junsu's father

Junsu's father's funeral had ended

@taeccool: Everything’s over. Thank you everyone who came, and please keep on watching over for Junsu and his family to remain strong.

@Jun2daKAY: Dad forgive me for not being there at your deathbed. I promised my dad something he wanted to see from me a few days ago and I was going to show him that this March..I’m so sorry, dad.. 

@Jun2daKAY: For all those who offered their condolences for my dad..those who came to the funeral and sent flowers and those who stayed through the cremation ceremony..I deeply appreciate all your kindness..

@Jun2daKAY: Today my father’s ashes were placed at Dorim temple in Palgongsan, Daegu, where he used to frequent I pray with all my heart that he rests there peacefully..it hurts since there are so many things I haven’t done with him yet, that I wish I had.. I love you..and I’m sorry, dad..

@2PMagreement211: Hyung stay strong..!

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