Translation Jurina/Jurio interview.

I’ve been quite surprised (ok, down right shocked) by how our young ace sees women or rather how she defines “femininity”. That girl doesn’t simply look older than her age, she thinks like if she was raised back in the 50ies! Σ( □|||)

But the 2nd part made up for it … somehow =∀=

Like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, a sweet and beautiful young woman in dress appears. Hard to believe a 14 years old, still in middle school, could display such charm. Who is really that Juliet of modern times?
Jurina - During our first theater performance of the year, I wrote on my kakizome* 「I want to become a fine young lady」. To be admired by all, to be serious in all the decisions I make, diligent even toward little things to become a beautiful young lady. I want to be one of those girls who, when they go to eat outside, spontaneously take care of the dishes on the table**.
Looking at myself, I think that being extremely scared of jet coasters, roller coasters and haunted houses are the girly aspects of my personality. Despise the appearance, I’m a pretty easily frightened person.  Also, in front of someone I like, I turn into a pampered child.
In my opinion, what’s called “femininity” is better defined by the fact of taking care of your family. Not matter how cute you look or how elegantly you dress, I believe cooking and chores are essential . There are couples in which the man cook but I think domestic chores are to be done by women***. Someone who easily handle cooking, doing the laundry and clean the house will certainly become good mother.
Myself I prepare the dinner and bake sweets! Of course I can do that much! I properly give an hand to my mother! I’m still only 14, but from now on, I’ll learn how to help more and more.
Jurio looks way too good…. When Jurina reappeared wearing a suit, the whole studio became silent at once. Everyone got their breath taken away by this elegance, words were failing us.
Jurina - I was confident I could pull something really good by disguising myself as a boy (tl : dansou) (laugh). Other members too disguise themselves as men for various programs’ sake, but I’ve been told I was the one who look the best in dansou. Since I was young I’ve loved the boyish look (tl : also style, appearance, manner etc… very broad meaning), I’ve wished I could become a boy. I wanted to receive tons of chocolate for Valentine, to hear girls squeal when I pass by them, to become popular with girls! I’m glad I turned into an even better looking man than I had hope for!
The boyish aspect of my personality, I would say it’s my sense of justice. If I guy was to bully a girl in front of me I’d call him out 「Don’t you dare bullying someone because they’re weak!」. I tend to easily step forward to settle accounts.  
And so during handshake events when I’m surrounded by female fans, I feel like if I have become a man. (tl : 気分は男 = to feel like a man)
GACKT is the kind of man I look up to. He looks good when he dress in visual-key, he is tall and athletic. He excels in calligraphy,  practices karate and has outstanding dancing and singing skills. He plays several instruments like piano and violin. He has so many talents. I want to become someone like that too.
In my opinion, a true man is able to apologize, say things like 「I’m sorry」. It’s hard to apologize. That’s why in my opinion people who acknowledge their own mistake and apologize for it are strong and reliable. They are the right person to date or marry.
*1st calligraphy of the year

** In Japan traditionally and mostly in izakaya where several dishes are served at once in small plates, women are expected to serve men and clean their dishes once they’re done. Though this unwritten rule is more and more challenged by the young generation, Jurina’s way of thinking still isn’t all that infrequent.

*** Kill.Me.Now┌(_Д_┌ )┐

“ For how long! You are more cool than before. Dokidoki ~~
You’re really my type. But now I have to go again. Maybe i can not see you ever again in life… On second thought, it was nice to meet you. Well, just saying, nice clothes. ”

Jurina is so very popular with a girls… Argh, i want her too >.<