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I’ve worked a lot more with female directors than male directors. That’s kind of more what I know, actually!

-Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Gugu Mbatha-Raw’s directed by women filmography

Belle dir. Amma Asante - 2014
Beyond the Lights dir. Gina Prince-Bythewood - 2014
9 Kisses dir. Elaine Constantine - 2014
Jupiter Ascending dir. Lilly & Lana Wachowski - 2015
The Whole Truth dir. Courtney Hunt - 2015
After the Storm dir. Jessica Oyelowo - 2016
August 28: A Day In The Life Of A People dir. Ava DuVernay 2016
A Wrinkle in Time dir. Ava DuVernay - 2018
Fast Color dir. Julia Hart - 2018
Irreplacable You dir. Stephanie Laing - 2018
An Untamed State dir. Gina Prince-Bythewood 20??

Astro notes part 3 👻👹🌪

* Cancer moons tend to be extremely emotionally stable and tend to be very private with their emotions which is why they seem very aloof and detached.
* Many surgeons usually have mars in Aquarius due to their ability to completely disengage from the act itself.
* An abundance of Neptune contacts shows a natural talent for acting due to Neptune’s influence of blurring conscious lines of ones personality(it’s easy for them to be someone else)
* Lilith on the ascendent can make men immediately obsessed with you but also repel them in the same way.
* The 2nd house determines how your voice will sound(its tone) the third house describes your mind and how you “speak” with said voice.
* Sun in the 5th house individuals are the personification of the sun but can be some of the most prideful people because of it.
* To many 7th house planets can show an inability to decipher your own personality from that of others.
* Air house synastry is actually important for rationalization in a relationship.
* A watery synastry can show an inability to disconnect from one another.
* It can be so dangerous for people with Neptune in the 8th to get involved with the paranormal as these people have such a thin grasp in the world of the living as it is.
* Pluto in the 8th house people can lose themselves in the act of sex and I mean this both metaphorically and litturly.
* Pluto in the 3rd house people can have disturbing relationships with their siblings(not sexual but toxic and or intense)
* Mars square Pluto can be a rape aspect ☹️ and both men and women with this position need to be watchful of transits involving these planets.
* Moon in leo are more inward with their emotions but also tend to lack emotional control. Leo suns don’t have a temper and usually take awhile to aggravate.
* Where ever Saturn or Capricorn is in your chart shows an area or place of your life that you will grow to not only master but become wise in.
* Aquarius in the 8th/Uranus in the 8th house people usually have something unique about there genitalia.
* Jupiter in the 8th house people are growers not showers and tend to be endowed depending on the aspects that hit Jupiter of course.
* Saturn in the 8th house people(guys) are not always small and can actually have big members but whenever Saturn and Jupiter interact a cancel affect happens and it makes things smaller or bigger then they should be.
* Neptune in the 8th house individuals tend to have as they say “unbelievable” bodies. Ex Marylyn Monroe.
* Joan Crawford and Betty Davis are a classical example of fire and air moon combos.Joan struggled with multiple copping mechanisms and often had varying public images that never aligned with her ego or her emotional desires, but changed the platform for women in television and film with her demanding and passionate nature.(Aries sun/gemini moon) Betty Davis whom was both a strong and talented individual with a presence like no other capable of leaving an audience completely swept away. But she often struggled with connecting with her daughter and often was to focused on gaining the wrong attention and failing to realize what she sought all along was the love from her own daughter. She constantly disengaged emotionally and struggled with the more tender aspects of being a mother.(Leo sun/Aquarius moon)
* Mars and moon aspects is a very passionate synastry aspect to have and is a huge baby naming aspect as it makes both involved extremely (in heat as they say) and very fertile😱 *wear protection*
* Mars in 2nd house synastry is also another sexual hotspot and can liturly make the house person want to devour you completely at every moment! Very sensual and constant sex.
* Venus in the 2nd is a beautiful placement but can cause possession on both ends and very sensual and touchy feely desires from both people.
* Pluto in the 3rd house synastry or composite along with 6th house Pluto can showcase an intense relationship that may have A very heavy and intense vibe that’s apparent “daily” in the relationship either through communication(heavy dialogue/sexual/angry and so on) or every day life(sex has to be apart of couples routine/constant testing of one another/inability to “relax”
* The yod configuration in the chart points to a divine lesson and or purpose one must grasp and understand in this life! Multiple yods can mean a life full of heavy duty to guide and lead the world in some way!
* A lot of generational aspects in your natal and synastry points to a life full of heavy past life karma.
* People with retrograde Venus can come across as emotionally disconnected and sometimes perceive themselves as more loving then they really are which tends to be the cause of strife in their relationships! Tends to be worse in water venus ex: drake.
* Jupiter retrograde people don’t tend to believe in luck or something “working out” by believing alone. Tend to create their own destiny.
* Uranus or Aquarius/gemini or mercury in the 12th house can point to multiple personalities and hidden parts of the personality that are hidden.. these people wear mask and are 1,000 different people all at once.(there’s a threat for mental instability if not kept an eye on here)

