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It was early evening and the glow from the setting sun painted everything in warm shades of red and orange.  Their shadows looked too tall as they maneuvered the rocky terrain, bodies tensed for combat.  The blood staining the soil looked black.

The grotesque, plant-like creature opened its mouth and let out a garbled roar.  Poison dripped from between its razor sharp incisors, hitting the ground with a hiss.

Neither of the two men were intimidated.  Swords were raised in response, light glinting off the lethal blades.

“I can’t stand these things,” the one in red groaned. “Can’t we hunt something else?”

“Lloyd, we’ve been over this,” his companion replied with a sigh.  “Sea fare to Junon is far from cheap.  We’re going to need this bounty.”

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kira-kira716 asked:

Hi! I was wondering, what are Uno-chan's solo activities? Is it things like her collaboration with ravina and Misafia?

Hi kira-kira716 !!(*^v^*)

Her solo activities are mostly acting;dramas, movies and stage. UNOッコリー was also a solo activity.

Solo collaborations would be Misafia, her perfume, JUNON series,Ravina, her UNOxPeko merchandise & collaborating with Tetsuya Komuro for his album(Digitalian is eating breakfast 2).

(TRANS) Bangtan Boys on Junon July 2014 Magazine Interview

Rap Monster
Q: What do you think your personality is like?
A: I look reliable but there are still times when I feel confused/lost.

Q: What do you collect?
A: Since I like it, I have a lot of Supreme clothes. But there’s no stores in Korea so I buy it all online from overseas.

Q: What’s the one thing you won’t lose to others?
A: My rap and voice doesn’t lose to anyone! Also, gentle personality (laughs).

Q: What’s the origin of the name “Rap Monster”?
A: Predebut I always wrote “Rap Monster” when I was writing lyrics. I don’t know how but it became my nickname so I just used it when I debut.

Q: When did you realize you wanted to become an artist?
A: I always listened to Eminem’s songs when I was in junior high. I wanted to use music to express my thoughts. The reason I wanted to rap was because I didn’t want to be bound by the melody but rather to freely express my thoughts.

Q: What’s hard about being a leader?
A: At work there may be unexpected things that happen and I have to calmly lead the members. There’s always this kind of stress.

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Seiyuu Trivia from Junon (2013 May issue)

Miyano Mamoru:

  • He’s happy when someone says that his voice is sexy.
  • He likes Tarako spaghetti (Tarako=salted fish roe) from a certain restaurant, but he doesn’t want to tell the name of the restaurant. (he said he doesn’t want to lose his refuge place lol)
  • On the last day of earth, he wants to eat something really expensive, so that he can say that “it’s not as good as I thought.”
  • He claims that his mind is still that of an 18 years old.

Fukuyama Jun:

  • He became seiyuu because the girl he liked wanted to become seiyuu. Basically he was trying to show her that he shared the same interest. He said his intention is “impure.”
  • He wants to be a seiyuu who can still shout out his lines even though he has turned 60.
  • He would still confess even if he knows he will be turned down.
  • He loves to give a surprise when giving gifts. One time, on a certain female seiyuu birthday, he gave her a bouquet with a box of earrings hidden inside. He also said that someitmes he thinks “how can I do such a corny thing.”

Kaji Yuuki:

  • He thinks his personality is too serious and boring.
  • He likes to read novel in Onsen.
  • He would still confess even if he knows he will be turned down. (Just like Junjun)
  • Because he has long eyebrows, his parents said that they look like insect’s legs. His female friends were envious of his long eyebrows though.

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[TRANS/INTERVIEW] WINNER on Junon Japanese Magazine November Issue

“My speciality is imitating Taeyang!!”

Hilarious self-introduction

SY: First, I would like to introduce our members to you. Taehyun is the type of person who is always cool on stage or in photo, but a person who is actually pretty cute in private.

TH: Look, just like this ♪ (Make cute poses, facing SY)

SY: And he has the talent to turn his thoughts into music. His music is easy to get into and something everybody can listen. I was very impressed.

TH: Thanks. Minho is very wild on stage and he can write cool rap lyrics. Despite having an attractive deep voice, his usual actions are cute. Japanese girls may fall in love with that. However, he is so derpy in private, like he always leaves something behind. (laugh) Oh, also, he is very good at imitations!

