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Well, he’s dutch and he’s like 1.88m, so there’s a guess. But we’ve been dryhumping a big, hehehe. And I can’t keep my hands to myself, so I did some touching, he he. So I kind of know, haha.

Oh, but race or length don’t say ANYTHING. I mean, my boyfriend’s only like 1.77 m and hm-hm-hm :B
You HAVE to whatsapp me when you do get sexy though! Not right in the middle of it, but after from the toilet!

So obviously you guys saw I had a photoshoot today, haha,

and the “assignment” was to express the feelings “pain, melancholy and loneliness”. It was really exciting (and really cold as well, because I was standing on the docks, and there was this REALLY cold wind, and it was raining and I was just standing there in my t-shirt, haha) and I really had a lot of fun!

The photographer made 365 pictures, but those 6 photos were the best of all! And, if I say so myself, I’m actually quite proud! :)

I added two more links up there on my blog. Now the link is “personal” is clickable and is a portal to every personal post. And next to that link, is the link to my instagram account. It’s not like I post all my instagram photos on tumblr, but I put the link up there anyway.

Also, I’m thinking about changing my username. Decisions, decisions. 

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oh how I love being able to talk to you about this. and yes, I may have found one, but we haven’t had sexy time yet. but I might have an idea of how big his cock is, hmm. #foreverhorny

I figured that out already. You had a lot of lovey-dovey posts lately.
Tell me exactly how you can know how big someone’s cock is without actually having seen it though! This is relevant to my interests!