EXO Reaction to You (S/O) Being Rude to a Man Flirting With You

I really think that some men need to learn how to be polite if they are going to try and flirt. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this reaction. <3

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Baekhyun: he was automatically pissed when he heard the man flirting with you. He was standing right beside you, so he had no idea what made the man think that you were someone he could flirt with. “I’m sorry. But I am not sure if you are blind, but I am clearly standing here with my boyfriend, so you can walk away now.” He smiled at the boy. “You heard my jagiya, you can go that way.” He added happily.

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Chanyeol: There were a string of curse words that came flying out of your mouth the moment he heard you heard the man cat calling you from across the street. You were telling him to learn how to properly talk to a woman, not really caring about the profanity that came out. He stared at you in utter shock. He glanced at you as though you were a complete stranger.  

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Chen: He was about to say something, but before he even could, you started talking. “Excuse me! Do you know how rude that was of you to call me ‘chick’ and ‘sexy mama’? I am not an object, now learn to show others respect.” You yelled at him as you walked away from the man who had approached you and your boyfriend. You turned to Jongdae, and he automatically held up his hands. “I won’t say that to you, I promise.”

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D.O.: He was instantly impressed by you when he heard you telling off the man. He had been flirting with you almost all night at the bar. You tried your hardest to ignore him, but it finally broke you. Without a second thought, you started to tell him off. Kyungsoo remained silent beside you as you scolded the other boy. Once you were done, he smiled a little, silently praising you.

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Kai: “Hey there sexy. Why don’t you come over here? Let me show you what a real man is like.” A man called out to you. You turned around, spinning on your heels in a second and stared at him with piercing eyes. “Yeah, why don’t you let me know when you find one? Until then, I’m going to stay with my perfect boyfriend.” You threw back at him. Jongin smirked, placing his arm around your waist and pulling you away. Knowing he was dating the toughest girl.

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Lay: He hated that someone would be as rude to try and flirt with you while he was standing right there beside you. If there was one thing he hated it, it was disrespect. But the moment you started to scold the boy for being rude, he felt proud. “Well, you heard my girlfriend. You should really learn to be politer.” He told the boy awkwardly as he started to walk away in the direction you came from.

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Sehun: “Oh wow, you must think you are some big guy for hitting on a girl whose boyfriend left for a mere second. Is that also why you are standing with your chest out; trying to look like you are actually manly? You see this man next to me? Yeah, he is a thousand times manlier than you will ever be.” You yelled at the boy. You turned to Sehun as he came up to your side. He smiled at you. “Oh, you can just keep going.” He said happily.

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Suho: He tried to pull you away from the man who was overly flirty with you. He reminded you that there was no point in stooping down to his level, but the more the two of you walked away, the ruder the man’s comments became. You finally turned to him and insulted him severely. When you turned back to your boyfriend, he smiled, gesturing for you to go with him. “I am happy you stood up for yourself, but let’s just keep moving.”

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Xiumin: “I know I am sexy, and that is why I am with a sexy man, and not you.” You told the cat-caller as you walked away. You barely even gave him the time of the day, flipping your hair and moving closer towards Minseok. He placed his arm around you, looking at you and raising an eyebrow. “Well, I would definitely agree that you are sexy.” He said in his own flirty tone.

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EXO’s Reactions When They Accidentally Touch Your Boobs .

Sehun:  He’d just keep doing what he was doing, not even apologizing.

Kai:  He wouldn’t even apologize for touching your boobs and would just keep doing what he was doing, acting like nothing happened.

Tao: He’d probably laugh a little and might “accidentally” touch your boob again before saying sorry to you.

D.O: His eyes would probably go wide and he’d just sit there for a few seconds. *not even realizing what he is doing.*

Chanyeol:  He’d probably just laugh, saying sorry and, while he is saying sorry, he’d be the type to touch your boob again when he says it, like he is apologizing to it.

Chen:*laughs his ass off* he wouldn't even care.

Baekyun: It’s not fault that your boob was in the way of my hand.

Lay: He probably wouldn’t have even noticed until you told him that he just touched your boob, but then he’d quickly apologize to you.

Suho: He wouldn’t really know what to do.

Kris: *Speechless*

Luhan: *you complaining in the background*That wasn’t what you said last night when I did more than touching them.

Xiumin:  Stop being a drama queen, that wasn’t even your boob!


I have a story from EXO'luXion in Dallas m'k.
so my friend and I created this poster that said “Chen, will you be my Valentine?” in Korean and I was super excited and I was always wishing that Jongdae would notice it (even though someone else told me that he wouldnt…). So when we got to the concert and everytime they had a ment my friend and I would hold up the poster to try and get his attention. Baekhyun and Sehun kept staring at us and Chanyeol noticed it too. So I started to lose hope and at the very end of EXO'luXion (when Unfair was playing) Jongdae walked over, shielded his eyes from the light and read the poster, and then he gave me a thumbs up and I can confirm I was the happiest fangirl in there. My idol was my first Valentine.

