Virtually every day awesome new things are being created using 3D printers, but what object is so awesome that you’d finally consider buying a 3D printer of your own? Could it be dangerous-looking popcicles? Barbie armor? Geometric candy? Or simply the seemingly boundless ability to design and print your own amazing works of art?

No? Well then it may be this ferociously awesome T-Rex Shower Head. Recreate The Lost World or Jurassic Park in the privacy of your shower. (Just make sure you’ve got some of those nonslip shower treads first!)

The design for this fantastically savage shower head is available for free via MakerBot’s Thingiverse. It comes in two difference versions, depending on whether you prefer a wider or narrower shower stream, and will fit on any standard 1/” shower head pipe.

Add a few potted palms and ferns to your bathroom, get some rain forest-scented soap and the next thing you know you’ll either be roaring right back up at your shower head or quoting Jeff Goldblum.

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[via Gizmodo and Nerd Approved]