jupiter optimus maximus

The Hellenized Roman gods, marble relief from the Arch of Trajan at Beneventum (in southern Italy), AD 114–117. In the Greek anthropomorphic style, Jupiter stands in forefront with his staff and thunderbolt; to his right, Minerva with her helmet; to his left, Juno dressed as a priestess with cloak pulled over her head. Jupiter, Minerva, and Juno are called the Capitoline Triad. The great temple on Capitol Hill (to Jupiter Optimus Maximus) celebrated their cult. Behind the triad, left to right: Hercules (with his club), Bacchus (with vines in his hair), Ceres (with the torch), and Mercury (with winged helmet). The sculptural style goes back to the Athenian Parthenon.

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what if we were to say that most of us never really wanted to rebel in the first place and we totally regret that part of it and that we prefer our money not go to the upkeep of a false idol of a god?

If you regret it and you don’t want to rebel, why do you keep speaking against us in your synagogues, where we can’t enter? Eh?
And you are mistaken there, hebrew. Jupiter Optimus Maximus is not fake. Speak ill of him again and you know what will come to you, your sons and your wife.

“I fucking hate him,” Thalia snaps. It echoes through the ebony halls, her feet clacking against polished floors like daggers stabbing the carcasses of civilians without mercy. “I fucking told him–I do not want to be heiress, I am perfectly content shooting heathens with Artemis and guarding you, the future king, and beheading idiots and watching them die at my feet." 

"Very graphic, Thal,” Jason comments. How many times did she mention killing people? Ah. Three. “Father’s standing right there." 

"Ah.” Thalia tuts. She raises her head to her father, who they both trail after to get to the throne room of the Underworld. “Dad, I hate you for this.”


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The Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus, Rome. Image from the Capitoline Museum. 

Archaeology has demonstrated occupancy of the Capitoline Hill since the 17th century BCE. The first construction of the Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus was in the second half of the 6th century BCE. It contained three inner chambers, the central one for Jupiter Optimus Maximus, the right for Juno Regina, and the left for Minerva. The temple had been built over a much older shrine of Terminus, god of boundaries, and therefore he continued to receive worship alongside Jupiter. Juventas, goddess of youth, had a shrine within the cella dedicated to Minerva.

Each year, a festival called the Ludi Romani was held in September to honor Jupiter, along with Juno and Minerva. It included a solemn procession, a chariot race, exhibitions of horsemanship, and performances of dramas.

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PJO AU where Nico is the big burly muscle machine and Jason is the short not-as-muscley pipsqueak

Jason tried his best not to stare when the Ambassador of Pluto arrived with the Daughter of Pluto. The first thing that struck him when both appeared was that the ambassador already reeked with a deadly aura. 

He could feel his own soul trying to leap from his chest and get swallowed by the Stygian iron sword that was sheathed on this odd demigod’s hip. The girl, immediately Jason thought, could use work. He could tell that she’d never lifted a sword a day in her life.

But the boy was at least six feet tall, with a wide set of shoulders and an angular jawline that was sculpted to follow a skull. 

A much more attractive skull, Jason thought hazily as they gathered to determine Hazel Levesque’s fate. The murmurs were loud and deafening amongst the centurions, Dakota included as he tried to get Jason to speak. 

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Erebus had been right.

Camp Jupiter was fun.

He was roughly a week in- roughly- and Auren was enjoying himself thoroughly; sitting up over the roof of the Jupiter Optimus Maximus. He wasn’t supposed to be there- he knew that, and he had a feeling that the big guy knew that too by the way that the sky was rumbling- but he couldn’t bring himself to really care, and instead dangled his legs over the edge and watched with glee and a special pair of magical binoculars at his handiwork. He’d nabbed all the Venus children’s underwear and strewn them across the Mars cabin, grabbed those weapons and littered the parts along the Vulcan’s forges, and had gotten motor oil from there to drizzle over nearly all of the Minerva library’s books. All while making it perfectly obvious which compartment came from where, of course.

Petty? Yes. 

But also fun.

And that was all that mattered in the end, right? Watching the demigod children set fire to their own barracks and run all over each other. That was fun. 

He debated the finer points of gathering up the younger campers to play bungie-jumping-without-ropes with- he could catch them with his shadows before they went splat (or not, just to see how fast the Apollo healers could skedadle their way over), but that would also take effort on his part and hmm, no.

In line with his scrapped idea, Auren leapt off of the roof down to a pool of shadows he’d prepared below, landing softly and comfortably back in the Fourth Cohort’s barracks. Sure, a great tale about his dad that did not show up in person didn’t lend much in way of a recommendation, but it was better than taking up that skinny blond kid on his offer. He’d been all nasty, Auren had made sure to lace the fluff of his stuffed animals with maggots.

Maybe he’d take a leisurely walk and come back to check if the camp hadn’t burned itself into the ground.