So i’ve been publishing edits daily for almost a year now and i wanted to thank all my followers that clicked on that small + button because of that. it means a lot to me! this year was quite unfortunate but it got better mainly because i got to know amazing people on here, so thaank you guys <3 I just wanted to share my current favourite blogs with you below this shitty edit, so that your dashboard will look just as great as mine /(^-^)/: 

a-g //  031226aktf4ktfe5c5ssiechangdeerchesuyonchibisuzchristmashinkidbsk-heaven dbsk-y, disvelocitiesdongbangsexualdumbandconfusedfiveternal

h-m // hobangjae, jaejoongsjijijaeroicjagga,  joongwonhi junxia-junxiu , justjunsu 

n-s // nae-sesangshemchangmin,  shimcharmingshim-jung-loveshimxiasrstvxq,  squishyyun 

t-z //  the6002theinspirationseekerthe-maxiasmtohoshinkou,  tohososhi , 
udon-changminvanitysixxwaewaewaewonderluust,  youknowmaximumyuntiger

thank you all for putting so much time and effort in your edits or spamming my dash with quality posts! i might have forgotten some other great blogs, so pleeease don’t be mad if i did >///<
i orginally wanted to do a vid and thank you personally but…/hides only if someone wants me to say something specific/runsoff