Hope you like this guys!! 💗💗💙 and let’s all get ready for the ridiculously long tag just below 😂

The 12th House

The 12th House is often dubbed as the house of the lost, the hidden and the secret. It represents prisons and as such is the house that shows us the things we feel trapped by. It is seen as a shadow house because it hides parts of ourselves from ourselves and others. The 12th House is our subconscious and can also represent the nature of any repressed memories we may have. In this post I’m going to describe the planets in the 12th House and the “lacking” we feel as a result.

Sun in the 12th: These people tend to be easily walked on as they suffer a lack of ego. This is not to say they don’t have an ego, they simply can’t access it as easily as others. They might feel invisible or like they don’t matter or have an impact on others. This being said they have amazing empathy for others.

Moon in the 12th: These people usually feel that their emotions don’t matter or that they’re invalid. They feel things really deeply but are often confused by what they feel. They bury their emotions a lot and aren’t great at confronting them. They’re great at understanding others and their emotions, sometimes better than their own.

Mercury in the 12th: These people tend to daydream a lot and get lost in their own mind. Their thought processes are foggy and they find it hard to make sense of the things their own brain comes up with. They often have very abstract ideas and tend to be quite creative, usually having an emotional understanding of poetry and literature.

Venus in the 12th: People with Venus in the 12th House tend to find it hard to feel or show love. Love is an abstract concept for them and they might find it hard to know where they start and their loved on begins. They are at risk of getting lost in their partner and over extending themselves in efforts to gain more love and affection. They’re very selfless people who do anything for their loved ones. 

Mars in the 12th: Those with Mars in the 12th House may suffer a lot of repressed anger and frustration. They find it hard to express this anger in a safe way and usually have to find themselves a good outlet. Their anger shows itself as passive aggression and hostility. This placement is also one of the many placements that correlate with abuse and bullying. 

Jupiter in the 12th: People with this placement tend to be very compassionate although they are not the best secret keepers. While the 12th House is one that people tend to fear, Jupiter being placed here can provide some light and protection from potential hidden enemies. They are very altruistic but must be careful not to overextend themselves to the point of martyrdom.

Saturn in the 12th: This is possibly one of the most difficult placements to have as a person can isolate themselves to the point of depression out of fear. They tend to have a lot of worries and fears and as a result they may have an aversion to accessing their own subconscious feelings. These people must learn to keep an open mind towards overcoming their fears.

Uranus in the 12th: People with this placement tend to feel alienated in early life due to unique and unusual personalities. They may feel suppressed as they get older and become afraid to embrace their individuality. Unstable sleeping patterns and vivid dreams are quite common for these people and they have the ability to conceive bizarre thoughts better than most.

Neptune in the 12th: As Neptune is at home in the 12th House, this placement is possibly the least afflicted. These people are blessed with intuition and many psychic like abilities. They are very empathic people but if Neptune is harshly aspected, they may find themselves falling into deception and illusion easily.

Pluto in the 12th: Pluto being placed here indicates a very intense life. Pluto correlates with trauma in the house it’s placed, placed here can indicate a difficult birth. They also tend to hold a lot of secrets, sometimes to do with their sexuality or their desires. They may have psychological wounds from childhood and if Pluto is adversely aspected, they may have experienced sexual assault. 

Chiron in the 12th: Those with this placement may be subject to a lot of phobias and fears. They have issues surrounding their unconscious and repressed memories. They tend to soak up other’s emotions and must be careful with letting others drain the life out of them. 

