jupiter thunder crash

🌙 Sailor Moon Magic 🌙

a quick list of my sailor moon spells and potions for you pop culture witches

🌙 Sailor Moon Glamour -  a glamour to feel confident and beautiful

🌙 Moon Tiara Magic -  spell to protect against people ragging on you

🌙 Venus Transformation - sailor moon spell to feel beautiful and powerful

🌙 Shine Aqua Illusion - a glamour to blend in, or make less noticeable

🌙 Venus Love Chain Encircle -  for binding unwanted lovers

🌙 Mars Celestial Fire Surround -  a fire-based protection spell

🌙 Jupiter Thunder Crash -  spell to banish toxic and dangerous people

🌙 Dark Dome Close Sailor Pluto Spell - to shut bothersome things down

⚡ ♃ Jupiter Thunder Crash ♃ ⚡

a sailor moon inspired spell to banish toxic and dangerous people

 gather: sea salt, storm water, a bay leaf and flint

  combine the sea salt in the storm water until it dissolves

 soak the bay leaf in the water, then wrap it around the flint

 place the object near the doorway of your home, or bury it by the front doorstep. 

⚡  chant: “ On behalf of Jupiter, I call upon the forces of thunder and lightning to banish this mophead! Jupiter Thunder Crash !