Holder frustrated with MO governor over actions before Ferguson grand jury decision

A top aide to Holder called the office of Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon (D) earlier this week to express Holder’s displeasure and “frustration” that the governor had declared a state of emergency at a news conference and activated the National Guard in advance of the grand jury decision in the Ferguson shooting, expected to be announced in the next few days, according to a Justice Department official.

“Instead of de-escalating the situation, the governor escalated it,” said the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak on the subject. “He sent the wrong message. The tone of the press conference was counterproductive.”

CARYL - They All Know

TPTB have tried to keep the nature of the CARYL relationship as somewhat ambiguous in terms of traditionally labeling what they are to one another but have been pretty consistent with establishing a pattern of subtle canon ‘signs’ or references that connect Carol and Daryl as their own semi-independent ‘entity’. 

The group of survivors have become each other’s surrogate family, both out of necessity and build up of trust BUT divisions within the dynamic are still provident and unquestionable. There are mini families within the big family unit that sometimes have to take precedence because of the inter-dynamic based on deeper bonds and elevated 'family allegiance’. 

Carol and Daryl established their emotional connection in Season 2 without specifically giving it a title but there is no denying that they were naturally gravitating towards each other and in a way becoming a duo even a casual viewer would notice. 

Really - the ambiguity and tension was there from the very beginning.

The writers explored the “thing” between them by creating scenes that either pushed the relationship forward or reminded the audience that the interactions shared were indeed “deeper” than anything they were building with the others. 

As Carol and Daryl navigated the boundaries of their connection, TPTB worked out exchanges that could pass as ambiguous but always in a way that validated their connection as 'extra special’ and deeper on a whole new level. The subtle trail of canon acknowledgment, starting in Season 2, illustrated that Carol and Daryl in a way claimed one another as their personal responsibility and the writers pushed that notion through both others in the group and their own actions. 

That is not a recent development either and let’s just say that the CARYL 'secret’ was something many of them noticed and acknowledged with quiet understanding and assumed conviction. 

In other words the Carol and Daryl duality was a natural conclusion by their new family spectators and one they weren’t shy to use, especially it was needed. 

If one needed information on Daryl, Carol was the person they went to and if Daryl needed influencing or coaxing, Carol was the most likely name thrown at him when decisions were being made. 

CARYL is very much a real THING and we have canon evidence that clearly supports that the person closest to Daryl is Carol and vice versa.

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Leaders and Followers

Imagine: The group is taking a day to decide on Randall’s fate, but you’re on Dale’s side. You think everyone’s being too hasty. You’re disappointed in your husband, Daryl, too, but for different reasons.

Follows season 2 episode 11, “Judge, Jury, and Executioner” because I absolutely LOVE that one. This is a long one because I’ve been working on it for a while.

Leaders and Followers

You were filling up two water bottles from the hose attached to the side of the farmhouse and worrying your bottom lip with your teeth as you did. This Randall kid was bad news for the group. He’d nearly cost Shane and Rick their lives, Rick’s twice now, and there was no way you could just keep him tied up in the toolshed for the rest of his life. You frowned and turned off the hose, screwing the caps onto the water bottles and shaking the water from your hands. “We’ll figure it out.” You remind yourself again.

You walk back around to the campsite where you had left Daryl not ten minutes ago in order to make him the bottles. See, he loved to do this thing called ‘scaring you to death by not drinking any water all day and nearly passing out from dehydration’. So, if he was going to spend all day hunting, then you wanted to make sure he had water with him. “Where’s Daryl?” You ask when you reach the fire pit and see that he’s gone missing.

Rick and Shane exchange glances, and Dale seems upset as he says, “Toolshed.”

You frown. “Why?”

“Ask them.” Dale points at the leaders of the group.

“Y/N,” Rick starts.

“I’m just going to go get him.” You say, a little cross. You liked Rick, and you thought he was an honest man, but you didn’t like the way he treated Daryl and you sometimes. You especially didn’t like the way Shane treated you both at all.

You set the water bottles down next to your backpack before making the short trek over the grass and to the tool shed. When you got closer, you heard exactly what you hoped you wouldn’t—Randall was crying and begging for Daryl to stop whatever he was doing, and there was the muffled sound of fists landing punches. You picked up your pace.

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The Group Knows It, CARYL Fans Know It BUT Did Carol & Daryl Know It…

Keeping important secrets AND trying to keep things under-wraps can be difficult at the best of times BUT hiding something among a group that practically lives on top of one another and has no other entertainment other than “people watching”, can be deemed near impossible.

If you want to maximize your chances of survival, the principle of “safety in numbers” is something you’ll want to embrace wholeheartedly.

Unfortunately if you are a macho-man “I ain’t afraid of nothin’” Daryl Dixon navigating the LOVE waters for the first time and trying to figure out a “mine-field of feelings”, the lack of privacy and “alone time” can make things even more awkward.

Despite the fact that Carol and Daryl’s dynamic is based on a deep emotional connection and unconditional acceptance, admitting that there might be “something more” between them, however subtle and slow-building, would be very difficult and fraught with ingrained insecurities.

True love is an uncharted territory for them both and having their bond play out in front of an audience, in a dangerous and uncertain world, made the process even more cumbersome.
They might have been hesitant in pushing the boundaries of their relationship and weren’t sure exactly what this thing between them really was BUT they certainly weren’t fooling anyone else who happened to be paying attention.

