jury power

Sticky with yolk, I emerge.  Having smashed the world’s shell I am now ready to deal with the following:

Who’s this guy?  Why’s this guy? 

Turns out he’s the guy who’s as good as Juri, better even, and he’s also on the Student Council, and he’s a duelist, and he’s got Miki’s color scheme except he’s way taller and more handsome and his hair has two shades of blue in it.   Nobody has ever mentioned him before.  It is like he fell from the sky - like the sky opened, and he was just inserted.  By himself.  Like, he, himself, was inserted.   Like… what’s the word I’m looking for?

It’s gone.  Whatever.

We know it’s Juri’s turn because Miki just had a go but maybe this guy is important enough that he gets to cut in line.  He’s certainly a big enough deal that his return has merited a formal announcement, which the student council eats, dolefully.

Nanami asks the big question:

Wouldn’t you like to know?  Wouldn’t you all like to know.  Wouldn’t I like to know, frankly.  What the hell is going on here? 

Mr. Marty Stu shows up and tells the assembled council that End of the World thinks they’re all cowards.  The second course arrives - it’s a little difficult to make out, but it’s defintiely a medical prescription of some kind, For Internal Use Only.   It’s a big pill to swallow, Ruka being here.  We might have bitten off more than we could chew. But we made this meal - now we have to lie in it.

The point is the narrative knows that this sucks but it’s going to make us eat it anyway.

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How dare you? 
How dare you begrudge
me for the sins of my father,
of my mother,
of those who came before me? 

How dare you begrudge me
the sins of a child, not even a
teenager when you married. 
A woman who has worked harder
than anyone I know to right
her wrongs. 

How dare you accost me 
for my bloodline. 
I am not my father, nor
my mother,
no matter the resemblance I bear
to them both. 

You, you scarab queen,
you belligerent witch,
you power-playing pile of ignorance.
You are no god,
no judge or jury,
you have no power over me. 
Though once, for a while,
you did. I cared,
entirely too much, that
you wouldn’t even acknowledge
our similarities. 
But now I’m grateful, my path
is much simpler than those you
doted on. Those who
must now see you for who you are,
blinders off, spell broken. 

I learned the stinging slap
of your scorn before I had the
power to earn it.
You never loved me;
felt more affection for
false pretenses and poison
than your own family. 

So keep it. 
The bitter taste of 
long-withered fruit is yours
for the reaping. 
The joy of my future is not.
The promise of knowing
full well who and what I am
is a right you no longer have. 
I decline it, and you with it,
without the scornful
bite of my eyes.

You aren’t even worth the energy
it takes to muster up a frown. 

- ( ode to the ice queen ) :: c.a.d.

Misc. WIP Fallout Headcannons

-> The differences between monster models is canonical. Commonwealth deathclaws look different than the Mojave/Capital Wasteland deathclaws due to environmental differences.

-> Across North America, the most common source of power is biofuel; human waste,food scraps, rotting wood, all and more are used to make methane, which most generators use to run. In areas like the commonwealth, with plenty of rivers around, waterwheels and tidal generators are heavily utilized, especially as the supply of fusion cores/energy slowly declines. Waste-to-Energy is also popular in the commonwealth, but less so than biofuel.

-> Due to the aforementioned decline/scarcity of fusion cores, many raider groups and even organizations like the BoS take to modifying or jury-rigging the power supply. Raiders will wire huge haphazard microfusion clusters onto power armor frames or even bolt whole generators to their backs. The BoS’s solutions are more elegant, utilizing advanced fuels, molten-salt reactors, or even nuclear waste itself.

-> Whatever faction that controls the commonwealth establishes some form of navy, and begins sailing up and down the coasts. They trade and explore with the communities they find, but the seas are rough. They continue following the coast into the Gulf of Mexico, where the radiation storms are more intense than they’ve ever faced in the Commonwealth. They make it down the coast and discover the Panama Canal, and, after many years, make contact with the New California Republic.

-> Power armor frames are often used as industrial machinery, assisting workers and settlers in heavy lifting tasks during construction.

-> Some scientist somewhere has confirmed the existence of parallel universes, making all player decisions “canonical.”

I wanna flesh these out more, but this is all I have for now. Enjoy!!

After posting my former headcanon, I got a few asks about “Trucy had to move school because Phoenix coudn’t afford her meal? When?”

In order of timeline, it was first mentioned when she was adopted. It showed that Gramarye Troops was financially miserable since Maginifi fell terminally ill.

It was mentioned again when Phoenix was hospitalized from car accident. It was also implied that this was not the first time that Trucy had to move school because of unpaid bills; it happened recently before.

About Phoenix using his daughter’s ability to cheat in poker, I believe it’s common knowledge around fandom, but I’ll put the screenshot to make it clear.

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jamalas win was fair whether you like the song or not

“But it’s political!!!” 

the song did not have political motives or inspiration, that was historical because she’s singing about her family. it can be viewed in a political fashion but that doesn’t make it political because it’s not the motive of the song, like if love was a crime can be viewed as being about lgbtqa+ rights, but that’s most likely not the motive of the song 

“She didn’t win the televote or jury vote!! it’s il volo all over again" 

no it isn’t, il volo was under a different voting system and the reason that they’re considered robbed is because the juries had the power to bring them down due to combined voting. because the voting is no longer combined, the juries and televote don’t bring each other down meaning every artist gets every amount of points possible, whether that’s enough to win or not. jamala simply had enough cumulative points to win. we all have our own opinions on the voting which were entitled to but overall jamalas winning is not foul play because she just got the biggest amount of votes. 

"Sympathy votes!! They didn’t vote for the song!!!" 

a country can’t purely win on sympathy votes; otherwise we would’ve been in poland for 2016. 

in the case of jamala, yes some votes would’ve been sympathy votes, but the thing is jamala transferred that emotion into her performance, which overall made the performance more powerful directing more people to voting. 

plus, we already know not every single vote is for the song on its own already so why does it matter now? sergeys neighbours most likely contributed to him winning the televote, hell some people might’ve voted for an artist because they were attractive. thing is, this type of voting is inevitable, but it’s never enough to make them win. like sergey has neighbours voting for him, it’s obviously not the only reason people are voting otherwise Russia would win the televote every year. 

point is, jamala certainly got sympathy votes, but it’s not like millions of people voted for her for her story rather than the song; she got votes because that emotion that induces sympathy was transferred into a great performance.

TLDR have your own opinion on jamala and her song, point is she won fair and square and there’s nothing you can do about it.