  • Sun in the 7th: Unconsciously deals with the inferiorities of other people
  • Moon in the 7th: Unconsciously deals with the fears of other people
  • Mercury in the 7th: Unconsciously deals with the worries of other people
  • Venus in the 7th: Unconsciously deals with the ideals of other people
  • Mars in the 7th: Unconsciously deals with the aggressions of other people
  • Jupiter in the 7th: Unconsciously deals with the feelings of despair of other people
  • Saturn in the 7th: Unconsciously deals with the other people's failings
  • Uranus in the 7th: Unconsciously deals with other people's inability to freely self express
  • Neptune in the 7th: Unconsciously deals with the pain of other people
  • Pluto in the 7th: Unconsciously deals with the trauma of other people
Planets in Retrograde

What impact do they have in our natal chart?

It isn’t unusual for a person to have at least one retrograde planet in their chart.

Planets in retrograde are usually compared to a mirror. Their energy is reflected right back at us, interiorized and expressed backwards. Having a planet in retrograde forces you dive deeper into it’s energy while being slightly fearful of it at the same time. Making it a constant struggle between acting or giving in to the fear.

For example, people with Jupiter in retrograde are fearful of expansion and taking risks, so instead, they retreat into their minds, expanding themselves in a mental and spiritual level.

Whenever you are about to express the energies of the planet, you refrain yourself, many times not doing it, whether it is out of fear or just the sensation of just not being able to do it. For example, if your mars is retrograde, you hesitate before expressing anger and assertion, usually ending up in an outburst after containing yourself for a certain amount of time.

Also, many times when a planet is in retrograde, it’s because things done to you as a child. For example, a person with mercury retrograde may have been told they weren’t smart enough, or forced to think in a certain way, paying no attention to what their true opinions may have been.

Do they affect aspects?

Yeah, in some way they do since the planet’s energy is redirected, causes confusion and changes the way aspects are expressed.

For example: saturn in a challenging aspect to mars (conjunction, square, opposition) makes people be (or believe to be) usually critiziced on everything they do, but when saturn is in retrograde, it might change it in the sense that they aren’t critiziced constantly by others but by themselves. It makes very self critical and perfectionist people and in the worst case scenario they can become unsatisfied with everything they do.

Are they karmic?

Yup. They tend to emphasize the lessons we didn’t learn in past lives and force us to focus on them by making them more reflexive. Some people carry past lives memories from the planets they have retrograde in their charts.

Retrograde Individuals

What makes a retrograde individual?

1. 3 or more retrogrades on the natal chart

2. Any personal planet in retrograde

3. One or more retrograde planets near the ascendant (1st house) or midheaven (10th house)

How does it affect the native?

It makes very introspective people, natives may be thinkers more than a doers. It’s good because they are very cautious and don’t rush into things, but can also lose some great oportunities and be prone to overthinking.

They may be very melancholic, since they are usually reminiscing the past.

Retrograde Planets

Mercury: this natives may fear telling people what they think, or even speaking at all! They have a very unique way of seeing things, and are very innovative. If you have this, you probably give a lot of thought to the most mundane tasks and may have a very quick wit, even if they don’t say anything. If it’s afflicted, you may have had problems speaking, like a lisp, for example.

Art is a great outlet for mercury retrograde people.

Venus: expressing love is hard for them, they hesitate to the point of overthinking before showing affection and there may be an inner desire and fear of commitment. Their minds are constantly imagining and creating (even if subconsciously) but they can’t take it to paper. They may feel they weren’t loved as children or that they were rejected when they tried to be affectionate.

This natives love very deeply, but they internalize it, originating a lot of pain.

Mars: they have a very hard time expressing their anger, or even repress it to the point of exploding. Having low energy is very common with this planet in retrograde, as well as a lack of ambition or drive to get what they want. Sex may have been taboo as children, leading to a strong difficulty to express a healthy sexuality. People with this need to be attentive not to forget to take care of their bodies. There’s a tendency to blow things out of proportion.

They may have grown up in a household where anger wasn’t well taken or were taught to be very pássive.

Jupiter: very philosophical and prone to procastinating, they keep thinking and planning but their intentions never come to shore. Optimism and beliefs are hard for them to express, and there’s a constant confusion with faith. They may have been disappointed by religion from a very young age, leading to resent and holding grudges towards God/church/etc.  

There is a discontent with life that’s held in the subconscious. Having this planet in retrograde is a great opportunity to expand spiritually.

