Peter Pan x Jurassic World

‘Monster’ is a relative term. To a canary, a cat is a monster- we’re just used to being the cat.

How you first meet |Nick Robinson

characters: Nick Robinson x reader 

writer: Nicole 

prompt: you meet on the set of Jurassic world 

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This is your life long dream, to become an actress. You finally landed a job in a movie that could possibly become a big hit. But of course considering this is the first ever gig you landed, you’re only an extra. A amusement park GOer that gets mauled by some dinosaurs.

You bounce excitedly through the set, which looks surreal by the way. You spot one of the main characters, Chris Pratt.

‘Stay calm kid. Be professional.’ You think to yourself.

Then you see him walk over to you, out of all the odds.

“ Hey do you know where’s the nearest restroom?” He asks you causally holding his script.

“ buuuh uhhhhh “ you randomly say, hands shaking a little.


“It’s over there chris” Nick Robinson says, standing next to you, pointing in a direction.


You awkwardly clear your throat and tried to walk in the opposite direction, Until he stops you.

“ Hi, my name is Nick” he smiles, sticking his hand out for you to shake.

‘Be chill ok y/n? chiiiiilllLLLLLLLLLLL’

“ I know who you are “ you quickly frown after saying that, realizing that it sorta sounded rude and stalkerish.

“I’m sorry that came out wrong, I mean like I know you because you’re sorta famous, OH! Gosh no you are famous I hope that didn’t come out wrong too… you have a great career” you said pursing your lips together, nervousness numbs your legs.

“ yep. Totally chill. You basically insulted his career. Niiiice.’ Mentally slapping yourself.

He cutely laughs, making you less tense.

“ that’s okay, what’s your name?” he asks you, giving you a grin.

“y/n” smiling back at him.

“ well y/n, I have yet to explore this vast set. Would you like to join me?” he gestures you to follow, taking a slight step forward.

Considering that they don’t start filming anytime soon, you obliged. Also because he’s hot.

“ So tell me about yourself” he looks down at you, you didn’t notice the height difference until now.

‘mmmmmmmmmm so tall. So beautiful’

“ uhmmm well, it’s been my life long dream to become an actress. Yes I know it’s cheesy, but I’m getting there right?” you chuckle to yourself, it’s been a long journey.

You don’t notice this considering you’re consumed in your thoughts. As you think about your life, he looks down at you smiling. He notices how cute and excited you are to be here, which is the reason why he went over to you and Chris in the first place. He notices how you bit your lip when you get nervous, also when you get worried you scrunch up your nose a little.

she’s perfect’ He thinks to himself, still staring at you.

Mary Anning: English Paleontologist 1799-1847.

Mary Anning was born to a poor family that was shunned due to religious discrimination. To make some extra money the family began collecting fossils by the sea and selling them. Mary took over the family business after her father died and made many important fossil finds in the county of Dorset, but as a woman was kept out of the Geographical Society of London and often did not receive credit for her finds.

My favorite part of researching for this illustration was finding that local parlance referred to vertebrae as “verteberries”


Vision has revolutionized the way animals explore their environment and interact with each other and rapidly became a major driving force in animal evolution. However, direct evidence of how ancient animals could perceive their environment is extremely difficult to obtain because internal eye structures are almost never fossilized.  

Today, paleontologists reconstruct with unprecedented resolution the three-dimensional structure of the huge compound eye of a 160-million-year-old thylacocephalan arthropod from the La Voulte exceptional fossil biota in South East France. The study was published 19 January in Nature Communications.

This arthropod called Dollocaris ingens had about 18,000 lenses on each eye, which is a record among extinct and extant arthropods and is surpassed only by modern dragonflies. Combined information about its eyes, internal organs and gut contents obtained by X-ray microtomography lead to the conclusion that this thylacocephalan arthropod was a visual hunter probably adapted to illuminated environments, thus contradicting the hypothesis that La Voulte was a deep-water environment.

- Eye structure of Dollocaris ingens.

As a group, the Thylacocephala survived to the Upper Cretaceous. Beyond this, there remains much uncertainty concerning fundamental aspects of the thylacocephalan anatomy, mode of life, and relationship to the Crustacea, with whom they have always been cautiously aligned.