MH: For instance, I can imitate BIGBANG member, Taeyang, hosting in Japanese!

Other members: Taeyang! Kya <3

MH: (In Taeyang’s voice) Everybody, are you ready! Let’s go!

Other members: It’s really similar!

MH: Alright, let me introduce Seunghoon. He is not only a naturally gifted dancer but also a person that has good taste to make good songs and write beautiful lyrics. Different from stereotypical thoughts, the lyrics created by him is not something you will be able to forget once you listen to them. Now, about Seunghoon’s personality in private…

SH: (While making weird face) Heheheheheh.

MH: He is really awesome for being like this (laugh). I was joking. He is an innocent person and the one who always creates good atmosphere for all of us.

SH: Now, let me introduce Jinwoo. If I have to describe him with one sentence, I would say he is an angel! As an eldest member of WINNER with a warm heart, he always helps others more than himself. Also, as you can see, he is so handsome! However, I did not recognize his handsomeness, the first time I met him. Jinwoo had been pretty low-key in the past. But now that he became more confident, there is no doubt that he is a handsome guy.

JW: Thanks! In my opinion, Seungyoon has a lot of talent which allows him to do just about everything. He is really perfect. He really knows a lot about music and can write music that reflects his thoughts. That is an awesome skill. And about Seungyoon’s private life… (silence)

SY: You do not have anything good to say about me?

JW: No, there are! Ah, he smiles all the time. As a leader, he stays strong and positive through the tough times. He is our supporter for our mental health.

“Won on music shows, despite the fact that we have just debuted.

Everyday is like Christmas!”

JW: These days, I am addicted to Japan TV dramas. They are very interesting. It is also a good way for me to learn Japanese. I like “Hero” especially. Kimura Takuya is so cool!

SH: I think I am addicted to working out? I have been going to the gym at our company building and doing some trainings for a while. You will see my surprising muscles if I take these clothes off (laugh).

MH: Although I cannot do it these a days with our busy schedule, if I have time, I will definitely draw something. I use pen or other materials to draw things that I imagine.

TH: I am into things that stimulate my sense of smell, so I have been collecting candles, body shampoos, perfumes and etc.

SH: SY is probably addicted to composing songs, probably. He is already preparing for our next album.

SY: Uhm, I know it’s boring, but I’m not really into anything aside from song compositions (laugh). I’m very pleased to see our very first album making such an impressive achievements but such records are coming to us as pressure. I want to release our second album as soon as possible. We have just debuted in Korea and Japan, yet we received won on music shows so quickly. Some unbelievable things are happening these a days, so I feel like I’m walking in the clouds.

SH: It also gives me Christmas feels. I receive our fans’ loves and gifts everyday. We feel beloved wherever we go, even in Japan. I’m really grateful!

MH: We started our first Japan tour on September 11th and it’s really exciting for us to go to many places around Japan. Delicious food are the best! Like Motsunabe in Fukuoka, Tebasaki in Nagoya… I wanna eat them right now ♪

TH: I loved the snow in Hokkaido. It’s still September though (laugh).

Confess about your ideal types!

Are Busan guys similar to Kyushu guys?

SH: I love being fashionable, so it will be nice to have a fashionable girlfriend. Also, I like girls who dress simply and cutely. About the personality, I will be attracted to someone who has a firm personality and has her own opinion.

JW: My ideal type is someone who has white skin and a cute face like puppy. I like someone who is not oversized but not too skinny either. I would not like her to wear high heels, because I will look shorter than her. It would be nice if her height is about 165cm.

SY: My type is very close to that of Seunghoon’s. I like someone who has her own lifestyle and personality. Also, someone who tries her best to do everything, even if she cannot finish the job perfectly. I find those personality very attractive. About the looks… Actually I think the proportion is important, so I will not discuss about the appearances. Girl who has everything equally good is fine.

MH: It’s funny that I like girls who has sense of humor as same as mine. I’m gonna say that I’m really dumb, so if my girl can be dumb with me together, it must be nice. And if two of us can be dumb limitlessly, I can think about forming a comic duo or some group like that (laugh).