Saturn: these people feel very limited and disapponted on life, there’s a constant sensation of  being trapped and just like with mars, lack ambition. They are very controlled, to the point of self-destruction, and can have a very bad image of themselves. Natives are talented and like creating things from scratch.

It makes serious and responsible people. Anything that requires self-discipline and patience is a good activity for saturn retrograde.

Uranus: natives have a tough time showing their weird side to the world, but feel somehow alienated from everyone else. They may dislike being around crowds and somehow desire to be unique, as paradoxical as it may be. It’s common to lack individuality and be influentiable by others. There’s a need to be original and experience new things, and they seek it in an unconventional manner, to the point of being chaotic in the old uranian fashion. Uranus retrograde has an internal despise towards societal norms. 

As a child you could have been made believe that you were strange in a bad way, prompting you to try to be as common as possible.

Neptune: having this planet in retrograde makes very intuitive and spiritual people, that are in touch with their inner selves.  It leads them to dissociate from reality and can even take them to the point of delusion. They bury their dreams deep within themselves, and rarely share them with anyone, maybe their parents dissed out their dreams since they were little, making them believe they were impossible to achieve. 

Daydreaming is a common thing among this people, and even with their great creativity, is very difficult for them to express it. 

Pluto: this is a very strong retrograde, it gives a great desire for control, as well as deeply kept secrets. Natives have learned since a very young age not to trust anyone, and carry that paranoia and suspicion everywhere they go, making them really good at seeing through people’s lies. They experiment a constant transformation of the inner self, becoming who they need to be in order to survive. Great resilience. May use sexuality as a weapon and love power games.  

Prone to psychic abilities.

Hey guys, hope this helped u understand retrograde planets a little more! It’s a pretty complicated theme, but I like it very much.

12th House
  • The 12th house is very personal, and secluded. This is the house of secrets and hidden personalities. The signs, planets and asteroids residing here are internalised, and reside deep inside who they are. It takes people we trust the most to unlock them, and if someone does they explode like fireworks with profound energy and warmth. Unleashing the 12th house is like a private festival of emotions.
  • Sun in 12th: Someone with this placement hides their ego and self from almost everyone. They may come across as very shy and timid, as well as introverted. If this person opens up to you, you learn that there's confidence underneath the layers of quiet retreat.
  • Moon in 12th: Their emotions are hidden from view. They may be likely to take on everyone else's burdens because they never show they have any of their own. They feel so intensely when alone in their thoughts, and it can be scary for them sometimes. If they open up to you, it's a truly special thing. Their emotions and feelings are like the start of a new ink cartridge: powerful in colour, abundant when written out.
  • Mercury in 12th: They find it very hard to communicate, and probably only feel properly able to to very close friends or online where they can think about their responses. They'll pick texting over verbal confrontation any day. Speeches and arguments are exceptionally hard for them. Midnight conversations with them are beautiful, deep, and unique.
  • Venus in 12th: Love is a hidden gem. They don't often just give their heart to someone. Sometimes they may feel like they should, so can seemingly force themselves into crushes or flirting, but soon withdraw as they realise it doesn't make them happy. Love for them happens in the quiet of their mind, and the arms of their lover, rather than in the public eye. They are also lovers of poetry, reading, and artistic forms which make them think of how they feel themselves.
  • Mars in 12th: They hate to argue a lot. They'd rather work things out without stress or heated emotion. They're also very reserved in sexual affairs, preferring usually to keep the bedroom to serious relationships. If you ever get that far, you'll learn they're deep and intense. This placement may lash out when alone, and will pent up how they feel a lot like Moon in 12th, except it'll usually come out aggressively when alone.
  • Saturn in 12th: They feel so restricted inside. They make their own walls and barriers with their feelings and deeper selves that can stress them out and give them intense worries and stresses. They always feel the need to regulate their dreams and fears, often calling their deeper emotions irrational. Positively, they may tend to hide less of themselves from people.
  • Jupiter in 12th: These individuals no know boundaries deep within them. What they keep inside out of public view is a deep pool of emotion and dreams. They may be extensive dreamers, whether when asleep or awake. Sometimes their fears and anxieties are so strong, they aren't sure how to regulate and manage them.
  • Neptune in 12th: Extreme dreamers. They can often suffer from delusional thoughts of their fears, or being over anxious of parts of life. Neptune is at home here, and is free to gloss over and shroud whatever it wants in mystery and illusion. Someone with this placement may worry and overthink intensely, but never let this out into the open.
  • Uranus in 12th: These people want to revolutionise and change things, but feel unable to do so. They aren't sure how to project their want your change into the world. They can also want to change themselves a lot, and may manifest through several inner mentalities quite quickly to try and align themselves more with their life situations.
  • Pluto in the 12th: Destructive of their inner selves. They constantly change up who they are inside, sometimes without even wanting to. What is hidden inside them is a ball in a china shop. You may find they hide away their emotions on secret blogs or journals. The things they hard away from friends are often intense, which makes it even harder for them to open up.
The 1st House

