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eternal mood: James’ screams of horror every time Aleks landed a shot in balsamic vinegar beer pong

droppin’ seeds - peter parker x reader

fandom: the avengers/peter parker

word count: 648

character pairing: tom holland’s peter parker x reader

warnings: gets quite racy, not gonna lie to you, folks

prompt: just a depiction of what it’s like 2 have hot make-out sessions wit my boi peter parker lol

notes: this was jus somethin i thought i’d post while i worked on the three requests i jus got. stay tuned folks. ya girl gotchu wit the peter parker fics lol. (alsoOOooOoOoO THANK YOU for all the compliments i got on my last piece. they were beyond anything i could’ve hoped for, and jus know that i’m humbled. always. thank u again HAHA)


kissing peter parker was like breathing a breath of fresh, crisp air. 

neither of you were huge fans of PDA, which limited you to hand-holding at least, and sweet, two-second pecks on the lips at most. you couldn’t count how many times MJ had poked fun at the two of you for making eye-contact longer than four seconds. 

behind closed doors was an entirely different story. 

being deprived of each other throughout the day led to an interesting evening. your parents weren’t around much, and peter was often over at your house when aunt may was in the apartment.

there were days like today, though, where the two of you were laying on peter’s bed, in the warm patch of sunlight that streamed through his windows, making the fuck out. 

you had to admit- peter was the clingy type, but you were no less. that attribute clashed with the overwhelming shyness the both of you had, which really made showing your affections in public an issue. 

but the two of you were behind the comfort of closed doors, and peter was settled between your hips, your bottom lip between his teeth. your arms wound around his neck, bodies slotting together like jigsaw, your fingers gently tugging on the ends of his hair. the way the sun hit it, you could’ve guessed his hair to be the colour of honey.

this was the side of peter parker that was solely reserved for you, and you only. the desperate side of him that couldn’t help but love the feeling of being held, and kissed till his lips bruised. 

you laughed against his mouth, and he pulled away from you for a moment, faces inches apart. he grinned at you, lifting a hand to brush the strands of hair away from your face.

 "what’re you thinking about?“ he asked, warm hands never leaving your skin. "what’s playing in the theatre of your mind?”

you paused for a minute, hands trailing down his shoulders as you arched up for another kiss, which he complied to wordlessly. “you,” you responded with a whisper, hand’s pressing against his chest through his shirt, feeling the way his heart pulsed through warm skin. “all of you.” peter said nothing, looking at you with warm, sleepy eyes before pushing his lips against yours again, pressing your bodies together with a more urgent force.

your hands had trailed down, past his chest and past his tense stomach, brushing just above the waistline of his jeans. he had stopped kissing you, then, and was breathing hard into your neck, his hands gripping you tight. you rested your cheek against his head, thumb drawing an invisible line from his waistline to his bellybutton, and back.

the moment was paused, and you knew that he was thinking, calculating. peter parker was a calculative man, and you respected him greatly for it. but your legs were around his waist and your hips were pressed together and- 

“please,” he whispered finally, kissing your neck softly, pressing gentle kisses in the area accessible to him. “please." 

and then your fingers were fumbling over the button on his jeans, and he sat up then, bringing his shirt up over his head. the look in his eye was desperate, and as soon as he had gotten rid of the offending fabric, he had managed to flip you over, so that you were sitting atop of him. you shifted slightly, and his eyes closed, jaw tensing.

when you leaned back down to kiss him, it was agonizingly slow, hands smoothing up his chest as his hands found your hips, pulling you forward. when he was satisfied with the new position you were in, his hands slipped up your shirt, your breath catching in your throat. kissing peter parker was like a breath of fresh air. 

but being with him lit your bones on fire.

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I moved from the country to this here big city an' at onna those fancy dances, those city slickers played cotton eye joe an' looked at me funny when i square danced with my pardners

city folks jus dont get it

“Let me get this straight. You want me ta pretend ta be yer girlfriend over some family trip yer leavin’ for right now, jus’ to piss yer folks off?” Apparently the popular girl had some reason to piss off her parents. Especially if she was going to her. All year she’d teased her calling her a lesbian trailer-trash whore, and now she wanted her to pretend to be her girlfriend? “In case y’haven’t noticed, yer straight.” She added sarcastically.