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Jurassic Bios: Robert Muldoon

Name: Robert Muldoon

Occupation/Profession: Game Warden

Literary Appearances: Jurassic Park (1990), and comic books Raptors Attack (Issue II) and Return to Jurasssic Park

Film Appearances: Jurassic Park (1993)

Portrayed by: Bob Peck

Game Warden. Hunter. Cautious. Respectful. Badass.

These are all words that describe everyone’s favorite velociraptor victim–a man of too little screen time but plenty of quotable lines. This week’s Jurassic Character Bio is about my favorite Jurassic Park character of all time: Robert Muldoon.

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anonymous asked:

wait, is the rex in jurassic world, the original rex from jurassic park...? i just read it somewhere that it was but i wanted clarification. if so, that's awesome! gotta love her 8)

yep! that’s the gal from the first movie, she has the scars on her neck from the raptor attack at the end of Jurassic Park, and if you read her profile on the website they say that it’s the same one!