Never Mind the Buzzcocks, S27e3

If you’re looking for some quality Noel to watch or you’ve never seen Buzzcocks and want to see Noel being a brilliant, beautiful mischief maker (with ample help from Phil Jupitus and Tony Law), this is a great episode. His hair is a lovely continuity error in this as well (check out his ever-changing fringe, which he keeps messing with, off camera). I also enjoy thinking about him and Phil chatting about wardrobe choices in advance so they can be well-coordinated cuties.

This show should have gone on forever, though I also think that about Boosh. In any case, Noel really was extra specially adorable in this episode and just wouldn’t shut up, which is a really good thing.


Simon Le Bon on Never Mind The Buzzcocks


Never Mind The Buzzcocks S27E01


Buzzcocks 27.4

Noel watching Miley Cyrus video
Iggy Azalea interfering with a much shorter Noel (about 13 min in)
Phil Jupitus having a laugh at their expense
Noel wearing his The Last Poets jumper

I’ve never seen Noel seem more heterosexual than here. Also, I wish it were Miley doing it to Noel, cause I would have that looped and play it endlessly.


Stephen Fry looks into the quite interesting world of K-Folk with Katherine Ryan, Josh Widdicombe, Phill Jupitus, and Alan Davies.