jurassic raptor


The eyes of many beasts - Viserion the Undead Dragon - Blue the Velociraptor - Rexy the Tyrannosaurus Rex - The Indominus Rex - Drogon the Dragon - The Indoraptor ——- Jurassic World and Game of Thrones


In the wise words of the ever-charismatic Jeff Goldblum- er, I mean, Chaos Doctor Ian Malcolm- Life, uhhhhhh, finds a way. Only for the very cleverest of creatures, this charcoal grey t-shirt features all the nostalgia I’ve been feeling lately about laser lights, space wizards and giant islands full of genetic crimes against nature. So moonwalk your way down to the mall and rent a classic VHS, because this t-shirt is gonna make you radical, dudes! also;

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Clever Girl! Jurassic Park fan art and my favorite scene of the film! This is one of three in-depth voiceover tutorials made for my patrons at patreon.com/tycarter. The last day to sign up is July 31 11:59 PM EST! Thanks for your support!

What’s up you jurassic jerks!! You guys loved the original sketch for this so much more than I ever anticipated, thank you so much!!

I don’t have pictures of the actual stickers at the time of this posting, but they’re up and ready for grabs