jus because he looks so good

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Does your boyfriend have or ever had a problem with you posting kinda revealing pics? Mine doesnt exactly give me shit for it, but you can tell he's kinda just like 'why?' about it and I understand it's my body and I should just do as I wish but at the same time I also don't want to make him uncomfortable... But I also just want to be able to do what I want because it's just a body.... MY body 💀. What are your thoughts?

my bf doesn’t care, he knows I look good and that I’m proud of my body n at the end of the day im all his n hes all mine. yr 100% right, it’s yr body n yr choice n you should be able to post whatever you please my advice would be to talk to him bout it n get his opinion directly from him rather then jus assuming how he feels i completely understand you not wanting to make him uncomfortable so I think yr best bet is to communicate w him


#HAPPYCHANNIEDAY (Happy Birthday Kim Himchan!)

Happy Birthday to our lovely eomma and visual, KIM HIM CHAN! KIM HIM CHAN! xDD

We all in the fandom knows that Himchan loves us as his fans, he adores us till he even likes taking pictures of us! I don’t know any idols who take pictures of fans except for our loving Kim Himchan tbh… It doesn’t come to a shock that there are so many Himchan stans in the fandom, because this guy is just too irresistible NOT to stan! :)

We all also know that Himchan is good looking no matter what! Which we as fans should really remind him about it with positive words~ :) No matter what, as long as he is healthy and happy, that’s all it matters right? ^^ 

Anyways, hope you guys like the comic, see the previous members’ ones here~ ( YJ | JU | YG )

Smiles to you all, and Himchan~! :D
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