The 1st House is probably one of the most important Houses in the natal chart as it affects the way that we present ourselves to others and how we see ourselves. It is the house that gives us our sense of self an dour standing point in life.

Sun in the 1st House: Those with their Sun in the 1st House tend to be quite sure of themselves and confident in their actions. They have a good sense of who they are and they tend to be quite memorable to others. People generally like to be around them.

Moon in the 1st House: These are the people who can’t hide their emotions, they practically wear them on their cheek. These people show everything they feel on their face and find it hard to keep some things private - even if they try, other people often guess. These people openly express their emotions and feel their feeling very vividly. These people tend to have very soft features and big eyes, usually soft hair regardless of colour. 

Mercury in the 1st House: These people like to have things organised, either through the way they look or the way that they communicate with others. They don’t like for there to be any mixed messages. People may see them as very well kept and in control of themselves. They tend to look very clean cut and they don’t usually like messy surroundings.

Venus in the 1st House: There’s something about those with Venus in the 1st House that makes them so approachable. They tend to have very loving and understanding vibes about them and of course the beauty of Venus spares no presence in their appearance (beauty is not limited to this placement though). People tend to fall quite easily for those with Venus in the 1st House and they themselves tend to be quite charming and flirty. 

Mars in the 1st House: Those with Mars in the 1st House tend to come across rather “charged”. They may seem very energetic, determined or angry. These are the people that will react to a situation straight away rather than later. They can be very impulsive and their actions tend to be driven by their anger. They tend to have very masculine features or they have strong facial features.

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lita-of-jupiter  asked:

Well since you said we could I am going to give two of the suggestions for AU66 (1) the clones find out about the Jedi's threat of leaving the republic unless the clones are treated as sentient,(2) clones that killed their jedi still get full support from the order... Bonus for including "We are not gonna stop sheltering you and if you want to [insert known dream of clone] or do something else, like, take up interpretative dance or something, we are gonna support you and that's non-negotiable"

Carefully finishing the bacta patch covering the stump, Bant gave the commander a warm smile. “There we go Commander Ks, get your medic to keep it clean and you should be able to get a neural covering and a prosthetic once its all properly healed.” She patted his good shoulder and stepped back, watching the commander carefully touch the covering before he nodded.

Commander Ks was one of the last clones to come back to the temple…

Because he had been among the ones who had killed their Jedi, Coleman Kcaj.

As a side effect however, he hadn’t gotten the required healing his arm needed and had instead required amputation and a prosthetic instead.

“Thank you mam…mam?”

Bant turned in surprise, tilting her head at the obvious hesitation yet question the clone seemed to have on his lips since he had initiated a desire for more conversation. “Yes Commander Ks?”

The clone rubbed his head over his short shorn hair, licking his lips while flickering his blue and brown eyes down to the floor. “There’s…there’s a rumor going in the barracks. That…” He licked his lips and glanced aside, steeling himself before looking back at Bant. “That the Jedi were willing to leave Coruscant if the Senate went through with the proposed bill to…euthanize us.”

Blinking slowly as she absorbed the information, Bant slowly let a smile cross her face before moving over to Ks and settling both her hands on the others shoulders. “Dear commander… yes, its true. We were. Because the Senate gave the army over to the Jedi and then tried to take them away, all for political gain.”

She reached up and gently brushed a tear off the others face. “You were all part of us for three years, you defended and fought in our names, died in our names. How could we do anything less then be willing to leave Coruscant for you?” She smiled.

“…But we hurt you… I killed my Jedi.” Ks whispered, staring at her with a lost expression on his face.

