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When it comes to Jupiter and luck, it’s not the kind of luck where you sit on your ass and do nothing and expect something. It’s the luck you gain when you decide to be optimistic. It’s the luck you gain you decide to look at the world positively. That’s what Jupiter is all about. When you are open and optimistic, you’re able to accept all the rewards you can get, instead of restricting yourself. The good luck you get from Jupiter isn’t from chance.

That’s why Saturn is usually known as a planet of bad luck. When you’re too restricted and pessimistic, you’re not open to receive opportunities and rewards. When you don’t have faith in the world, the world will ultimately do the same. After all, the 7th House, our one-on-one interactions, is a reflection… What you give is what you get.

That’s why people say that it’s always important to have a positive attitude.

this website works in such weird ways like sometimes i’ll upload a video or a well-thought-out text post or something else i worked hard on and it’ll get like 2 notes max

and then i make a 10 second post like “i like pianos” or “birds are good” and it gets almost 100 notes within a day??? 

placement stuff
  • Having a Moon-Neptune aspect makes you prone to being gullible.
  • People with Jupiter in the 5th House tend to have a lot of kids, if they’re planning to have any.
  • Mars in the 1st are quick to anger, given that the planet that rules Aries is in the house that Aries rules.
  • The house placement of your Lilith will tell you where you feel mostly unaccepted. For example, having your Lilith in the 11th House means that you constantly feel rejected by your friends and community.
  • Let’s get rid of the stereotype that Cancers are emotional crybabies because they can hold in their emotions better than the rest of us, even though that’s not really a good thing either.
  • The 7th House and the 12th House are shadow houses. They hide the expressions of planets.
  • Having Venus in the 12th House can make you make hurtful sacrifices to ungrateful lovers in relationships.
  • Having your Moon in the 6th House means your emotions are tied to your work. Shitty emotions, shitty work, and vice versa.
  • Strong conjunctions to your North Node signal a strong connection that could help your current lifetime while strong conjunctions to your South signals signals a soulmate and a sense of familiarity.
  • Strong aspects to any planet can change its expression just like house placements.
  • Saturn in the 7th House tend to marry late, or after their Saturn Return.
Which people see which signs
  • Rising: everyone; it's how you approach the world
  • Sun: everyone; it's who you are, your identity
  • Moon: anyone; when you're overcome with emotion like sadness or stress, your moon sign will show
  • Venus: romantic partners; it's how you love, how you are in relationships.
  • Mars: enemies, sexual partners; it's what you're like in bed, and how you deal with anger and people you don't like.
  • Midheaven: bosses, teachers, society in general; it's your public face, your reputation.
  • Jupiter and Saturn: people a little older or younger than you; these planets stay in each sign longer than the personal planets, and they explain differences between different classes in school.
  • Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto: people much older or younger than you; these planets take many years to change signs, and they describe your generation as a whole.
Planets in the 12th House:

·         Have prenatal origins. As the house behind the AC, the 12th House represents life before birth. Planets contained here are karmically brought over from your previous lifetime and/or inherited from your mother while in the womb.

·         Sit in the subconscious mind. We are not consciously aware that these planets exist within our personality because they cannot be consciously accessed. They live below the surface, residing in the dark waters of our emotional mind. However, even if we are not aware of them, they still influence us because…

·         They are seen in other areas of life. Evidence of 12th House planets are seen in other things which grow out of our subconscious: dreams, imagination, beliefs, and instinctual drives. This house is also associated with things real to us but that are not objectively real: fantasy, art, secular practices, occultism, psychic powers, the perceived effects of drugs and alcohol, and all things religious and spiritual.

·         Are connected to the greater whole. The dawn of the 12th House is where your Personal subconscious meets the Collective subconscious. Just as you and your mother were once seamlessly connected in the time before your birth, all life is connected together on a cultural, spiritual, and/or emotional level. All planets in the 12th House are psychically connected to everything else. Going down into the darkness of your emotional mind, you eventually emerge to discover how you are intertwined with all of creation, and vise versa.