Exo's Reaction to you falling asleep on their lap


*You two started to watch a movie together. He chose the movie but you didn’t really seem interested in it. So you decide to lay your head on his lap. You slowly start to fall asleep. He was very focused on the movie but glances at you to see if you were watching. As he sees that you fell asleep, he smiles and starts to play with your hair. As he plays with your hair he focuses back on the movie and continues watching it.*


*Luhan and the rest of the boys were going on a trip so they invited you to come with them. You got stuck in a car with Luhan, Xiumin and Chen. They didn’t want to listen to music and neither were they talking so you got really bored and decide to go to sleep. So you lay your head down on Luhan’s lap and drift off to sleep. He looks at you to see if you were completely asleep and when he confirms it he just stares at you and moves the hair out of your face.*

Luhan: *looks at the boys smiling* “Isn’t she adorable.”


*You guys arrive extremely early to the airport because Kris thought it was at that time but it really wasn’t so you guys had to wait for a few hours. Since you barely got any sleep you decided to take a little nap. You lay your head down on Kris lap and fall asleep. He glances at your beautiful face and smiles a bit but doesn’t let it show too much since there were people looking at him but inside he was smiling the biggest smile ever because he thought you were cute when you sleep.*


*You get home from work late and find Suho sitting on the couch waiting for you. Since he was waiting for you, you sit next to him and lay your head on his lap. He asks if you were tired but you said you weren’t. 5 minutes later you fall asleep. He stares at you and smiles*

Suho: *to himself* “I knew she was tired.”


*You and Lay were waiting for the rest of the boys to get ready so you guys could go to the fan meeting they had. Since they were taking so long you just place your head on Lay’s lap and close your eyes for just a moment. You end up falling asleep. He glances at you and smiles but then it fades away and turns into this (gif) as they tell him that it was time to go. He didn’t know what to do at this moment because he didn't want to seem mean and wake you up so he ends up carrying you to the car.*


*He was sitting on bed next to you reading a book. You started to get bored so you lay your head on his lap to get his attention but he just ignored you. So you start to play games on your phone but then end up falling asleep. He glances at you to see if you were asleep and as he notices that you were he starts playing with your hair and touching your face. You start to wake up because you of this and he just pretends that he wasn’t doing anything.*


*You two were having a discussion about something you saw on TV. You lay your head on his lap and just look up at him as he is talking. But all of a suddenly as you two were talking you start to get tired and end up falling asleep mid conversation. He just looks down at you laughs as he sees that you fell asleep.*


*He was hanging out with the boys while you were in the bedroom by yourself. You felt lonely so you went to where everyone else was at. You sit next to Chanyeol and lay your head on his lap while he continued to talk to the boys. You drift off to sleep since they weren’t really talking to you. While still talking he looks at you to see if you were awake but you weren’t. He smiles at the fact that you just came to fall asleep on his lap and because he thought that you looked adorable.*


*Since you two haven’t had alone time in a while you guys decide to have and all nighter. You guys play around for a little but then end up on the couch just talking and watching a movie. You lay your head on Kyungsoo’s lap so you could be more comfortable. You end up falling asleep. He glances at you to see if you fell asleep and you did. All he does is stare at you and admire your beautiful face. He starts to notice your beauty marks and is amazed on how it made you look more beautiful.*


*Tao was mad at you because you came home late last time and didn’t tell him that you were going to be home late. He had been waiting for you all night and was worried. So he goes to the bedroom mad and sits on the bed. To make him stop being mad at you, you lay your head on his lap and start to do aegyo and funny faces so he would laugh or at least smile. He was still mad so you say sorry and just close your eyes and fall asleep. As he looks at you to see if you were sleeping he smiles at the fact that you were home safe and because of all your attempts to make him laugh.*


*You come home from a very long busy day preparing for a friends birthday party. You see Kai on the couch almost falling asleep and he notices you and smiles.*

Kai: “Are you tired? *you nod* I am too. Come lay your head here lets fall asleep together.”

*So you go lay your head on his lap and you both drifts off to sleep.*


*You two decided to workout together today. After coming back home from the gym, you both take a shower and then go to the living room and chill on the couch. You lay your head on his lap as he was telling you something that happened with the boys. As he was talking he notices you closing your eyes for long period of time and then opening them back up.*

Sehun: “You’re tired aren’t you? I bet you’re going to fall asleep.”

*You argue with him that you weren’t tired that you were listening to him telling the story. As he finishes you were already knocked out so he just laughs and says to himself that he knew you were tired and that you were going to fall asleep.*


Junmyeon: “it’s time to…say goodbye”
Baekhyun: “no no! nope!”


Imagine being on a vacation with this dork.

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Suho is a cutie


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