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How to be Immortal:


‘Learn to rip hearts’ Aphrodite murmurs. Artemis smiles. ‘And enjoy the taste of the blood on your hands.’ She runs her hands through dark tresses. ‘Enjoy the hunt and dance to their screams.


‘Know the constant war between chaos and order.’ Poseidon says, ‘the ebb to the shore and the hurricane to the sky.’ He dips his hand in the saltwater, watching his waves. ‘A war that can be tipped to either side by a single breath.’


‘Master balance.’ Themis tugs at her weights, ‘The tips of the scales does govern.’ Athena sits beside her. ‘And your limitations will be only your mind. The cosmic laws will bend around you, enforcing them will be your task.’


‘Memorize the color red.’ Ares says, the sound of clanging metal not far behind. ‘The color of wine. The color of blood. The color of pain.’ Dionysus adds and glance at Hermes who dips his head in agreement. ‘For every path you journey, each step will seem like a century. It will be the color that greats you one border to the next.’


‘Embody the lesson of stone’ Medusa hisses, ‘Unmoving. Enduring. Set.’ Her hair twists and tangles together, the scales with a mind of their own. ‘Know you will last as lesser things crumble. Dust between your fingers.’


‘Be at home in the dark.’ Nyx whispers. She leans her head on Hemera, ‘And appreciate the comfort of the dawn. Promises of tomorrow on her lips. You will steal them one by one for each time you see the sun set and the darkness take his place.’ Her dark eyes drift to the sky. “And you will learn the wrath of the stars.’


‘Understand that your memories will be your enemy.’ Mnemosyne tilts her head back, eyes closing. ‘Ghosts that will plague you, twisting and clawing until all that remains of you is the fights of your past and the demons.’


‘Accept change.’ Psyche murmurs, her head dipped in the clouds, ‘You will have nothing and everything one second to the next.’ Persephone smiles before adding, ‘You will force revolutions and watch as the structures topple. Laugh at fate for the bounds you are born to will not be those you end up with.’


‘Take pleasure in your power.’ Zeus declares with Hera at his heels. ‘Take pleasure for you will be vilified for it.’ She says, ‘They will fancy themselves judge and jury of your character, but you are above them. Beneath you, they burn.’


‘Realize the blurred line between sleep and death.’ Hypnos and Thanatos say, arms around each other, ‘and remember that you have crossed both.’ Atlas nods, shifting slightly under his burden, ‘You will bear the weight of time.’ He steals a glance to Hades. ‘And you will wish you could collapse beneath it.’

- L.H.Z // How to be Immortal 

anonymous asked:

Brittane! Did you watch the episode? Have you thought about my question? Would you change Lena's character aligment now? She was very willing to kill edge, and that one quote "no trial, no jury..."? What do you think?

I did! And I will start out with the simple answer. -drum roll-

The chart remains the same (Or more importantly, Lena isn’t moving)!

(First, for any wondering what we’re even talking about here, my choice for Lena’s (and other’s) moral alignment can be found here.)

So no, I would not change it. As a matter of fact, not only has the episode failed to change my mind, it has actually provided even more material to support my choice, along with some for further elaboration. I’ll explain why!

Lena Luthor: Neutral Good + Actively Good

Now, in my original post, I made a few important points that were further exemplified in Damage. Let’s revisit those:

“Neutral good characters often rely on themselves as opposed to others when things get difficult. We have seen Lena take things into her own hands to stop evil more than once. Her actions against the gang in Crossfire and her mother in Medusa are perfect examples of that.”

We can now tack on Lena feigning ignorance so that she could confront Edge on her own. Seems to be a pattern with her, amirite?

“Neutral Good characters value life, however, they will not hesitate to take the life of someone that means them harm or means to harm an innocent. They kill in self-defense or if it means harm will not come to good people.”

Lena held a gun to Edge and was nearing a point where she was ready to kill him because of the heinous things he did just to drag her, her name, her company and all she has done through the mud. She wasn’t seeking revenge because he made her look bad. Innocent children were suffering and dying because he wanted to make her look bad – because of his petty, personal vendetta against her and that was something she couldn’t allow.

So with that, simply pointing a gun at Edge does not change her alignment. But you’re also wondering about her “No trial, no jury,” line. Let’s talk about that and how she was “thinking like a Luthor.”

“No Trial. No Jury.”

