jupiter iv


On November 1st, a planet burst into existence; emitting the sweetest scent and the brightest light. Conceived through love and affection, Audrey Jupiter Ivy-Sahaadi was born into the big, beautiful world we call Earth. The largest planet, the most beautiful. With a constellation mother and a zodiac father with nothing but love to give, she will be the sweetest thing, heart rivaling Aphrodite. The song we will sing for years to come, my love, will be one of joy and purity, just like you. Do you know how your name came about? Your father actually wanted to name you Leeloo, it was cute, I admit. But I named you Audrey, in honor of the most beautiful actress with the finest grace and class this world has ever seen: Audrey Hepburn. Your middle name is Jupiter, the fifth planet from the Sun and the largest planet in the Solar System, because you are larger than life. You will be great. I just…I can’t believe you’re here. It’s like a dream. I’m waiting to wake up, and to see you not there, but you are. You are. You exist. And you will be the greatest existence this beautiful world of nature and wonder has ever seen. 🌙

I read this post and decided that I should make a better another version with slightly more…variety.

MBTI Types As Classical Music.

•ESTJ: Bach - Brandenburg Concerto no. 3, Allegro
•ESFJ: Mozart - Overture, Le Nozze di Figaro
•ENFJ: Beethoven - Symphony no. 3 Eroica
•ENTJ: Tchaikovsky - 1812 Overture
•ESTP: Gershwin - Rhapsody in Blue
•ESFP: Holst - IV. Jupiter, The Planets, Op. 32
•ENFP: Smetana - The Moldau
•ENTP: Mendelssohn -  Violin Concerto In E Minor, Op. 64
•ISTP: Chopin - Nocturne Op. 9, No. 1 in B flat minor, Larghetto
•ISFP: Liszt - Liebestraum no. 3
•INFP: Haydn - String Quartet No. 53 in D Major, “The Lark,” Op. 64, No. 5
•INTP: Beethoven - String Quartet Op. 131
•ISTJ: Bach - Cello Suite No.1 in G
•ISFJ: Saint-Saëns - Aquarium,  Le carnaval des animaux
•INFJ: Debussy - The Girl with the Flaxen Hair 
•INTJ: Tchaikovsky - Ballet Suite, Op. 20: Act 2, Scene (Lake in the Moonlight), Swan Lake

The next Pokemon Direct is coming out tomorrow, and I know it’s a silly hope but we may as well try!
In honor of this: a sleep deprived doodle of everyone’s favourite spaceman bads
Its very rushed and also I meant to add everyone’s signature pokemon but I realized there wasn’t enough room on the page. So that’s why there’s just a random rotom and skuntank, lol


GUYS my mom asked me for money to use in a raffle at this fancy gala she was attending. Since she said she was feeling lucky and that one of the prizes was two tickets roundtrip to anywhere in asia I gave her money. She agreed to split whatever she won with me. Then sneakily I sprinkled Full moon water that I had just made from this Sagittarius Full Moon on the back of her dress and whispered my intent in the mirror she got ready in. Then I traced a sigil for good luck over her 3 times while she wasn’t looking.

The Prince and the Cyborg - A Kaider Playlist

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i. enchanted - owl city | ii. secrets - onerepublic | iii. drops of jupiter - train | iv. cosmic love - florence + the machine | v. this love - taylor swift | vi. true colors - marina and the diamonds | vii. begin again - purity ringviii. you are the moon - the hush sound | ix. counting stars - onerepublic