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Congratulations, Tom & Jason

The Emmys people have announced this year’s juried award winners in animation. Hats off to Tom Herpich and Jason Kolowski for receiving awards for their work on Adventure Time. This is the second Adventure Time Emmy for Tom, who gets the trophy for his storyboard work on the last episode of the Stakes miniseries, “The Dark Cloud.” Jason Kolowski of Bix Pix Entertainment is recognized for his production design work on the stop-motion “Bad Jubies” episode. Jobs well done, and accolades well deserved.

Image from “Bad Jubies.”


Check out the trailer for Appropriate Behavior!

Desiree Akhavan is the creative force behind the film Appropriate Behavior. I’m really excited for this movie for a bunch of reasons most of all it’s a female directed, female led romcom about an Iranian Bisexual.

To say you don’t come across a movie like this every day is a gross understatement.

Already it’s getting some love from film festivals and critics alike-



I’ll have the pleasure of interviewing this incredible lady this monday, but in the mean time please watch and share this trailer so it can get the attention it deserves! This is a really important film for so many groups of people and it would be sch a waste of great talent and material if it just fades away.

You can follow Desiree here- https://twitter.com/desimakesmovies

And Appropriate Behavior here- https://twitter.com/AppropriateFilm

Mads @ Cannes 1999: awkward nerd trying to sell a movie with NWR and nobody caring

Mads @ Cannes 2016: former best actor award winner and jury member, NWR also there in the main competition

what a time to be alive (◡‿◡✿)


Dalia Khalifa: Gaza’s ‘unbreakable’ girl

Nine-year old Dalia Khalifa was in the living room of her family home in the Zaytoun district of the besieged Gaza Strip when an Israeli strike hit their house during last summer’s Operation Protective Edge.
A photo of nine year old Dalia Khalifa by photographer Mohamad Asad was chosen by OCHA as the Grand Jury winner in a photography competition

دَاليا خَليفة : صاحبة التسعة أعوام, أصيبت في قصف إسرائيلي على منزلها خلال الحرب الأخيرة على قطاع غزة.


Director Pablo Larraín is teaming up with actors Gael García Bernal and Luis Gnecco in a movie that will follow Chilean poet Pablo Neruda’s life from 1946 to 1948. “Neruda” will feature a period in the poet’s life where he joined the Communist Party, later became a senator who was against the imprisonment of striking miners, for which he was threatened with arrest and became a fugitive. The film will be a follow up to Larraín’s Berlin Grand Jury Prize winner “The Club.”

García Bernal will play Neruda’s nemesis at the time, Inspector Oscar Peluchoneau. 

Taylor Swift and Jimmy Fallon Among Early Emmy Winners

Juried winners include kudos for animation, costumes and interactive media.

Taylor Swift can add Emmy-winner to her list of achievements. The 25-year-old pop star is among the list of early recipients of the TV Academy’s kudos, as the group announced juried award winners on Thursday morning.

Swift nabbed an Emmy for Original Interactive Program for her AMEX Unstaged: Taylor Swift Experience. The singer has a star and executive producer credit on the project, which debuted with the release of her “Blank Space” music video in 2014.

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honestly as much as i hate p*ulie i actually want corey to go this week because it will not only destroy nicole but it would be guaranteed that paulie won’t be able to return when he’s evicted because i really cannot risk having a stroke if p*ulie comes right back through those doors with either a roundtrip ticket or as the winner of jury buyback