Bant cupped his cheek and squeezed the shoulder she was still holding. “We are not gonna stop sheltering you and yours, especially from the Senate that has abused us all. You by the way you were made and us Jedi by our honors and sworn duties and if you want to just stay here and heal or do something else, like, take up interpretative dance or something, we are gonna support you and that’s non-negotiable" She laughed quietly. “And I know for a fact that Master Kcaj would agree because all we wanted was for you clones to have a CHANCE… now we all have a chance.”

Ks stared at her for so long that Bant started to worry she’d broken him when the clone suddenly jerked her close and started talking rapidly in Mando’a against her shoulder, sobbing so hard it could almost be cataloged as wailing.

Bant let him old her, stroking the short hair and clicking with her tongue to try and calm him.

The clones were theirs.

Their friends, their families and the Senate was going to have to walk over cold corpses before the Jedi let them take the troopers away.

They were family.

Planets in the 7th...

• relationships are the focal point of your life
• you attract males in authority
• you want to be noticed physically

• you are attracted to sensitive people
• attracted to people who love children
• you crave meetings and encounters
• you might talk to your partner like you talk to a child (lol)

• you need an intellectual relationship
• you’re attracted to young/slim people
• you love writing, esp. poetry

• you need an aesthetically pleasing partner
• you cannot live without people in your environment
• may be attracted to passive people
• you feel like you need a person in order to shine

• you blame other people when things go wrong in your life
• you might feel like you compete with your partner
• your partner will act on impulse too much

• attracted to wise people
• you need humorous people in your environment
• you have an idealistic view of others
• need a partner to feel happy

• you’re attracted to older people
• love may be at a distance or unavailable at the time
• you’re cautious and hesitant towards others
• don’t frickin marry young or Saturn will bring a bitter divorce

• attracted to unconventional, intellectual people
• you want to live by your own rules
• you’re not easy to catch in matters of love
• there’s often a major difference between you and your partner (ie. age difference, social background)

• you tend to want intimacy much sooner than your partner
• you may believe in fairy tales
• you long for an ideal and imaginative person

• may be attracted to complicated people
• your relationships are intensely emotional
• you and your partner might isolate yourselves from everyone else
• your expectations are usually very high leading to dissatisfaction

lemme know if these apply to you!!!

ghettorice  asked:

what sign(s) would the each asc. sign attract?

- Aries Rising: Libra, or “Venusian” types, possibly Taurus, or people with 2nd House/7th House prominence

- Taurus Rising: Scorpio, or “Plutonians,” maybe people with 8th House placements

- Gemini Rising: Sagittarius, or “Jupiter” people, possibly Pisces, people with 9th House/12th House prominence

- Cancer Rising: Capricorn, or “Saturn” people, possibly Aquarius, people with 10th House/11th House prominence

- Leo Rising: Aquarius, or “Uranian” people, possibly Capricorn or “Saturn” types, people with 11th House/10th House prominence

- Virgo Rising: Pisces, or “Neptunian” people, possibly Sagittarius or “Jupiter” types, people with 12th House/9th House prominence

- Libra Rising: Aries, or “Martians,” possibly Scorpio or “Plutonians,” people with 1st House/8th House prominence

- Scorpio Rising: Taurus, or “Venusians,” possibly Libra, people with 2nd House/7th House prominence

- Sagittarius Rising: Gemini, or “Mercury” types, possibly Virgo, people with 3rd House/6th House prominence

- Capricorn Rising: Cancer, or “Moon” types, people with 4th House prominence

- Aquarius Rising: Leo, or “Sun” types, people with 5th House prominence

- Pisces Rising: Virgo, or “Mercury” types, possibly Gemini, people with 6th House/3rd House prominence


Jupiter; My Love!

Jupiter; my love! Jupiter is the planet of luck, abstract thinking, vision, & expansion. Jupiter is our ideology. Jupiter manifesting itself in the signs is magic in and of itself. Thank your lucky stars for Jupiter.

Jupiter in Aries: They love doing things that make them or the people around them feel inspired. They believe in positivity and the influence it has on them and those around them. They love to be empowered and a little friendly competition is something they’re always up for.

Jupiter in Taurus: They invest and throw themselves into things they deem ‘worthy’. They are patient and wait for the best; and they have a good eye for it. They know what is best for them and are notorious for being good with money. When they use their resources to benefit themselves and others is when they can achieve true happiness.

