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Masterpost of my piece “Unfulfilled Juri” for Q Pop’s Utena Tribute show! Top images are of the original piece- it’s painted in gouache on an 8x8 wood panel, with metallic gold paint framing the sides an a gold rose + drop chain. The back is signed and the original is for sale in the gallery and online, you can PM if you’re interested!

Bottom images are a very limited run of prints! There’s only 8 of them, 8.5x8.5, they’re each signed & numbered on the back and printed on a smooth matte premium paper. I also hand painted metallic gold gouache accents on each print! These prints will also be for sale in the gallery and possibly online through Q Pops store, more details on that as I know.

Opening reception is from 7pm-10pm tomorrow night, April 30th! It’s gonna be such an awesome show, a bunch of my favorite artists have pieces in it as well so I can’t wait to go and see everything in person *u*

Q pop address & gallery info


guess which dingus skipped going to a juried art show i submitted to cuz i said there was 0% chance I’d get in and then wound up getting both pieces in and winning the 500$ best in show award

BOTANICALITY 2015 JURY: Lynsey Grosfield

Who are you and what do you do?

“[I am] full-time managing a food forest and my website.

In a very short time, her blog, biodiverseed has exploded due to in-depth, scientific information as well as a willingness to tackle controversial topics. (She is also on twitter)

What kind of art are you typically drawn to?

I love photography! I do quite a bit of it myself, and worked for a year as a model. 

What compelled you to accept the challenge of being on the Botanicality jury?

The entries last year were quite spectacular! I think passion for plants and nature is contagious, and also leads to more mindful living, so I’m all for it.

She is also serving double-duty as a show host this year to allow a wider audience access to the show (and prizes)!

Favorite artist, natural area, or plant?

The Alberta side of the Canadian Rockies is the most beautiful biome on earth, in my biased opinion. I have a tattoo of a mountain I used to camp on when I lived in Canada.

Any other information we should know about you?

I grew up in Alberta, Canada lived for four years in Quebec, Canada, emigrated to Denmark, and am soon moving to Qatar.

Very pleased to announce that three images from my Symbiosis series have been accepted to the The Kinsey Institute Juried Art Show 2014 at the Grunwald Gallery of Art.

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