I AM HERE FRIENDS WITH A SPECIAL GIFT TO NOAHH (it’s all her fault, now i can’t stop loving them) BECAUSE SHE’S AWESOME AND IF YOU DON’T LOVE HER YOU’RE LYING (Come on, it’s impossible not to love this cute little baby owl). Never thought i would ship pokemons but there, i’m shipping it. yup.(It’s funny how they have the same faces in half of the drawings ha ha, i’m so good at this)

(i’m expecting that since this is a photoset, that last image would be shit to see, here’s where you can see it better: link )


“One; Yarrow is excellent for alleviating high blood pressure. Fevers can be reduced with lemonbalm, elder, skullcap, goldenrod or thyme.

Two; Positive associations and vivid colours or exaggeration make difficult information easier to remember.

Three; Saving someone you love may prove impossible; but watching them suffer is even harder.”