Wizard World Chicago 2016 through my eyes

So, I keep reading everyone’s posts about this past weekend, and I yet have to tell it on from my POV.

First of all, let me tell you that this all came to be with 2 of the people I’ve met the longest time online, both great friends, one actually my best friend, and yes we did all meet because of the X Files almost 15 years ago. We also had a meet up 8 years ago when I Want To Believe came on in LA. the funny thing is neither of us lives in the US, we’re mexicans and candian. 

We decided to go to Chicago without much thinking and just when it was annouced that David was going to be there we ended up having event tickets, plane tickets and hotel reservation in less than 5 hours. Best decition we ever made! We arrived on Thursday and met at the hotel, only con related thing we did then was pick up the Gold X Files VIP tickets to get that out of the way, and touristing we went for the next day and a half.


we arrived early and when we found Gillian’s autograph line, it was so long thatw e decided to go line up for David’s and get that one out of the way, we guessed that was gonna be the longest line and we were right. while we waited, Mitch arrived at his table so I ran to get his autograph beucase… well is Mitch and I had a goal, to get all 4 signatures on my UFO I want to believe poster signed. When I got to Mitch he shook my hand and asked “How is it going?” I said “I’m freaking out!” he was so sweet and said, “Don’t freak out, everything is ok, breaaaaaath” to which I replied “I’m trying, but is not going very well” he then asked he asked, and I guess to distract me “where are you from?” I told him “we’re from Mexico, I pointed to my friend next to me and said, she’s my best friend, we actually met because of The X Files” so i forgot how nervous how I was and I asked him if he had been there, which of course he hadn’t. but that was too sweet.

We then went to Willian B. Davis and we got him to sign our poster, but nothing much happened, he was nice and smiled.

When we got back to David’s line and it moved slowly, when we got to the front of the line, I told David thank you because I decided to study Philosophy because he studied Literature, he said “oh, really?” while signing my poster, and I was holding his Holy Cow book and he reached for it and asked me “Do you want me to sign this for you?” and I just handed it to him and said “Yes!! Thank you!” so that was pretty much it, short but sweet and so much more that I ever wish to tell him!

Right after that we ran to the Panel, and I guesss a lot has been said about it, so I won’t entertain you with that, because you already know about it, and I actually noticed more while re watching with a closert look, we sadly ended up a bit far away.

So after that we went to get out PhotoOps with all of them, beucase… well again our goal was to get as much as possible, right? We we went in and when it was my friends turn, before mine she went between David and Gillian, smiled and got s excited she was just spinning aroudn the place trying to get out of the photos area but right in front of them both, she was so confused Gillian just Laughed out loud and David chuckled because it was just funny so I grabbed my friend’s arm and pushed her to the actual exit. That was Godsend actually beucase I relaxed right after all and told them both, “Sorry about that, guess we are all really nervous” and then I managed to smile and have a decent picture.

I even think both their smiles are real ones (or that’s again what I think, let me live in my bubble).

From there we went to have lunch and Bumped into the @duchovniacs which was awesome and we all ended up chatting and I found out my friend from Finland was watching Walt’s Persicope! *waves*

Right after out lunch they went to get more pictures and we went to get our Mitch and William B Davis Pictures. we took William first and while there we decided to get Gillian’s and Davids Photo ops for Sunday, but that made us runn, literally run for Mitch’s picture and he could tell we ran to get there, but still we managed to look ok with both of them.

so, by the time we were done, we were so tired we just had to go to our hotel across the street and plan for the next day.


By the time we arrived we knew the deal, so we entered and ran straight to Gillian’s booth to get the final signature on the poster, so we only had to wait an hr and a half for her to arrive, but this time we were in the second row, ready to get things signed.

when we got there I showed Gillian a very old picure of both of us I had taken all those years ago back in London. I told her, “Hi Gillian, I’ve met you before, many many yeard ago back in London, then she took my phone and zoomed in and said “That’s backs stage for What The Night Is For!” and I sad “Yes! that’s it!”, she replied “looking closer asking “Why do I look so pale?” I told her “maybe because you stil had the make up from the play on” so I told her “you know? I got a photo op for today because I really don’t like how I look in this picture” so she asked again “Oh, really?, (I nodded then) then we’ll get a better one”. and when I saw the poster she had written Nie to see you again, which I never thought she’d do. so that was it for my signature.

From there we ran for David’s reading and I tried to get a book for Bucky Fucking Dent, but fail beucase they had such little number of books, but I had one already so, I was happy with that. from there we ran to our David photo op.

Let’s just say my friend and I had planned to ask him for a pose, but were too nervous about it, we decided we would go for a pose when we both are fighting over him. So when we arrived to the front of the line and we asked for it, David just smiled and said “Give me some love” and pulled us to him… to which we gave in and said a very enthusiastic “OK!”… the answer to that failed attempt is one of the best pictures I’d have ever hoped for!