·         Are introverted. Being connected and exposed to everything (especially pain and other people’s negative emotions) all of the time can be exhausting. A perfectly natural response is to cut yourself off and withdraw into solitude to regain some inner peace. The desire for seclusion, but the loneliness and lack of fulfillment that comes with it, is why the 12th House is often compared to a prison or asylum – you are at once alone in your cell and connected within a larger system to other souls around you.

·         Lead to your self-undoing. Everyone with planets in the 12th are suffer in at least some way. Because these planets are ignored, denied existence, repressed, or unaccepted within ourselves, they remain immature, undeveloped, and largely negative. However, they still influence you from unseen depths and can unravel your life from the inside out. Escapism, addiction, and delusional thinking are the biggest problems to look out for. Emotional problems dealing with trauma and repression are issues as well..

·         Need to be sacrificed. These planets, though they may be parts of you, do not belong to you. They must be made sacred and then given away for the greater good of the entire world in an act of selfless sacrifice. Your enormous empathy and compassion is a testament to how these planets want to merge, dissolve, and unite with everything around them. Even if you want to disconnect and withdraw, you still have to eventually become saviour (or martyr).

·         Are the key to greatness. The 10th House may rule over your reputation, the 11th House may show what your social standing is, but your 12th House shows what you symbolically represent to the world. It is how you, personally, are iconic. And these planets are what parts of you lives on within the Collective mind. What exactly you become a symbol for reflects your personal journey into emotional and spiritual enlightenment, and how you progress in this lifetime.

Evil Overlord Acting

“We did the scene and Lana instantly started throwing this really bold directorial. ‘Play it like an accountant’ was one of them. I was like, I have no idea what to do with that but it’s the most genius direction I’ve ever had! It threw me in all kinds of different directions and I left having no idea what I had just done. All I knew was that I didn’t just do boring Redmayne acting.”

Eddie Redmayne speaking to GQ Style

I don’t need to say that Eddie Redmayne has received some rather vicious criticism for his performance in Jupiter Ascending. Most people simply appear to be baffled by it, unsure whether to be amused or horrified by its supreme hamminess. Meanwhile, The Mary Sue suggested that Redmayne deliberately gave a bad performance because he realised how terrible Jupiter Ascending was.

Now, what a lot of people - and especially the author of The Mary Sue article - fail to understand is that a performance doesn’t belong to the actor alone - an actor’s performance is, generally speaking, heavily influenced by directorial input and pretty much pieced together in the editing room. Every interview given about Jupiter Ascending by Redmayne and the Wachowskis makes it very clear that the performances grew out of a collaborative process - the actors were encouraged to go wild (thus “play it like an accountant!”), and the Wachowskis presumably let them know when they hit upon the kind of wild they favoured.

To move on to the performance itself, I’ve got to say I think people find it ridiculous/laughable because they make absolutely no attempt to understand it. Critics have literally been incapable of seeing past the histrionics and the extreme voice modulations, and consequently find the performance itself incredibly arbitrary and bizarre. Now, it is a gloriously unhinged performance, yes, but that’s the whole point of it - Redmayne is playing an insane, 50,000-year-old man who has remained functional purely on account of the magic of space capitalism. Naturally, he gives a bold performance - the role demanded it and the Wachowskis wanted it, so Redmayne gave in to the madness and went with it.

Perhaps the most regrettable thing about this is that the incessant focus on the LOL-worthiness of the performance has meant that people have ignored the subtleties of it. Redmayne was 100% invested in the role, and gets deep enough into the part to be genuinely eerie. As much as I find Balem’s deranged smile (see header gif) perfect for wheeling out on Mother’s Day for the cringe-factor, it’s a deeply impressive piece of performance - you can literally see insanity and twisted recognition glittering in his eyes, and his smile says enough for us to have collectively analysed its every nuance and implication.  

Miraculously, one of the most intelligent descriptions of the performance I’ve ever read comes from a Reddit thread. It reads thusly:

“He played the role perfectly. And I mean perfectly. He was disgusting and despicable. His character had serious mommy issues and it showed not only in his interaction with Mila but in his character’s general character. He was a spoiled brat who murdered his own mother and was forced to look those feelings of guilt, sacrifice, loathing, familial love, desperation and self hate in the face and do it all over again. It was fucking magnificent.”

