juno shepard

The Mercury-Redstone Launch Vehicle would be America’s first step in achieving space-faring status. Like other early rockets, the Mercury-Redstone was derived from a ballistic missile design, the PGM-11 Redstone. 

The PGM-11 Redstone became America’s first nuclear armed Short Range Ballistic Missile for defense in West Germany and Europe during the Cold War, from 1958 to 1964. Under Chief Designer Wernher von Braun, the Restone Missile (a descendant of the V-2) was also developed at Huntsville, Alabama at the Redstone Arsenal under the Army Ballistic Missile Agency (ABMA), for which the missile was named. It first launched successfully in 1953. 

Variants of the Redstone Missile include Jupiter-A, Jupiter-C, and Juno-1. Juno-I would be the launch vehicle for the United State’s first satellite - Explorer I, in January 1958 in response to the USSR’s launch of Sputnik, three months earlier. 

The Redstone platform would be used as the initial launch vehicle for the American space program’s Project Mercury. The Jupiter-C, with it’s elongated fuselage, carried enough fuel to bring the capsule to the edge of space, burning liquid oxygen and ethyl alcohol for 143 seconds through a Rocketdyne A-7 engine. The first flights of Project Mercury carried empty capsules, followed by Ham the Chimpanzee, and subsequently the first American in space, Alan Shepard aboard Freedom 7, in May 1961.

Shepard would be followed by Gus Grissom two months later, aboard Liberty Bell 7.

The Mercury-Redstone would no longer be used to launch Astronauts following Grissom’s flight. But the design of the Redstone would prove enduring. The Saturn I rocket, initially developed by the ABMA and used for NASA’s Apollo program, used a cluster of Redstone tanks making up the first stage of the the I and IB of the Saturn family of rockets.

The Redstone, as a missile, would serve the Army until 1964, when it was replaced by the MGM-31 Pershing missile. However, surplus rockets would continue to be used, including to launch Australia’s first satellite, WRESAT, in November 1967. 

Evening sketch of the Chubster. Would really like to just sketch and doodle more, I have a terrible tendency to overwork things.

Also, just want to give out a quick thanks to the folks liking and reblogging and saying nice things. There’s not a whole heap of happiness in my life, so it really turns a gray day into a pink one to see people are enjoying the ol’ scribbles. *hugs* :)

I fully blame this on @chenria, for in the last months she flooded Tumblr with awesome Dragon Age artworks which always made me squee. That forced me to draw again and after two years of absence I was really glad to find out I still am able to use my graphic tablet to draw something, that takes more than ten minutes :D

Shega! My favourite ME3 couple, maybe my favourite couple out of the whole series! And I am NOT being bothered by the fact that James Vega is not a romanceable mate. (Seriously, Bioware, WTF?! Killing Thane and leaving us dames with only Garrus and three female romance options in ME3? You gotta be kidding me. Also, male!Shep is flooded with romance options. Biased, innit? [Edit: I totally forgot that Kaidan Alenko is a romance option. Too bad I killed him off. Y_Y Also, he looks a bit like Mr. Bean.])

So, in my head cannon, and since James heavily flirts with fem!Shep in ME3 I had to draw this. My good-hearted Juno Shepard, Lola, and her subordinate Lieutnant James Vega. This took me a week, I think, and I don’t know if I have the time to color it, because I have a whole stash of ideas in my head concerning those two, and my other OTP Silea Shepard x Thane Krios. Maybe I’ll add an background, too.

 I need to find the time to draw more often, I really enjoyed drawing this :3