Be sure we enjoyed that hug, that we just went in for the fulll hug and touched his abs… (I’m the one on the right) if you were wondering, he has rock hard abs… like the most amazing abs you could imagine, that’s him. we then said our thanks and he rubbed my back (not sure about my friend) and we went shaking and beyong happy!)

Right after that we went on to have a Gillian pic… again this was a solo picture beucase I really wanted a better one (i hate the other one so much I won’t even showed you the old one).

By this time I was a hell lot more relaxed and it went all easy and quick, I got to take my picture and told her, “hi again!, I’mt he girl that met you in London that needs a better picture” so she put her hand on my shoulder I kinda hug her from her back and the picture was taken. Gillian said “Well, this is better!” so I had a huge grin and told her”Definitely better! Thank you SO MUCH!” andI left…

This ended up being SO much longer than expected but I wanted to have every single detail in here!

Thank you David and Gillian for the most amazing weekend of my life, I’ve been watching X Files since it started, and I was 15 years when that happened, it’s 23 years later and I’m still very happy and amazed that they took the time to go, be there and listening to all of us. Never in my wildest dreams I thought I’d manage to met them.

As they said: Never give up on a miracle

Writing Tragedy Without Writing About Tragedy

Warning: this contains a discussion of the September 11th, 2001 attacks. That part is over once you get to “My point in that whole recitation is this”.

The thing about tragedy is that the event is usually fairly quick and the aftermath is fairly long. And so when telling stories about tragedy, you have to think not only about the event but about everything that comes after it. And often, that latter part can be much more striking and much more heartbreaking than the former.

The thing that you need to understand is that, on a fundamental level, tragedy is about people. And we have a hard time relating to large numbers of people, but we’re really good at relating to individual people. That’s why apocalyptic movies tend to focus on a few people, and why even episodic crime shows will often show a just enough of a victim’s life to get us to care before killing them off. It’s how we can still care about victims in the hundredth or two hundredth episode. When you’re writing about tragedy, whether you’re focusing on the actual event or the aftermath, the best way to make it feel tragic is to focus on the individual.

Beyond that, though, there are a lot of ways to write about tragedy without showing the actual event. You can write about it without even showing anyone who was involved in the event, and it can still be striking.

When thinking of this, I am reminded of my own experience with 9/11. I’m from a suburb that commutes into somewhere hit on 9/11. I was young when it happened, but I remember a police officer coming in to our school, and then we weren’t allowed to go outside for recess. I was a child when the attack happened and a child for a long time later, and so people didn’t talk about it with me. What I do remember, though, is the stories about the people who missed it by just a little, whose children were sick or who had a doctor’s appointment or who were running late to work or who one of a million reasons for not being there at that time, and so they survived. I didn’t see footage of the attacks until senior year of high school. We had moments of silence every year, but teachers didn’t talk about it, because my area had lost enough people that there was no way to know if a student had lost a parent in the attacks.

My mother remembers seeing the attacks on TV because this was one of the only times in years she was in front of a TV at that time of day, and she remembers the train station in the town next to ours, and all of the empty cars that were left because their owners never came home.

High school teachers in my area have to teach it now, because there are teenagers who weren’t born then.

My point in that whole recitation is this: stories of surviving, stories of people who were on the outskirts, stories of people who missed it for random reasons or who got out or who turned back, stories of teaching the tragedy 15 years later because there are people who don’t know the story, those can all be just as striking a story as the actual tragedy.

Think of a story about the politics of teaching a tragedy, 15 years later. Think of a compilation of short pieces of people who saw it but weren’t there. Think of stories of people who just missed it, but who knew people who were there.

To write tragedy, you don’t need to write the tragedy.

You Are Watching: GHOST KING (part 16)

(( Beta read by @honestoafault ))

Will held his breath as he studied the boy underneath him. He was rigid to the touch. His face seemed frozen in shock.

A blink.

Another blink.

The blinking of his eyes was the only thing that told Will he was still alive, like yes, he could feel him breathing but he was just so still.

“Nico….? You there…..?” Will asked unsure as he hesitantly ran his fingers up and down pale skin.

Will’s voice seemed to bring Nico back to some of him senses, because Nico inhaled deeply as his eyes closed.

“How?” The dark haired boy whispered.

But it was soft. Oh so soft. Too soft.

“What…?” Will questioned as he stared down at Nico, still essentially trapping the boy beneath him.

Those wonderfully dark eyes opened and focused on Will, there was a gleam of hurt in them that Will instantly felt guilty about but where there was that gleam there was a shining of curiosity. It seemed to outweigh the hurt.

“How did you find out?” Nico asked. His voice monotonous, and oh how Will hated that tone, especially now that it was being used with him.

“Please don’t do that Nico, don’t shut down on me, I don’t think any differently of you, I mean I kinda do because that information makes you so much more awesome! But please believe me when I say I’ve liked you way before I knew. Hell, you could even say I’m falling for you, because I am, I really am Nico. Because I can definitely see myself loving you. So please….just let me explain before you decide you don’t want this. I want this, but I want it without secrets.” Will exclaimed, his eyes desperately searching Nico’s.


