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Please do Matsui Jurina for the MCF thing too.. x'D (that's a cool name for it btw..lol)

Half here, along with Mayuyu. 3 asks for Jurina, that’s pretty awesome! And I see you, WMatsui asker, so I’ll talk about them a bit too.

I think Jurina is someone I really respect. She started her idol career at the young age of 11. And right away she was thrust into the spotlight, being on the cover of AKB48 single. (Before that there was never a cover that features just one girl). It was unheard of, it wasn’t the norm, and despite being 11, Jurina gained some antis, along with new fans.

But along the way, she gained more and more respect from fans. She worked really hard to live up to her hype. She’s an excellent dancer, she’s charismatic, she has great stage presence, and she’s good at whatever she does. It didn’t matter that she was one of AKB’s front girl even though she was from SKE. She won many hearts and kept her front girl position.

With Jurina, you can get many sides of her. She has a mature side, and an incredibly childish one. She’s cool but gets cute and girly at times. She’s a leader to her juniors, but likes being pampered as well. In a weird way, she’s an adult and a kid at the same time.

With Matsui Rena they form the duo more commonly known as Wmatsui. I think they’re complete opposites, but fate lend a hand with those two. Having the same family name, they were promoted together and both became the face of SKE48. Rena might not be vocal about her feelings for Jurina (she once mention there was never a need to say “Do your best!” to Jurina since she knows Jurina always does her best).

They don’t show their affection to each other as blatant as other ships but for me, because they were both there since the very beginning and experience a lot of changes together, even without expressing it, they understand each other the most.

Jurina is currently a concurrent member in AKB48 so she travels a lot back and forth between Nagoya and Tokyo. And being in both groups and doing twice as much activities than any other members is taking a toll on her body. Her physical health is always a concern for fans. But Jurina keeps doing what she does best, and whenever I see that determination of hers, it’s a source of motivation for me.

Recently she has had a problems with her eyes, she has been required to wear glasses as a result. While we both (Half and Mayuyu) love megane, it’s worrying to see her have to wear glasses for her health, but still we should make the best of a bad situation and enjoy the pictures.

There might be clashes between the two distinct Jurina, the AKB Jurina or the SKE Jurina. The AKB Jurina seems more laidback, since she’s always in the presence of her seniors she takes on a more pampered role. In SKE, being from the 1st generation and also the center, Jurina is much more mature. But for me both sides of Jurina are part of her. And quoting Jurina herself, “Wherever I am, Matsui Jurina is Matsui Jurina.” 

One big part of Jurina is her sense of humour and most importantly her puns…  Even if they are really bad and everyone will facepalm at them, they are definitely something to appreciate.

When I was 16, the biggest achievement I had in life was sleeping for 20 hours straight. When Jurina is 16, she’s already the center for both AKB48 and SKE48 single, performing in theaters, performing in concerts, starring in CMs, appearing on variety shows, hosting radio shows, attending handshake events and going to school on top of all that. 

Some of you may hate Aki-P or think that he’s a huge troll or he’s just someone who’s pushing Jurina too much but he got one thing right.

Jurina truly is an outstanding talent found once every 10 years.

(Mayuyu) I would also like to add the fact that baby Ju has awesome bear boots!


She makes such a cute bear too!