jurrasic park


Because we brought it up on the podcast, I wanted to look up Bad BluRay Transfers. This one could have been fine if it weren’t for the stretching and color correction making that grassy field orange.

Also they digitally combed Jeff Goldblum’s hair??? Someone in the comments said it was for a 3D Release so it’s easier to make him in 3D.

Okay but like…

What if they made scripted bloopers with the dinosaurs in jurrassic world??

Just like in toy story and monsters inc like how cool would that be??

Like all the raptors refusing to stay in one spot and are constantly moving to stand by chris pratt or get distracted by something and run off set knocking over tables and lighting stands

Or rexy not coming out of her unit right away and someone walks in to see what’s up and turns out she fell asleep and in the next take she walks out and yawns and very slowly follows bryce howards because she’s just so sleepy

When indominaus Rex is trying to break open the sphere thingy she ends up tossing it around like a cat and another time her claw gets stuck in the glass but she can’t get it out and can’t break the glass

Mosasaurs completely missing indominaus when she’s supposed to take her out at the end and instead accidentally takes rexy

Blue and her sisters goofing around with rexy off screen

Indominaus play fighting with the raptors and being “defeated” by them

When the boys are driving through the crowd of stegosaurus one of them fall and cause all the others to fall and its just all of them falling and tripping over each other and its a big mess but its all in slow motion

They dont lower the gates fast enough at the beginning and one of the raptors get through but she’s not sure what to do because that wasn’t the plan so she’s just goes and stands awkwardly next to Omar sy and he starts laughing because a second ago she was screaming and terrifying but now she just doesn’t know what to do



My boyzzzzzzz know how to grooooooooove XD


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