“Who’s the alpha?” Gray asked the attractive man who was currently showing them the dangerous reptiles that could probably rip you two shreds in moments. You found Owen glancing at you with a grin.

“You’re looking at him kid,” Owen winked towards you and you couldn’t help but smile shyly. However you were interrupted by an annoyed sigh from your boyfriend who was very clearly jealous, “What kiddo? Not enjoying the show?”

“Just ignore him,” You chuckled, smirking at your boyfriend playfully, “He’s just jealous.

Girl Like Her *Zach Mitchell*

Words: 696

Trigger Warnings: Mentions of death

Summary: You’re Owen’s little sister and you save Zach and Gray during the Pteranodon attack and he quickly falls for you


“Claire! Do you see them?!” you yelled at the ginger woman as she stood and glanced around the crowd desperately for her nephews.

Letting out an annoyed sigh at her fruitless efforts, you hiked your sniper rifle up against your shoulder before turning to Owen, your older brother, and saying, “I’m gonna go look for them, keep Claire safe.”

Still shooting, Owen merely nodded and said, “Be careful,” before you were off.

Left and right, people were being swept off their feet and lifted into the air. Children and adults alike were screaming in terror as the flying dinosaurs swooped down and grabbed them.

Blowing a piece of hair out of your face, you were quick to shoot a couple of Pteranodons out of the sky when you saw a particularly big one chasing after two boys, one taller and older in stature and the other much younger. You swiftly shot the dinosaur, watching as it slid and came to a stop centimeters away from the pair.

The both of them looked for the person that saved them until their eyes rested on you. You were holding your gun with windswept hair and a grimace on your face as you made eye contact with the older boy, Zach, according to Claire’s horrible description of her nephews from earlier. Running up to the both of them and dodging dinosaurs while you did so, you ducked next to the older one.

“Are you Zach and Gray?” you asked in a rush.

They merely nodded, stunned, but that was all you needed. Without hesitation, you ordered them to follow right behind you as you led them through the crowd and shot at the sky, hitting as many dinos as you could.

You could just barely hear the little boy, Gray, whisper to his older brother behind you, “Why haven’t you gone after awesome girls like her before?”

Sparing a glance behind you, you felt your cheeks burn as you saw the flustered, starstruck expression on Zach’s face as he looked at you, responding to his little brother in a breathless whisper, “I have no idea.”

Finally, you managed to spot Owen and Claire in the crowd.

“Guys!” you shouted, catching the attention of the both of them.

You waved your hands in the air in greeting when Owen’s smile immediately dropped, his eyes on something behind the three of you. Turning around, you barely had enough time to duck and drag the two boys with you before Owen shot at the four dinos that were hot on your trail.

Breathing out a sigh of relief, you turned back to Owen and made to give him a thumbs up when you felt all the blood drain from your face. Forgetting about the boys behind you, you ran toward Owen, who was fighting off a Pteranodon on the ground. You couldn’t get a clear shot from where you were, and was thankful that Claire manged to shoot him, but that thanks was short lived when you spotted a dinosaur heading straight for her head. Without skipping a beat, you rolled under two Pteranodons before shooting the one flying towards Claire, watching it land with a thud right at her feet.

The five of you met up after that under the shelter of a roof, and you couldn’t help the smile that sprung onto your face as the three relatives reunited.

“Boys, this is Owen and his little sister, (Y/N),” Claire explained to the boys.

Zach’s face immediately grew red at the mention of your name, and you couldn’t help but admire his looks as he stared at you.

“Can we stay with you?” Gray asked sheepishly.

“I will never leave you ever again. I promise,” Claire said with teary eyes.

“I meant them,” Gray clarified.

“Definitely them,” Zach said, backing up his little brother.

At his words, you couldn’t help the blush that spread across your cheeks, unable to look him in the eye.

Taking one look at your face, Owen looked between you and Zach before a smirk appeared on his lips. Walking next to Zach, he mock whispered loud enough for everyone to hear, “Keep it in your pants bub.”