jus folks

eternal mood: James’ screams of horror every time Aleks landed a shot in balsamic vinegar beer pong

So we’re at this graduation party for a friend right? And at this party they got this circle of seats going where folks is jus there chilling and drinking some beer. I take a seat next to Luc. And across from me is this dude and his girlfriend.

His girlfriend is in this pretty nice sundress right? And she’s kinda nicely built. So she puts her hand in his hand and they’re kinda boo loving. So here’s where the story gets interesting. This girl and me kept making eye contact with each other right? So after a while she looks at me and spread her legs open. Nothing crazy tho, at first you’d assume it’s jus her getting comfy.

But as time progresses she keeps opening up her legs even more while making eye contact with me. Now it’s almost at the point where I can clearly see her panties (which was cute btw) and how FAT her shit was. But the part that confused me is that her boyfriend is still holding her hand, talking to everybody and I’m jus wondering how this man not noticing this?

It’s jus weird because it’s like yo, your man is right there. I get that some of these things happens. But still baffled.

Fuzzy Faces


Chris rested lazily on the worn blanket that shielded his rear from the grime of the floor, his back nestled back against the cold comfort of the bricks though he continued to smile on at the strange folks that passed by.

Not many paid much attention to him, or they idly tossed curious looks and the occasional coin in his direction, however, one did stop and stare, longer than most.

“Well hey there! Ya know, I charge extra for folks t’jus’ stop and admire me!” An obvious tease, but he couldn’t help but grin happily that someone had paid attention to him for once.

gerome  asked:

I moved from the country to this here big city an' at onna those fancy dances, those city slickers played cotton eye joe an' looked at me funny when i square danced with my pardners

city folks jus dont get it