In short, there’s a genuinely impressive and fascinating performance there if you can look beyond the volume of Redmayne’s voice. Anyone who suggests that Redmayne gave a ‘bad’ performance in Jupiter Ascending can go to hell - it’s a mad performance, but it goes to the bone and is ludicrously entertaining.To re-iterate the Reddit commentator, he was “fucking magnificent”.

Astrology Archetypes

*Because archetypal astrology fascinates me so much*

Sun: Traditionally known as the father, where the Sun is placed can determine the nature and relationship with your father in your life

Moon: The Mother, where the moon is placed can determine the nature and relationship with your mother in your life.

Saturn: The Authoritarian figure, which in most cases is the father but this placement is not limited to such. It is the most dominant family member/guardian in your life (it could be the mother, stepfather. etc if the father was not present). Where Saturn is placed can determine the nature and relationship with the authoritarian in your life.

Mercury: Is associated with the 3rd House and so, often represents siblings. Where Mercury is placed can determine the nature and relationship with your siblings in your life.

Jupiter: Usually associated with teachers and wise people, Jupiter could be interpreted as grandparents or close elderly people in our lives. Where Jupiter is placed can determine the nature and relationship with elderly people in your life.

Juno: Is associated with the Soulmate, not always who we feel we get along with but more so who brings out the best in us.

5th House Cusp and contents: Can be used to gain insight on the traits of possible children and your relationship with them.

7th House Cusp and contents: Can be used to gain insight on the traits of possible partners and your relationship with them.

11th House Cusp and contents: Can be used to gain insight on the traits of friends and your relationship with them.

tbh the series would have gone such differently if accents/speech patterns were mentioned


  • Percy arrives at Camp Jupiter. People immediately recognize he has a Long Island accent and get suspicious about how the hell he got all the way across the country obviously without transportation
  • Hazel, Nico, and Bianca using 30s/40s slang and quickly realizing they’re in a different century because what’s a “yolo?” hella? [insert any modern slang here]
  • Jason with a Californian accent and everyone at CHB going “wait we aren’t allowed in California how are you here?”
  • Nico and Bianca with Italian accents, thus causing earlier mention of the whole “demigods not allowed in the ‘‘‘‘‘Ancient Lands’‘‘‘‘ aka Italy and surrounding area”

Jupiter in the seventh house - The Love Lotto

“Meeting you was like winning the lottery”

Love is the elixir of happiness for seventh house Jupiter people. The individual relishes in the wine and roses of romance, the ideal of meeting the perfect person, and usually the dream wedding. Relationships are the majestic dance of life, and they are injected with enlarged and celebratory Jupiter gold dust. In the birth chart, Jupiter can show where we are ravenous and indulgent. Maybe the individual will experience multiple romances across the lifetime and absolutely soak in the delight of being spoiled, seduced, and flirted with. There is an appreciation for partners that can teach the individual, and those who share deep philosophical interests. Conversation and intellectual rapport is imperative. Jupiter in the seventh tends to be well received by others and bring a great sense of joy and radiance to people’s lives.

 The Jupiter serum is exuberant and good natured. Because the seventh house is the home of relationships, the individual can be very generous, liberal minded, and interested in connecting with a broad range of people. Life will seem more vibrant and inviting when there is love involved. There can be a magnificent creative streak in the individual. It’s like there is an exceptional skill to merge the meditative and deep thoughts of life into astonishing artistry. Steven Arroyo remarks that Jupiter in the seventh people project an aura of classiness and dignity that tends to generate great popularity. The individual is attracted to those who have a great spirit for life and know how to be spontaneous. Through coming to understand others, the individual unravels parts of consciousness that help conceive unique philosophies and meaning. There is a kind of appreciation for the celebration of people, cultures, places, and colour, the rainbow of life. But Jupiter can also obscure the realistic vision. Maybe the individual projects people in a highly idealized light, and this leaves the person vulnerable to maltreatment and betrayal. Everything may seem dull in solitude, or less enjoyable if not shared. The need to connect with others intimately may be consuming.

