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literally id never seen Jon Rua in action as Lee until you reblogged those gifs and???/ im love him!!! soft scared boi, i can picture him just, at the duel kinda breaking down before they shoot and Laurens is like "oh shit wut?" and they just pat him softly bc he's just scared ok???!!!?!

this might be a bit long so im jus gonna put it under a read more hecc

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I think I need cat scenarios with the entirety of AOMG goddd so cute! Can I request one with Ugly Duck? "Babe, your weird-ass cats are staring at me again!" Thank you~

‘Yahhh! What do you want?!’ You heard your boyfriend shouted annoyed. You were in your room getting ready to go out with Ju Kyung. Your cats love Ju Kyung that everytime he comes to your house. The two of them would crowd him like ants crowding around sugar. ‘Aish baby look at these two.’ He called for you and you peeked your head from the door to look at him. Both of your cats were sitting on his laptop covering the screen from his eyes. Their tails were moving from side to side in front of his face as he had a scowled on his face. He turned his face to look at you once you hummed questioningly.

‘Look at them.’ He pouted at you as your cats were trampling all over his laptop.

'Yahh! Yahh! Stop-’ he picked up one of your cat and put it down on the floor. 'Yah he just sent an email to Kiseok.’ Ju Kyung complained glaring at the cat as he tried to fix whatever needed to be fix. You chuckled at how frustrated he was with your cats. They were always bothering him as if they themselves enjoy seeing him fuss and complain. 'Come here.’ You called after your cats whom looked up and followed you abidingly as Ju Kyung continued to mutter under his breath.

'Baby what’s taking you so long?’ You heard Ju Kyung whined after a few minutes. You sighed as you pinned your braided hair and fix your hair that was cascading pass your shoulders. 'I’m almost done.’ You answered him when you saw him leaning against the doorway from your mirror. He grinned once he caught your eyes in the mirror. 'You don’t look any different.’ He frowned and made a face as you just scrunched your nose annoyed with his statement. Ju Kyung let out a chuckle and walk towards you hugging you from behind as he moved all your hair to one side of your shoulder. He leaned down and placed his chin on your shoulder, looking at you in the mirror.

'Come on, you said you were hungry.’ You said but you leaned against him not wanting to move away. 'Let me relish in your beauty first.’ He grumbled under his breath as his nose trailed up your neck and he started kissing your jaw making you giggle at how ticklish it was. His goatee brushing against your skin softly making you smile. 'I love your perfume.’

'What perfume? That’s my natural scent.’ You joked as he chuckled and licked your skin. You yelped out in surprised making him laugh. 'Love how you taste as well.’

'You’re so stupid.’ You scolded him but your tone was soft, adoring and affectionate.

'Babe your weird ass cats are staring at me again.’ He told you as his eyes caught the sight of your cats whom were both lying down on your bed staring at Ju Kyung narrowing their eyes. 'That’s because you’re weird.’ You turned around and gave him a kiss on the lips.

When Push Comes to Shove

“Why do you keep staring at the new girl?”

Camila blinked out of her little trance and turned back to look at one of her desk mates, Dinah, who gave her a questioning look. “Huh? M'not.”

Dinah’s lips curled in delight at the red blush that covered the six year olds cheeks. “Oooh, Walz has a crush!” she sang, but then quieted down when she saw their teacher Miss Jacobs give her a look from across the room. She lowered her voice but continued to sing teasingly to the still blushing girl. “Mila has a crush, Mila has a crush!”

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Listen girls. You do not owe a guy anything. Even if he paid for your dinner, or a movie, whatever. You don’t owe him a hug, or a kiss, or sex. Jus because he went out with you doesn’t mean anything. You are not obliged to give him something in return.