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EXO Reaction to: You Being a Famous Vlogger

Xiumin: is impressed that you’re creative and talented enough to not only create vlogs but be famous for them. he likes watching and re-watching your vlogs when he’s on tour, so he can see what you’re up to and hear your voice

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Luhan: is reading the comments. “what? jagi, you should block these people. look at the disgusting things they’re saying about you!”

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Kris: it’s a way for him to know you’re okay while he’s away, without him having to call or text you 24/7. he watches them before bed, since it helps him relax to know that you’re fine

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Suho: *watches the vlogs he’s in and cringes at how corny he can be* “do I really say those cheesy things?”

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Lay: “so you film your life and people sit at home, watching you have fun? why don’t they just go outside and do those things themselves?”

“who cares?” you say. “it’s how I make money”

“fair enough”

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Baekhyun: “I’m guessing you want me to appear in some, right? to up your views?”

“no, thanks, babe. I’m already famous. I don’t need you dragging out some crazy fan girls and ruining that”

“but I’ll make the video better?”

“no you won’t”

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Chen: “let’s face it, jagi. the only reason you got so famous is because of that one video where I was about to take off my shirt”

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“that’s my vlog with the least amount of views” you inform him


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Chanyeol: “why do people find this so interesting? you’re just eating your breakfast and walking our dog?”

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D.O: “so you’re making videos where people get to see you bare faced, in pajama’s and with morning voice? that’s great, babe” jealous, jealous, jealous

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Tao: “oh, you want me to be in one?” *completely acts up and steals the spotlight from you*

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Kai: “I’m really proud of you but make sure you talk about me a lot, so people know you’re taken!”

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Sehun: thinking, ‘I can’t believe I’ve never been asked to appear in any of these vlogs’

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ultimatum {pt. 2}

member: byun baekhyun, kim junmyeon

genre: fluff, angst

summary: a trip back home for your sister’s wedding brings back all sorts of memories, including an ex-boyfriend. 

[part 1]


“so what do you do?” junmyeon asked baekhyun as you leaned over to turn the stove off. you listened in idly as you gathered plates and forks.

“ah, i run a department in video game production,” he said softly, taking a sip out of the coffee you just handed him. you couldn’t help but smile; he got to where he wanted to go and was still probably climbing honestly. he peered at you as you handed him a plate, before cracking a side smile and saying, “what?”

your head still bent to the floor and eyes downcast, you quickly shook your head. “nothing,” you managed out, growing hot that he noticed you. “just, uh, that you would always play those things before.”

“hm yeah,” he said wistfully, looking away, “guess it paid off.”

junmyeon looked at you. “you guys knew each other well?”

you looked at him, pleading him not to ask anymore questions, but there was still a curious look on his face. sighing heavily, you glanced at baekhyun, before offering a sheepish smile. “uh yeah, he was…um…my ex-boyfriend.”

to say junmyeon was shocked and possibly a little angry would be nothing but the truth.

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