The CARYL phenomenon was catching on among the group and TWD writers too! I am not saying they are all shipping CARYL (YET) BUT I am saying that they were all aware something was “brewing” there AND had scenes that declared Daryl and Carol were each other’s “person”.
This time around I come bearing direct show evidence to tantalize your feels and maybe even reignite some of that famous CARYL hopefulness!

Season 2 Episode 11: “Judge, Jury, Executioner”
*Dale Horvarth was one of the first to recognize CARYL and try to use its magic power on Daryl Dixon himself!

Dale: “Your opinion makes a difference.”
Daryl: “Man, ain’t nobody lookin’ at me for nothin’.”
Dale: “Carol is!”

Season 3 Episode 5: “Say the Word”
*Deleted scene between Daryl Dixon and Maggie Greene on the way to get supplies for Baby Judith. Maggie offers condolences to Daryl who believes Carol (HIS person) died in the prison tombs along with T-Dog.

He gets very emotional and the reason this wasn’t released is because i am sure the CARYL feels were too intense for TV….

Daryl: “Was she bit?” (about Lori)
Maggie: “No, but i had to cut her open”
———— (feels galore) ———-
Maggie: “Oh My God! I am so sorry about CAROL”
———— (feels galore + Dixon tears) ———
Daryl: “She had so much hope for the baby!” (voice cracks)

Season 3, Episode 9: “The Suicide King”

*Glenn Rhee following Dale’s way and tries to use the CARYL magic powers to persuade Daryl from leaving with Merle!

Glenn: “You serious? You’re just gonna leave like that…?”
Daryl: “You’d do the same thing.”
Glenn: “And what do you want us to tell Carol?”

Season 3, Episode 9: “The Suicide King”
*Rick Grimes dreading to tell Carol that HER Daryl had left the group to follow Merle.
It’s clear that he knew that this news would be very hard for her take - the CARYL intensity is devastating to see on her face! Carol’s “person” was gone!

Carol: “Where’s Daryl?”
Rick: “It’s alright. He’s alive. He ran into his brother. They went off.”
Carol: “They left? Daryl left? H-he..he’s gone? Is he coming back?”
Rick: “Hey,”
Carol: “Gone?!?”

Season 3, Episode 9: “The Suicide King”
*Beth Greene deliberately seeks out Carol to talk to her about Daryl’s departure with Merle. Just as Daryl said that she would “understand” Beth also assumes that out of anyone Carol is the closest one to HIM and is the only one able to explain HIS decision. The CARYL feels on both their faces hit you hard as Carol with a cracking voice defends Daryl’s reasoning.

Beth: “I am pissed at him for leaving…Merle sounds like a jerk!”
Carol: “…Men like Merle get under your skin, make you feel like you deserve the abuse…”

Season 4, Episode 4: “Indifference”
Lizzie asks Carol about Daryl because she knows they are “close” - that’s HIS person!
Since she spent a lot of time with Carol she’s seen them “together” and because of that assumes that any Daryl info would come to her first!

Carol: “I wanted to see you because I’m going on a run with Rick.”
Lizzie: “Do you think Daryl’s dead?”
Carol: “No. He had to go far away to get the medicines, so it’s gonna take a while.”

Season 4, Episode 5: “Internment”
*Daryl back from a run asks Hershel where Carol is but is redirected to see Rick about her. Seeing Daryl’s worry Hershel assures him that she is ok but that he needs to speak to Rick for any more information. The mere suggestion that something might be wrong with Carol causes his body language to shift into a guarded-aggressive stance. Le sigh…

Daryl: “You’re a tough son of a bitch.”
Hershel: “I am.”
Daryl: “How about Carol? She up in A block with Lizzy?”
Hershel: “Talk to Rick about her….”
———- (Daryl is upset) ————-
Hershel: “She’s okay, just talk to him.”
———- (Daryl stomps off looking for Rick) ————-

Season 4, Episode 8: “Too Far Gone”
*Rick knew that Carol and Daryl are a “thing” so he knows he has to tell HIM specifically and separately about HER fate. The conversation confirms that Daryl knows Carol best and that SHE is HIS person - what happened with HER and HER girls is most relevant to HIM!

Daryl: “Man, you couldn’t have waited till we got back?”
Rick: “Until Tyreese got back?”
Daryl: “I could’ve handled that.”
Rick: “Hey - Hey! She killed two of our own. She couldn’t be here. She’s gonna be all right. She has a car, supplies, weapons. She’s a survivor”
Daryl: “Stop saying that like you don’t believe it.”
Rick: “She did it. She said it was for us. That’s how it was in her head. She wasn’t sorry.”
Daryl: “Man, that’s her, but that ain’t her.” (Emotional pause)
Daryl: “What are we supposed to do about those two girls?”

I am not saying all of them shipped CARYL (Yet) BUT these scene indicate that what Daryl and Carol had might have been the biggest open secret in that group.

CARYL exists to them on one level or another but the point is that alone - ITS REAL and not just in the minds of extremely awesome Carylers either!

So the next time USS CARYL is labeled as “DELUSIONAL” that would imply that Dale, Maggie, Glenn, Beth, Lizzie, Hershel and Rick are deluding themselves too!

Other than Rick and Lizzie, the others don’t deserve that label!


LOVE and CARYL Sunshine To You All