Real Talk though: Dennis Nedry was by far the most #Relatable character in the original Jurassic Park film;, in a movie full of gorgeous, athletic genius scientists and adorable genius moppet kids, Nedry was just an overweight nerd who was underpaid, constantly in debt, terrible at both lying and driving, and absolutely shit at making plans

I mean yeah he released a whole bunch of man-eating dinosaurs to rampage around and potentially kill people, but frankly there have been times at work when I’ve been sorely tempted to do that as well


Amazing artwork by Dmitry Grozov, aka Ahriman who takes scenes from films and turns them into anime from the 80’s and 90’s. Here is his Instagram and Artstation page if you want to see more.                                               

anonymous asked:

Given the high probability for things in Jurassic Park to go 100% haywire, would you still take a job there in order to treat a stegosaurus?

I would most definitely take a job at Jurassic Park, IF I got to make recommendations that would be actually listened to and wouldn’t be fired for swearing. The job of a veterinarian should not be to do what you are told by your employer, it should be to solve problems and advocate for the welfare of the animals in your care.

  • Misuse of the clicker in clicker training will result in the device being inserted somewhere uncomfortable.
  • We are not feeding Jurassic carnivores meat from mammals which they are likely ill-suited to digest and metabolize. We know aquarium fish, which are not adapted to eating mammals, develop cardiac and fat distribution problems if their protein is supplemented with beef so let’s aim for a slightly more ‘natural’ diet of bird and reptile proteins (crocodile, anyone?)
  • Like, seriously, let’s not train a prehistoric reptile, brought back to the modern world with no parents to teach it about food, to see mammals as a source of food. It shouldn’t have any innate instincts to do so, so lets leave well enough alone.
  • In fact, let’s not give them live prey at all. I think not training the dinosaurs to hunt is probably a good idea.
  • Lets get somebody who knows what they’re doing to design enclosures so we can see the animals, and give them enough space to not go stir crazy.
  • While we’re at it, the enclosures for larger animals can have more safety features - bolt holes for humans that the biggest critters can’t fit through,  honestly we even have these in livestock handling facilities, it’s not that hard!
  • We are not going to introduce DNA from modern species which are potentially parthenogenic
  • So, so much quarantine.
  • Some modern reptiles would need to be kept in order to seed the local environment with suitable microflora and microfauna for the dinosaurs to pick up. You might have cloned a dinosaur, but I’d bet dollars for donuts you didn’t clone it’s intestinal flora!
  • Quarantine again. Nothing is getting off the island, and ideally nothing from visitors is contacting anything in the exhibit.
  • Ian Malcom has to walk around being opinionated about everything, and suitably paranoid.
  • The roof of every building gets an evacuation point for a helicopter.
  • The stegosaurs get extra treats.