[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 160722 Junsu’s mom shares a screenshot of Junsu’s text to his dad for birthday

[PHOTO] 준수야~같이 밥 못먹어서 아쉽다~! 내가 니몫까지 잘먹었어~~ㅋㅋ 태국공연 잘하고와!~~~

Junsu-yah~ Sorry that we can’t eat the meal together~! I ate your portion well~~ㅋㅋ Go do well at the Thailand performance!~~~


From Junsyu❤:


Sincerely happy birthday
I love you

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future mother in law :D hahahaha jk but in all seriousness, Junsu definitely gets his singing abilities from his mom. This woman can SING :O

Twitter Update de la Mama de Junsu [09.04.12]

En la Terraza de un cafe por un rato despues de hacer unas compras♪^^

Junsu que esta dando un autógrafo unos fanaticos que pasaban por la calle, lo reconocieron y le pidieron su autógrafo sin pensarlo mucho^^ También iran al concierto^^ Estan muy orgullosos de haber comprado los boletos (Sonriendo de oreja a oreja)~♪♪


Genialmente compro la cena para todos los trabajadores (alrededor de 10 de ellos) que fueron juntos, todos se pusieron felices^^… Junsu escogio los platillos para nuestra mesa… Que tal se ve~? Ahi~~ esa mano que se puede ver solo un poco “De quien es esa mano”??

Waah~~ He tenido mucha suerte hoy!! Los accesorios que me dio Junsu como regalo durante las compras de hoy~^^ Despues de haberlos escogido el mismo… me los puso, los miro seriamente por unos instantes y asintio con la cabeza… “Cuanto es por todo? Los quiero todos…” Es asi como me los entrego~ ke

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Spanish Tranlation: Sunshineusagi-Dos
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Junsu’s cats at his Mom’s Crebeau Shop (Taiwanese show)

Junsu's mom's Twitter update [04.09.2012]

At the open terrace cafe for a while after shopping~♪^^

Junsu who is giving autograph to the male fans who passed by the street, recognized him and asked for his autograph without hesitation^^ They are also going for the concert^^ They are so proud that they bought the tickets (smiling from ear to ear)~♪♪

He cooly bought dinner for all the workers (around of 10 of them) who went together, all of them are happy^^….Junsu chose the dishes for our table…How is it~? There~~that hand where you can see a little “Whose hand is it”??

Waah~~I’m on a lucky ride today!! The accessories present Junsu gave me from the shopping today~^^After choosing it himself…He put It on for me, looked at it seriously for some moment and nodded his head…“Altogether how much is it? I want all of it…” He did it like this~ ke

Credit: @zunoxiahmom
Translation: Naemaneum

[OTHER TWITTER] 140226 Junsu’s Mom thanks fans for the continuous support for Xia Jiwook

To all the fans who have spent all this time with our Junsu (Jiwook), thank you and I love you~♥ I’m so touched I won’t be able to forget all your applause and cheer~ Let’s… meet again~~^^ A picture with Jiwook whom I don’t want to let go~ hehe

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[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 160709 Junsu’s mom shares a backstage photo with Junsu

[PHOTO] 일본공연을 무사히 마친 기념샷~!
울 준수 너무너무 수고했어~^^
9번의 공연모두 자리를 꽉채워주시고 열정적인 응원을 해주신 팬분들..감사합니다!

Commemorative shot upon safely wrapping up Japan performance~!
Our Junsu had worked very very hard~^^
To the fans who tightly packed the spaces of all 9 performances [in Japan] and offered him passionate support..Thank you!

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