juntwei  asked:

hi mind taking a look at the fan comic i did about zen? Its in my blog many thanks for your time

omg i just looked at it and,,,, i’m not crying ur crying

seriously tho that shook me to my core, it’s so good!! and honestly your art style is fuckin A.  you guys should check it out! here’s a link to the first part

Part of me leans toward this one. Simple and stylish, as humans go, accepting of its own slight flaws, and never forgetting that the purpose of a holoform is to blend in.

But then the rest of me favors this one! If I’m going to masquerade as a human, I want to be decked out in a proper suit of armor, and I want it to look stunning! Who cares if it draws the attention of every human that sees it? 

I’ve been working on the holoform generator, trying to merge them both into one suitable disguise. It’s…a work in progress.

By which I mean they keep emerging with jumbled faces.