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Nick Robinson…. I need this boy in my life.
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Yesterday we were visiting my father cause his birthday was this week.
At one point he started talking about the new Jurassic Park movie and how it reminded him of the first one we all watched because of me - and… I was the happiest shit ever.

Almost twenty years ago I won free tickets for cinema. I decided to watch Jurassic Park with my family, cause I always wanted to have a huge cinema visit with them and it was always this “It is too exspensive for all of us” before. and with me winning those tickets there was no excuse and I got my family visit.
It was the time of THX being brandnew and our cinemaxx in Hamburg had this awesome lasershow, was the largest with 1001 seats, with the newest sound system and back then it was all superimpressive and I was so happy that day, cause we all had fun and did sth. together and we all enjoyed the movie…

And yesterday it came up again and my father talked aobut how he was so impressed with the surrounding sound (actually thought someone was taling behind him and was close to ranting towards them X’D) and I realized that this is probably one of the families ‘once in a lifetime awesome memories’ I was able to create at the age of 16 and it brings me tears of joy that we were able to do this and that every time anyone of them watch any Jurassic Park movie or hear the music or see dinosaurs like that, they will think of that day and our great time and that way we will never forget each other no matter where we are… T//3//T