TH: I like someone who has a strong heart and body! I guess I look cool and give an impression to people that I’m a bad boy (laugh). But in fact, I talk a lot. So I like someone who I can talk to easily. I will not control my girlfriend when I’m in love. I think I’m the type of guy who won’t let girls feel difficult to approach.


Nam Taehyun, Kim Jinwoo, Kang Seungyoon, Song Mino, Lee Seunghoon. The Korean entertainment company “YG Entertainment"decided their boy group to become the first after Big Bang through a project called "WIN: Who is Next” where 11 trainees split into Team A and B fought against each other in many battles. And in the end Team A became the winners who earned the title of WINNER. Their average age is 20 years old. These five members possess great vocal, rap and dance skills but are also very skilled in song composing. They are truly a group of 5 hard working individuals with a lot of talent. They are currently busy with their first ever Japan Tour “WINNER 1st JAPAN TOUR 2014”.

Our concept is “seriousness”. - Seungyoon

— Your debut album is such a masterpiece. How many points would you give?

SY & JW: 100?

TH: I will give 10 points. This album is just our starting album, so it did not fully reflect our potential.

— It has a mature atmosphere. What is the concept of it?

SY: Album’s concept is “seriousness”. It is an album we created with our heart.

— What was the most difficult part for you during the production?

MH & SH: That the production had been postponing.

SY: That I did not feel confident about the songs that I composed. If there is no bottleneck, I will start to compose another song.

— How much time do you spend to make a completely finished song?

MH: One song takes for about a day or two, if it gets processed smoothly? 

SY: If it includes the composing time, I think it takes about one week. Color Ring is the song that we spent the most of our time out of this album.

— I feel like WINNER started strong and full of fighting spirits since “Go Up”, which is the song that set the beginning mark of your album.

SY: Indeed. And we’ve already sung it in Japan, so I guess Japanese fans know this song very well. That is why we made it as our title song.

— From Team A of WIN era to WINNER era now, how did your feelings change?

SY: It was really stressful to own the name of WINNER after we won, since there were lots of seniors from YG. But still, we managed to confidently do everything by now.

— Isn’t it exhausting to have schedules in Korea and Japan simultaneously?

MH: The most exhausting part is that because we have to sing the same songs in Korean and Japanese, we often mix up the lyrics.

SY: Actually, we cannot perform songs from our album just yet. Seunghoon doesn’t have time to make the choreographs, and with Zepp tour coming up, I’m a little bit worried. We will have to practice once we find a time to do so.

— What is a “WINNER thing” in your opinion?

SY: I think our weapon is that our music is easy to listen to, for everyone. Also, even though WINNER is an idol group, we are confident that we will not fall behind the amazing artists musically. I suppose that is our strength, too.

MH: I think our merit is that every member’s voice has its own personality, and everyone is different from one another.

— You mean you can show more charms by gathering five members who own rich personalities as an individual?

SY: Just like that!

SH: We received the title “the shortest” (*inferring that they spent the shortest time to win number one on music programs) after we debuted. We will consider that as our encouragement to do better in future, and I hope we can fulfill the general public’s expectations.

TH: We can say these things now, all because of our good luck. We consider the chance to meet our members and work under YG as a lucky opportunity. I think it’s more important to have good luck than to live. But the most luckiest part is that all of the members of WINNER are lucky.

— By the way, do you like the fashion senses that girls in Zipper magazine have?

SH: They are cute. Girls who have their own unique styles are charming.

TH: But if it’s too strong, there would be distinct division between lovers and haters.

JW: Models (from Zipper) are very beautiful.

— WINNER is also a group that have a very strong fashion concept. Do you have a particular taste about fashion?

SH: Just emphasize one point, and not over-dressing.

SY: Wear different clothes everyday.

MH: Make the color unified and use every color to decorate in small places. There are numerous type of styles, but I consider the color matching the most important aspect.

TH: I don’t have a particular taste. I think the most important thing is how well the outfit fits me.

JW: I think cool things are cool and cute things are cute!

SH: You don’t have your own style?

JW: Indeed (laugh).

Translated by fy-winner’s Liz & Isabella 

Scans by 5KI2NE