Neutral Good characters won’t harm the innocent. But Edge is not innocent. So, harm him, she may. However, characters of this alignment will not murder. They do believe that evil-doers should be brought to justice and if laws need to be broken/disobeyed in order to ensure that, they will often take that action. Neutral Good characters may also consider it dishonorable to not go against laws that would prevent evil-doers from seeing justice. In other words, they are completely willing to go against the law, or take it into their own hands, if it serves a greater good. So here, Lena was willing to commit a serious crime, if it meant ending someone that was sick enough to gravely harm children (just one terrible thing he has done/wants to do).

(Note: Pulling the trigger would have definitely led to a shift in her alignment toward:

Lawful Evil -  as alignments on the spectrum of Good and Neutral will not commit murder. Only those in the spectrum of Evil will murder and the differences between the three reside in their motive. Killing Edge would not have been for pleasure (Chaotic) or her personal advancement (Neutral), but instead, to promote order. However, it should also be noted that she still would not possess enough characteristics or values to fit into the slot.)

“I’m Thinking Like a Luthor.”

This line was truly interesting because it was meant to give us a peek not only at Lena’s line of thinking concerning her planned actions at that moment but also how Lena thinks Lillian and Lex feel justified in their methods. This wasn’t Lena saying, “I’m evil,” or “I’m thinking like an evil person.” Because as Katie, herself explained, nobody sets out just to be evil. They are trying to do what they feel is the right thing. To Lex, the right thing was putting an end to Superman and ridding the world of aliens. To Lillian, the right thing is ridding the world of alien life and preventing an alien apocalypse by any means necessary. To the mother that shot at Lena, the right thing was killing the person that harmed her daughter. To Lena, the right thing was killing the man that put children in the hospital to serve an agenda and advance himself. In this moment, she saw that clearly and she was proving a point. Edge has alluded to the idea of Lena being like her mother and brother, so here, Lena was showing him just what an ‘Evil Luthor’ would be capable of. She was prepared to take extreme measures to do what she thought was right, even if those measures would be deemed questionable, wrong or unlawful.

However, staying true to Lena’s character (morally speaking), she couldn’t and most likely wouldn’t have done it, for multiple reasons. For morally good reasons, Lena is not a murderer and with her moral compass, there is still a sense of justice – deep down, she believes that Edge needs to answer for his crimes, even if he does deserve to die. For spiteful reasons, she would want to know that Edge is suffering for what he has done. To support that, let’s recall Lena’s buddy Beth Breen (Narrator voice: They weren’t buddies). Lena felt a cold and calm, distant anger over what happened. However, she also felt pleasure from knowing that Beth was rotting in a cell somewhere because of it.

Despite all of that, we know that Lena still wants to avoid becoming evil like her mother and brother. She wants to continue fighting against the standard idea of what others think of her. She desperately wants to be good. Which leads us to a little bonus: one of the two subcategories/extensions of the Neutral Good characters - The Actively Good character.

Actively Good

There are two types of Neutral Good characters: the Passively Good, and the Actively Good. The Actively Good character sees being good as an ideal that they devote their lives to. They are always willing to do the right thing and sacrifice personal desires (or even themselves) for the greater good. We have seen Lena put forth such a strong effort to do the right thing time and again. We’ve watched as she has shaped her company to make it a force for good and we’ve seen her promise the people of National City that she plans to repay the debt her family owes them. 

In Damage, we saw how emotionally distraught she was over the idea that she may have hurt the very people she’s been fighting to protect and enrich the lives of – and that she had lost their faith and trust after so recently gaining it. We’ve seen her be inspired by Supergirl and make moves in her life in an effort to be like her (Actively Good characters often aspire to be like their heroes). Finally, we’ve seen her as she has been actively prepared to risk or sacrifice her life to ensure others were safe. 

There Lena even admits to Kara how important being good is to her and it is clear that it has been for the greater part of her life. It becomes obvious that it was never just about protecting herself against those that are bad and can’t be changed, but about doing something good in her life. When it became evident to Lena that no matter how good she tries to be, people end up hurt, a major purpose in her life is swept away and she no longer believes that she is capable of doing good or that she is worth Kara’s faith in her.

There it is! Episode 3x05 didn’t sway, but only further solidified Lena’s placement as a Neutral Good character for me. 

In other words so the whole “Can you trust a Luthor” “will she/won’t she be evil” thing is beyond tired, SG writers, bye!

*listens to dai gyakuten saiban ost: “nocturne” *

Destiny Protip:

If you want a random person (like me) in a social space to join your team and help you with a thing, you’ll get a better response (especially from me) if you SEND THEM A MESSAGE SAYING WHAT YOU’RE WANTING TO DO

If your entire team sends me 100 invites each and makes my xbox give me notification popups for like 2 solid minutes I’m just gonna leave. But if you send me a message saying “hey, raid?” (or, better yet “wotm?” or “kf?” or “coe?” etc) I may well join you because sometimes I am bored and want to do those but don’t have anyone else online, and am willing to help first-timers, but I’m not just gonna join a random team if I don’t know what we’re doing first.

