juntwei asked:

Thank you for reblogging my Guan gong! it became my popular post on my blog =D ! i am very happy!

Oh no problem! I thought your artwork was absolutely beautiful, and I can’t resist reblogging beautiful art for this blog! Especially if its art of a character who does not have much fanart floating around.

I hope you get inspired by other DW characters! :D

Part of me leans toward this one. Simple and stylish, as humans go, accepting of its own slight flaws, and never forgetting that the purpose of a holoform is to blend in.

But then the rest of me favors this one! If I’m going to masquerade as a human, I want to be decked out in a proper suit of armor, and I want it to look stunning! Who cares if it draws the attention of every human that sees it? 

I’ve been working on the holoform generator, trying to merge them both into one suitable disguise. It’s…a work in progress.

By which I mean they keep emerging with jumbled faces.

juntwei asked:

hrmm not sure if you ignore my last question or maybe you didnt see it, oh well i shall bombard you with another one than =D . would you like me to draw your portrait, it would be my honour!

Asking whether I had a holoform? Yes, I have it. And 34 other questions to keep it company. But I’ll make my way up the list to it soon enough.

Then again, if ignoring asks nets me free portraits of myself…