Jupiter in Gemini: These natives can be described in one word- ingenious. These people, when using their wit and funny nature, can be some of the most enjoyable to be around. They thrive in fast paced environments and are open minded learners. This placement can make for great lawyers and jobs of the sort due to their ability to see all sides of an argument.

Jupiter in Cancer: These natives attract good luck and happiness when they are open and giving to the people around them. When they are sympathetic and charitable they are at their best. They set goals and are very ambitious; they can get the farthest in their goals when they trust their gut instincts/intuition.

Jupiter in Leo: These people are big-hearted and generous; but they still have a need to be filled with self worth. They mostly leave this at the hands of others, but also have a certain self love they encompass. These natives are optimistic, trustworthy, and sincere.

Jupiter in Virgo: These people are realists and may not always feel very lucky. These natives are orderly, practical, and technical- qualities they value. They don’t like to take risks or branch out often but treasure the results of their hard work. They feel best when they are productive and know they are accomplishing something important.

Jupiter in Libra: These natives have a natural graciousness to them that others may eat right up. They find they are the happiest and at their best when they treat everyone as equals. This is a great placement for politicians, judges, or any other jobs in which the native can make sure everyone is being treated fairly.  

Jupiter in Scorpio: These people feel their best when they give their all to a project or commitment. These natives are known for their ability to see ‘deeper’; they are interested in the taboo and everything that has a deeper meaning- especially the study of people.

Jupiter in Sagittarius: These people have a natural enthusiasm. They are their happiest when they practice tolerance and generosity. They are philosophical humans with strong ideals, morals, and beliefs. These people have a tendency to be inspirational beings with a strong interest in traveling and teaching.

Jupiter in Capricorn: These natives put lots of emphasis on status and positions. They value the long term effects on their actions- legacies, long-term achievements, and where they manifested themselves. They practice an optimism that’s hard to understand; it’s a type of realistic  optimism. They know what works for them and what doesn’t. They live by what works for them- what they will be the happiest doing.

Jupiter in Aquarius: These natives are impartial and cooperative. They are willing to try new things which can give them an innovative edge. They are known to be eccentric geniuses who step out of comfort zones most people keep themselves wrapped in.

Jupiter in Pisces: These people have a desire that cannot be filled unless they are helping the less fortunate than themselves. They are empathetic and charitable. They are motivated by a universal vision of a good life for everyone. Their compassion will ultimately reward them.

Moon Oppositions/Square

Sun: see sun opposition/square post
Mercury: mind and feelings are not on the same page, can be too practical or too emotional
Venus: people pleaser and then holds a grudge to the people they’re trying to please
Mars: needs variety, gets bored easily and is way too blunt or too honest and can get into trouble for it
Jupiter: expects people to do everything for them, can be super helpful but might give too much of themselves and get hurt in the process, forgives too easily
Saturn: insecure, doesn’t trust anyone, doesn’t think people could or would care about them
Uranus: struggles between being to independent and being to dependent
Neptune: emotional roller coaster, hard to control emotions and doesn’t deal with their problems
Pluto: afraid of getting too close to people and has a hard time forgiving people but wants too be loved and make connections with people

***natal aspects

tbh the series would have gone such differently if accents/speech patterns were mentioned


  • Percy arrives at Camp Jupiter. People immediately recognize he has a Long Island accent and get suspicious about how the hell he got all the way across the country obviously without transportation
  • Hazel, Nico, and Bianca using 30s/40s slang and quickly realizing they’re in a different century because what’s a “yolo?” hella? [insert any modern slang here]
  • Jason with a Californian accent and everyone at CHB going “wait we aren’t allowed in California how are you here?”
  • Nico and Bianca with Italian accents, thus causing earlier mention of the whole “demigods not allowed in the ‘‘‘‘‘Ancient Lands’‘‘‘‘ aka Italy and surrounding area”

When it comes to Jupiter and luck, it’s not the kind of luck where you sit on your ass and do nothing and expect something. It’s the luck you gain when you decide to be optimistic. It’s the luck you gain you decide to look at the world positively. That’s what Jupiter is all about. When you are open and optimistic, you’re able to accept all the rewards you can get, instead of restricting yourself. The good luck you get from Jupiter isn’t from chance.

That’s why Saturn is usually known as a planet of bad luck. When you’re too restricted and pessimistic, you’re not open to receive opportunities and rewards. When you don’t have faith in the world, the world will ultimately do the same. After all, the 7th House, our one-on-one interactions, is a reflection… What you give is what you get.

