You studied it, it had no cuts, no blood and didn’t growl.
“hello?” you spoke to it as there was a possibility that it was human. It stood up from Dean where it was crouching, and the moonlight hit its face, and you seen that it was a man.
He had dark hair, and was dressed in a coat and suit, rather inappropriately for a walker apocalypse.
“Who are you?” you asked, taking your gun from your side and raising it up to him.
“Im Castiel, and i’m an angel of the lord”