Female Portrayals in Video Games

Recently Overwatch released a new character, citing complaintsof a lack of ‘body diversity’.  Now, Idon’t like the character but that’s for a variety of reasons and that’ll becoming at a later date.  No, what really botheredme was this argument and the implications for a common trend in representation of women in video games.

To add some context, I’m a gay woman and I want to be a game dev.  I’ve loved video games and been a gamer for close to 15 years.  And I really feel there are pressing issues with the arguments for ‘representation of women in video games’.  I’ve made similar rants about this general topic before and you can find my most successful one here.

If you’re concerned with women, body types, representation, etc, I suggest you give me a fair shake and read all the way to the end.  More under the break.

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I saw @reaperscience and their friend make some valentines and I’m a slut for cheesy pick up lines so Ima have a go at it too k? ok ay
TOo late to art I am so srry

Tarana Rain: You’re sweeter than any fine wine valentine. 
Stage Show: I’d beat up a few bears just for you.
Decor Ator: My love for you is my greatest masterpiece.
Monk: I wouldn’t break my vow of silence for just about anyone.
Sonja: Together we’ll make it to the very top.
Inherit: Together we’ll inherit the Earth for a brighter future.
Rebellion: I’d rebel against the people I’ve worked for since the begining of the series just for you.
Jenny: I always got your back valentine. And you can’t stop me either way so…
Jenny: You love me? Mm… Wait until book three, then we’ll talk.
Jury: Yeah sure I’ll help you take my father down no problem… For a date that is. Call me.
Jury: You’re a real cutie, cutie.
Jury: I’m never one to stick around but I’d take things slow with you.
Prodgical: I’m no chicken! Go out on a date with me valentine!
Prodgical: Look I know kidnapping you wasn’t the best way to ask you out, but old habits die hard you know?
Prodgical: You’re the only person who has ever given me purpose and I thank you for that.
BM: Embrace eternity valent- oh wait shit wrong franchise!
BM: I’m sexy and you know it ;3c
Lucky: I’ll be anything you want me to be valentine!
Lucky: Maybe if we reenact the kiss we’ll still be able to feel the fireworks.

And some for Community Cool leg Hero as well

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Character: Shiori Takatsuki
Appears in: Revolutionary Girl Utena
Commonly interpreted as: Straight

But really: Although Shiori is shown to date two boys in the series, she also has closeted feelings for Juri Arisugawa (herself a canon lesbian), which have been confirmed by director Kunihiko Ikuhara in the booklet that comes with the second remastered DVD set:

I finally realized the truth.

To think that she loved me back! What a miracle! But…

“The loser in love is the one who lets their heart be ruled by it.”

Everyone’s adopted a provocative attitude towards someone of the opposite sex that they like at least once or twice, to get that person to notice them. So it’s okay if I do that.

This love will crumble if we touch. But when people don’t touch, the love eventually dies away.

That’s why I decided to keep your love prisoner. To make sure that you love me forever.

That game will make our love “eternal.” I’m sure of it.

We were “lovers lost from the beginning.”

Apart from having… decidedly unhealthy views on affection, Shiori is a very insecure person with extremely low self-esteem, and it’s possible that internalised homophobia/biphobia plays a heavy part in it. However, many Utena fans only see her as an unironically homophobic straight girl who feels nothing but hatred for Juri, even though her real feelings for her (as well as their relationship in general, plagued by poor communication from both parties as it is) are actually much more complicated. Iin fact, her elevator confession in episode 17 has her initially claim she hates Juri and nothing more, only for her to then say that’s not really the case and reveal that her jealousy and bitterness stem from the crushing inferiority complex she has in relation to the other girl.

There are hints of Shiori’s romantic feelings for Juri scattered throughout the episodes she appears in — for example, it’s implied in episode 17 that the reason she transferred back to Ohtori after having not been there for a few years was because she missed Juri and felt remorse for hurting her in the past. Most tellingly, she joins Juri’s fencing team at the end of the series while looking much happier than she ever did before, and more to the point, there is corresponding official art where she is clutching a locket that is very similar to the one Juri used to wear (and was in fact the most prominent symbol of Juri’s own secret love for Shiori).

In other words, Shiori is yet another bisexual character in a series where a significant percentage of the cast is either canonically queer or implied to be so.

Thanks to yomigaere for this submission.