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Destiny | WMatsui - Chapter 20

Lately, Rena had been behaving differently.

As Jurina was waiting in front of Rena’s apartment for her to open the door, those troubling thoughts submerged her mind once again. It had started more than a month ago, a little before she was reintegrated in SKE48. At first, she didn’t get alarmed by it. After her surprise visit to Rena’s apartment and the latter’s reminder that they still needed to remain cautious, they both agreed it was wiser to limit their contacts to phone calls and chats on LINE for a little while.

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JuriSaku Random Prompts

01: “Half-Asleep”

Jurina stirred slightly in her slumber. It has been fifteen minutes since Sakura invited the blonde girl to rest on her lap. Sakura was starting to lose the feeling of her legs, but that was the least of her concerns. 

At first, Jurina brushed off the suggestion in the attempt to hide how jaded she was. Although sleep was ever elusive the past few days, she did not want to trouble the younger girl. Besides, being found in such a position would likely cause a scene. But Sakura was persistent, like always. So Jurina felt compelled to concede after a few pouts and fake sulking from the younger girl.  

“Jurina-san’s quite stubborn sometimes.” Sakura whispered, while stroking the strands of blonde hair spread out on her thighs; it’s luster akin to golden threads. She could lose herself for hours, just studying Jurina’s sleeping face–unperturbed, innocent and so different from her stoic facade. Sakura wished she could preserve these taciturn moments. 

A yawn escaped Sakura’s lips. “Perhaps, I could rest for a few minutes.” She leaned on the wall, slowly closing her eyes as the sound of Jurina’s light breathing lulled her to sleep. 

Even just for a while, the chaos of their lives was muted as silence wrapped around the two girls, the warmth of each other comforting them.

Not long after, Jurina’s silken voice called out. “Sakura?” From her position on  Sakura’s lap, she reached out to stroke the other girl’s cheek. “Ne, Saa-chan.”

The gentle ministrations woke Sakura. Her eyes opened lazily and as her vision readjusted, she was greeted by Jurina’s smiling face. 

Still half-asleep, she tried to apologize for dozing off. “Jurina-san, I’m s–” Sakura was not able to finish her sentence as soft lips collided with her own. 

Jurina lifted herself to capture Sakura in a searing kiss. It was haphazard and reckless but yearning.  At first the young girl was startled, still dazed from just awakening. But soon enough she responded with the same electric passion.

Sakura held her partner’s arm tightly as desire pooled at the pit of her stomach. Jurina’s kiss was intoxicating that she felt as if no amount of connection was enough to satiate her completely. “Ju…ri..na…” She moaned in between heavy breaths as the blonde planted feathery kisses on her neck. 

She almost felt dejected when Jurina broke their contact. “Ah, that’s enough for today.” The Ace smirked, relishing the effect she had on Sakura.  

“Meanie, my legs are cramping because of you.” Sakura frowned. 

“My cute junior, we can’t exactly kiss each other senseless the whole day. Lunch break’s over.” Jurina pinched Sakura’s cheek affectionately before rising to her feet. 

“But you haven’t eaten yet!” The young girl exclaimed, accepting the hand Jurina offered to assist her up. She unruffled her skirt and dusted it off. “I don’t understand why you’re so lax on self-care.” 

Jurina stole a quick peck on her lips. “Trust me, I’m full.” She grinned. 

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