 Libra rules the seventh house so themes of mediation, law, and counsel resonate here. This can create quite the command of law, because Jupiter also relates to law, but more so, the laws of the universe. Together, there can be a great understanding and awareness of justice, and a need to see this reflected throughout life. It is important the people around the individual, and especially those closest, have a high regard for morals and ethics. Relationships will be an adventure, and there may be a lot of travel involved. Journeys are taken inward also, and through connecting with other people the individual is charted on an insightful tour into the psyche. This could be partly through mirroring minds. Jupiter encourages us to believe in miracles and have faith. When the individual expresses Jupiter’s optimistic spirit, then the planet of greater fortune spins the lottery wheel of love in magnificent favor. The dream may just come true.


picture by jasmine becket griffith

looking at the outer planets
  • Saturn: lol do I hear crickets??? oh wait no it stopped because you're making my life MISERABLE but I need you to help me pls
  • Uranus: let's blow shit up because we can yay, let's do dis, let's do dat wheeeee whooooooo
  • Neptune: ??????????????? wait what????????????????
  • Pluto: lol are you like Jupiter's brother but like.... scarier and creepier lmaos

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saturn people calculate everything, they're the people who say their restaurant order in their head a thousand times before ordering and jupiter people are like eh surprise me

Saturn/jupiter people practice “eh surprise me” in their heads bc their air of carefreeness and spontaneity is calculated and planned

headcanon that Jason popped into Reyna’s house when they were praetors and Reyna was changing the sheets because they were all blood and Jason was like “what the hell Reyna are you alright are you injured” and Reyna just stared at him and Jason went red and left to buy her chocolate

you know what I love about jupiter ascending [jamie you love everything about it look at your fucking blog–]anyway you know what I love about jupiter ascending that it is absolutely 100% totally okay to enjoy the space in it just because space is pretty like, there’s no bullshit gatekeeping about the “science” part of the science fiction because it’s not even really pretending to be science fiction but you know what doesn’t have a monopoly on space?? science fuckin fiction, that’s what doesn’t have a monopoly on space, and you know who knows it?


like people (fanboys) will bend the fuck over backwards to insist star wars is ~real science fiction~ ~I promise~  

which is the ri-fucking-diculous b/c the amount of (lack of) fucking science in those films you guys. they travel all across the whole galaxy in literal seconds at S U B - L I G H T  S P E E D they have never-explained ridiculous laser swords they fucking a b s o r b e d  a  S U N  in episode VII

  • absorbed it

i’m off track but listen; star wars doesn’t need to be sci-fi to be legit. it doesn’t need to pretend to make any lick of cosmic sense but we as a fandom (*cough*i-mean-assholes*cough*) have decided for some fucking reason that in order to be good it needs to be ~real bona fide Sci-Fi~ in order to exist in space when nah

now listen I loveeeeee star wars. I love that shit. I love it. but I don’t go to star wars for its scientific accuracy, ya feel?  

and you know who gets that? 

  1. jupiter fucking ascending.  

god this fucking movie. not only does it spend like, its entire runtime just being like look a vista! in ~space~!!!!!  it barely explains jack. shit.  how does the flying motorcycle work? what keeps the floaty-parts of the spaceships on? how do those emergency space-suit pods store enough oxygen for sixty minutes? WHO CARES!

the only things [the only things] we even get a half-assed explanation for are the things that Jupiter specifically asks about or things that directly affect her to know [see: royal bowels]. like jupe cares how the space gun works? this is how one operates the space gun. jupe asks how gravity boots? caine spews some pseudo-science bullshit but nevermind I don’ t actually care all she needs to know is “down is easy, up is hard.” and that is all we need. it’s fucking jumpin out of skyscrapers time

meanwhile have some red space trees! enjoy this planet with rings made out of floating trash! fuck it, here’s the whole damn side of jupiter just because!

space is pretty. it’s okay for space to be pretty. enjoy the pretty space. we will tell what you need to know, and throw in established sci-fi lingo so if you know that FTL stands for faster-than-light good or you can google it but if you didn’t know it doesn’t matter because look! floating space orgy

like actual goddamn a s t r o l o g y is a plot point in this film if that doesn’t say “fuck you gatekeepers no need for science-space knowledge to enjoy this film!” I don’t fucking know what does

it is o.k. for space to be pretty and to enjoy space because it is pretty.  

jupiter ascending you guys. christ.