jurassic night lights

williamfinn  asked:

1, jason frm falsettos (bc i think smart kids have awesome rooms tbh)

What does their bedroom look like?

his room theme has changed so often because he gets really fixated on different things. when he was younger it was a fully decked out, dinosaur themed bedroom. it ranged from cute jurassic night lights to a mini replica triceratops.

he absolutely has a space themed bedroom during falsettos though (have you seen that space t-shirt?)! he manages to convince his mother to let him have dark blue walls despite trina’s complaints that it will shrink the room. he has nasa leaflets and a star map on one wall–it almost looks like a conspiracy wall.

he saves up so much pocket money to buy his own telescope (because his birthday is a whole 2 months away and you can’t expect him to wait!!). he also constructed his own solar system mobile with the help of charlotte, who is surprisingly artsy.

the remainder of his walls and ceiling are plastered in glow in the dark stars and planets. his shelves are scattered with random astronomy and fantasy books, well read as they’re dog-eared and wrinkled. he also has collections of random trinkets from over the years, most notable is a chess piece keyring he received from whizzer (it’s a knight, whizzer has (had?) a matching king one).

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