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[JUNON] Da-iCE in Korea [Eng Trans]

JUNON didn’t think it would really be fun… it is said that this place is such a harsh location in the winter… . we heard that the Limited C version of Da-iCE’s latest album “NEXT PHASE” had bonus footage in South Korea, so we followed them there, but it was kind of tough! Here’s our complete coverage.

1. Early morning gathering, departure, and arrival

Yudai: It was cold.
Taiki: I was sleepy.
Sota: Samgyetang [Korean cuisine]
Hayate: I don’t even remember
Yudai: Tom Yum Goong [Thai cuisine]
Taiki: That’s another country
Sota: It was early in the morning
Toru: So early it was still the middle of the night
Sota: I ate breakfast at the Haneda Airport. Yudai-kun had katsu curry, me and Hayate and Toru-kun had udon noodles and soba. Taiki-kun… he vanished (Laughs)
Toru: Taiki-men, where were you?
Taiki: I thought about eating sushi, but I could not eat it for various reasons. I did not feel like eating at that time
Toru: It was a “it’s too early to do anything” feeling
Sota: All of us slept well in the plane
Toru: We slept beautifully
Hayate: Japan is close to South Korea. We arrived quickly
Taiki: The airport did not change much from Japan either
Sota: That’s right. Just the characters turned to Hangul
Yudai: Maybe it would be better not to say this, but I was still sleepy even after we arrived (Laughs)
Taiki: We’re a group that’s honest about our reality (Laughs)

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