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Jurassic World is a war between three queens.

I’m not even exaggerating here (spoilers ahead).

First, we all know who truly rules the island: the Tyrant, Tyrannosaurus Rex. She eats her subjects, yes, but she also protects the island and its inhabitants. Her very presence probably kept the island off-limits to people between parks, and she was the one keeping the ecosystem in something resembling balance. Well, her and the dilophosaurs, and maybe the baby raptors, but mostly her. She rules them all, and if you watch, you will even notice that one dinosaur literally bows to her. I’m not even joking, watch the knees and the head, she bows. And this is our queen: Tyrannosaurus Rex.

But the events of the movie herald the rise of the Usurper:  Indominus Rex. She claims the title, she was bred by artificial means to become the island’s new queen. But while Tyrannosaurus ate for food, she still maintained the balance of the island and fought only for survival–Indominus attempted to destroy it, killing everything in her path or unleashing it upon the island to further her own destruction. Those who serve her survive; those who don’t die. This island will belong to her, for she is Indominus Rex.

But then we have the third queen: the Protector. When the Tyrant was sealed away and the Usurper plotted behind her back, she ruled the island, and did a pretty good job. But from her lofty citadel she could not recognize the problems brewing or connect with its people–until the Usurper escaped and drew her out. And it was she who ultimately called upon the Tyrant to reclaim her throne and cast the Usurper into the sea. Unlike the others, though, she did not wear the title “Rex”. Or, as it would be in more gender-appropriate terms, “Regina”–”the queen”. But if you look closely and rearrange the letters (R-E-G-I-N-A), and maybe add one more, you will find that “Regina” can easily become “Dearing”. Because she is the Protector Queen of Isla Nublar: Claire Dearing

So she runs with heels….

As a woman, and one who who doesn’t like heels, I never understood why people are so riled up over this — even calling it unrealistic!

Fact, women actually WEAR heels.  Yeah we wear them even if we don’t like them because it looks good.  Is wanting to look good a gender stereotype?  

As for Claire in Jurassic World, keep in mind that the events happened very quickly.  First she’s off to meet the owner of the park so yeah she is dressed to impress — corporate clothes and heels.  Is that wrong?

When all these things happen, it happens very quickly and I doubt that she has a pair of flats, boots or sneakers lying around as if she was anticipating that she will run for her life in the next few hours.  Some say that she could have gotten some maintenance worker boots…uh-huh…would it fit her foot because an ill fitting boot is probably worse than good fitting heels.    And seriously, who has boots lying conveniently around a corner when there is a dinosaur attack.  Or what woman in her right mind would go to the locker/bunker to change to more comfortable running clothes/shoes when there is a dinosaur attack.

She was stuck with her corporate clothes and heels…so she has to live with it! It’s just as simple as that!  No gender stereotyping fashion or whatnot because its really getting stupid at this point.

And with the adrenaline of not wanting to die coursing through her veins, heck would she even care what she was wearing to begin with?!  You can run with heels and it would be painful but its either you whine bitch and moan about the pain while a dinosaur is chasing you or just suck it up and run.

And for those arguing that she should have gone barefoot.  Newsflash, the terrain is rocky and when you get to the park it was littered with a lot of debris and broken glass that walking barefoot in that would probably do more harm than good.

So yeah…keeping those heels for me makes sense. 

* GIF is not mine…

Jurassic World Thoughts

Current sexuality: Chris Pratt fixing bike
Current sexuality: Chris Pratt respecting dinosaurs
Current sexuality: “I trained with the navy not the Navajo”
Current sexuality: Chris Pratt riding motorcycle
Current sexuality: Chris Pratt kissing his girl because she saved his ass
Current sexuality: Chris “where’s the alpha” “you’re looking at him” Pratt
Current sexuality: Chris Pratt proud of his babies
Current sexuality: Chris “shit my girl just brought a fucking t-Rex in here god damn I’m lucky” Pratt (he didn’t say that but you know he was thinking it)
Current sexuality: Chris Pratt and Blue
Current sexuality: Chris “we should stick together. For survival purposes” Pratt

Nick Robinson as a big brother
Nick Robinson fixing a car
Nick Robinson protecting his brother
Jake Johnson comedic relief
Jimmy Fallon

Shout outs
The man with a margarita in each hand running away: your priorities are spot on

Conclusion: Chris Pratt is my life, Claire is what I hope to aspire to be, and, while I may totally be missing the point, 9/10 would go to Jurassic Park/World.

Bryce Dallas Howard’s High Heels Are Not Sexist. They’re the Best Part of Jurassic World.
For a movie filled with freakish genetic hybrids and raptors wearing night-vision headsets, the most far-out, fantastical element of Jurassic World might just be Bryce Dallas Howard’s heels. Introduced with a foot-focused shot worthy of Tarantino, Howard plays Claire Dearing, the park’s operations manager, an icy, career-oriented businesswoman who seems like she...

why is everyone making a big deal that bryce dallas howard’s character in jurassic world was wearing heels the whole time? like???? her job duties are mostly done inside so there’s no reason why she can’t wear em, she has a high ranking title at a huge park wouldn’t you dress nice? and i’m pretty sure if i were being chased by a gigantic dinosaur about to get eaten i would sure as hell find a way to run in heels. honestly, the fact that she managed to run, not trip, or die the entire time AND STILL HAVE HEELS ON is pretty badass. i think we know who the real hero of the movie is.