Nico could hear as well as see Will’s desperation as he told Nico all this. Yeah, Nico was kinda hurt when he saw the picture and the card, because his mind automatically jumped to the conclusion that Will only liked him because he was Ghost King. But hearing the little mini speech he just gave, the Italian believed him. Which was honestly such a new feeling for him. To believe someone right away, because he tended to be a very suspicious and anxious person. But with Will, he just felt like he could honestly trust him. Wholly and unconditionally.

With a sigh Nico nodded, “Okay.” He replied simply.

And with just that one word, Nico could visibly see Will relax as the tension oozed out of him, but he still remained on top of Nico, not that he was complaining or anything.

“Thank you.” Will whispered to him as he slowly got off of Nico, which Nico certainly did not pout about, but he wasn’t pouting anymore once he felt Will hug him from behind and pull him to his chest so Will was leaning on the trunk of the weeping willow, and with Nico leaning against him.

The dark haired teen felt the blond rest his chin on top of his head and felt as well as heard him sigh.

“I guess……I guess I started to get suspicious after the first couple of episodes I watched. I honestly can’t tell you why, but I did. After the first 10 episodes or so I started to notice little gestures he did that I noticed you did. Because well, I’ve always noticed you. But the more I watched the more suspicious I got. I didn’t want to jump to any conclusions which is why I never questioned you full on. I may have asked round-a-bout questions but you always had a logical reason for everything so I just thought I was reading too much into all of it. Until….”

“Until the photo.”

“Until the photo.” Will agreed before he continued. “ At first it was the message. I was like, ‘how could he have possibly known that?’ But then I thought, ‘Lou must have told him.’ Which quickly brushed off any suspicion until I recognized the handwriting. Thus the card and photo…..so there you have it.”

There he had it indeed, and surprisingly he was okay with it. “I believe you.” Nico muttered as he turned around in Will’s arms a bit awkwardly to look at him. He was biting his lip nervously and twiddling his fingers as he stared back at Nico. “And….I still want this…..I still want y-you.” The Italian mumbled as a blush steadily spread across his cheeks.

The smile Will gave him was the most beautiful thing Nico had ever seen. It made his legs feel like jello, which thank god he wasn’t standing on them, and it made his heart stutter. Will cupped his face and slowly brought him in for a gentle kiss, it was more of a peck really, like a whisper of a promise of more to come. Nico couldn’t help the soft smile that graced his lips.

“But one more thing.” Nico muttered against those warm lips merely a breath away.

“What’s that?” Will whispered as he pressed another kiss to Nico’s eager lips.

“Please…..please keep this a secret. I know that might be selfish and unfair of me to ask of you. But Will, I-I-I really want this to remain a secret.” Nico pleaded as he pulled back.


Those dark eyes were filled with worry and fear, things that did not suite those wonderful eyes at all.

Those eyes that scanned his face for a reaction, one they seemed to believe would be bad. But all Will did was sigh and run a hand through Nico’s surprisingly soft locks. He knew it would be taxing to keep such a secret but it would also mean so much to Nico if he did, and really there was no competition on what to choose.

“Of course I will. I want you to be comfortable Neeks, I don’t want you to worry about anything. Okay?”

“Okay….” was his whispered reply before he felt Nico rest his head on Will’s chest and curl up into a little ball in his lap. Will happily wrapped his arms around the smaller boy and just basked in his natural coolness that was steadily getting warmer. He could certainly get used to this.

They stayed like that, enjoying each other’s company, not saying a word but content to do so until the bell rang, and maybe even a little after that. Yes, Will was a little late to his next class but as far as he was concered. It was totally worth it.


Today is the 11th anniversary of the release of Everything In Transit, and it is also the 11th anniversary of Andrew’s life-saving transplant. Above are pictures from some of the shows I’ve been to over the past few years, all within the last 11. It occurs to me regularly how lucky I was to have discovered his music at the time that I most needed it, and how lucky Andrew was (and is) to still be around to provide me with it.

Please consider donating and contributing to the Dear Jack Foundation’s 100k challenge, going on now through November. Many groups have put together giveaways and auctions in Andrew’s honor and have worked extremely hard to organize benefits which have raised hundreds of dollars already. I am continuously proud of my fellow fans and their efforts to help this genuine and inspiring cause.

Happy 11 years cancer free and 11th re-birthday, Andrew. Thank you for your words that continue to inspire me each day; thank you for your melodies, of which I will never tire; thank you for your positivity, an influence to many. I’m sure I will see you again soon, but in the meantime, please never stop making beautiful music, or reminding me to swim.

you guys need to focus on MORE important things like this thursday’s jury segment. i, for one, am wondering how excited da’vonne, bridgette, and zakiyah will be seeing paulie walk into the jury house??? how much will they roast him??? will he admit defeat or be as delusional as ever?????? these are the important questions we need to ponder & look forward to getting answers for