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Red Like Roses von Ordo

I usually don’t share my Lego stuff here on Tumblr, but I thought today it would be fitting. To celebrate the premiere of Volume 4, I built a little RWBY scene. If you are interested in more of my Lego works, feel free to have a look at my Flickr photo stream.

Does anyone else think they make the bunker kitchen Castiel’s safe space while Lucifer is possessing him in Season 11 because they were afraid of the Sastiel implications of making his safe space Sam’s bedroom? Think about it, Sam’s bedroom makes way more sense than the bunker kitchen. When has Cas ever been in the kitchen? Like once? Sam’s room actually has a TV and Cas spent weeks in there using it as a literal safe space when he was healing from being traumatized and having a spell cast on him. It’s the most obvious place he would go. Except, it’s Sam’s room with Sam’s bed. Did they… no homo Sastiel?