That’s why people say that it’s always important to have a positive attitude.

Intercepted Planets

Planets are intercepted when they are positioned in intercepted signs (I have a post on that here)

Intercepted planets don’t exhibit their energies very well, the planet wasn’t developed very well in childhood and usually creates a lacking in the personality.

Intercepted Sun: The ego wasn’t developed very well and as a child the person may have not been given much validation or praise in childhood. The person may have also had a hard time connecting with their father

Intercepted Moon: Emotional support or nurturing wasn’t a prominent theme in this person’s upbringing. As a result, these people aren’t very good at handling their emotions, or that of others. They may have also had a hard time connecting with their mothers.

Intercepted Mercury: These people don’t have much faith in their intellectual capabilities. They may have been told they were stupid growing up. They may have trouble believing their own judgement. 

Intercepted Venus: These people may not have felt a lot of love growing up and so they find it hard to love and have confidence in themselves.

Intercepted Mars: They may have found it hard to assert themselves in childhood, they could’ve had an overpowering parent, or on the flip side, a parent who never let them fight their own fights.

Intercepted Jupiter: These people may not have had any solid direction in their life and tend to feel like the unluckiest people in the world. It is important they surround themselves with optimistic people. 

Intercepted Saturn: Authoritarian figures in this person’s life may have not been very present or they may have exploited the influence they had on the native for their own gain. These people find it hard to fight their problems because they’re never really sure of the cause.

Intercepted Uranus: These people may find it hard to embrace their own individuality and they decide to stay in the safe side because they’re not sure how to express their unique side. 

Intercepted Neptune: These people may have had their imaginations suppressed by their family or parents, they may not have been able to develop their own dreamy, imaginative side.  

Intercepted Pluto: These people were taught that the darkness in life should be avoided and not explored. These people often feel the need to explore this darkness but the innate fear they have prohibits them to do so.

Mars-Jupiter contacts

Mars conjunct Jupiter, Mars square Jupiter, Mars sextile Jupiter, Mars trine Jupiter, Mars opposite Jupiter 

Imagine two of the loudest, most active people coming together at a cosmic party. The result can be pure energy, exciting, and exuberayting. These 2 people could also be aggressive and display disproportionate rage toward each other. This can be the result of Mars and Jupiter contacting each other in the natal chart. It can be a pure celebration of ambition, will power that comes in larger-than life rapture, and optimism inspired energy. The better qualities of this pair are more likely to express through the harmonic aspects like the conjunct, trine, and sextile. The opposite is true for the challenging aspects like the square and opposition. Jupiter magnifies whatever it touches, so the primitive and developed qualities of Mars can be expressed in grandiose style. The abundance of energy can be so rich it becomes agitation or anxiety. When the individual is feeling good, the body can feel juicy, and the individual can feel hungry for anything. They undertake mental and physical challenge with passion and assertion, often generating intuition with movement and personal accomplishment. The individual’s rage and combative nature can be difficult to contain, so uncontrollable outbursts and storms of aggression can occur, these can be fleeting but absolutely volatile. The great joy comes with learning from experience, overcoming challenges set for themselves, and playing, activating, and stirring with the chaos and innocence of a child. The energy here is well directed for charity, self stimulated learning, and solo travel. The individual may be interested in traveling to past war zones, becoming a part of the military, or missionary work. Because the Mars-Jupiter energy is so cutthroat, the individual can do well in politics or law, the sort of fields that require single minded ambition and the ability to prophetically strike. 

Mars-Jupiter people have their swords raised to battle on behalf of their beliefs. They can be religious or spiritual devotees, enthusiastic in their display of discovery or worship. The harsher expressions of this contact can indicate coercive people who can be forceful with their own beliefs, taking any form of different opinion personally. The individual can be energized by impulse, capable of generating a large fortune, but they can burn this away with brash decision making. Often the individual is charitable with resources and motivated toward philanthropic causes. There may be a good talent for sports, raw reactivity, and infectious enthusiasm for life 

  • Inspiring self essence 
  • Risk taker 
  • Active 
  • Controlling 
  • Skilled at controlling large groups
  • Combatively reactive
  • Excessive qualities 
  • Generous sexual appetite 
  • Ember, heated seduction
  • Self destructive when emotions take over
  • Skilled at confronting danger 
  • Advocate