(TRANS) Bangtan Boys on Junon July 2014 Magazine Interview

Rap Monster
Q: What do you think your personality is like?
A: I look reliable but there are still times when I feel confused/lost.

Q: What do you collect?
A: Since I like it, I have a lot of Supreme clothes. But there’s no stores in Korea so I buy it all online from overseas.

Q: What’s the one thing you won’t lose to others?
A: My rap and voice doesn’t lose to anyone! Also, gentle personality (laughs).

Q: What’s the origin of the name “Rap Monster”?
A: Predebut I always wrote “Rap Monster” when I was writing lyrics. I don’t know how but it became my nickname so I just used it when I debut.

Q: When did you realize you wanted to become an artist?
A: I always listened to Eminem’s songs when I was in junior high. I wanted to use music to express my thoughts. The reason I wanted to rap was because I didn’t want to be bound by the melody but rather to freely express my thoughts.

Q: What’s hard about being a leader?
A: At work there may be unexpected things that happen and I have to calmly lead the members. There’s always this kind of stress.

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Jsuki; AAA in CanCam, JUNON and Popteen

Here are some of the latest magazines AAA is featured in! They’ve also graced the covers of all these magazines as well, and I’m super happy for them! Mostly, the talk is centered around their ‘WAY OF GLORY’ album (which I bought too btw :B), but they’re also going to be the final few times which we’ll see them as a 7-person group.

Each of these magazines have also pin-ups in each of them. BLESS. Can’t even decide which of these photo shoots I like best, since they all look so great in every one, but I guess the Popteen one(?) would be my favourite of the bunch.

Wanted to get the AERA and anan magazine as well, but it’s sold out…(; ;) I’m going to try to get the May issue of NYLON though, which they’re also on the cover for.