🎭EXO: “The Mask Concept” Part 3🎭

*****Okay so I’m making a new post about this because it is now relevant!*****

In late 2014, when I was taking a break from school and had a lot of time on my hands I compiled a lot of comeback rumors and created two posts, one on @kmexoplanet and one on here about a Phantom of the Opera concept that I thought EXO was going to use for their upcoming comeback. This was when the members were filming their pathcode teasers which is why rumors were flying around so much. part 1 | part 2

Here’s a much more condensed version of both of those posts (this will still be long lol):

Xiumin teased EXO’s “new” choreography in EXO’s first box (2013), something involving throwing a mask on the ground, yet it has never been shown in the comebacks following “Growl.”

Many fans have seen Kai practicing this mask dance (these are from Gayo Daejun 2013 and TLP Beijing)

Sehun was practicing this choreo on 141015 so we thought it was for the new comeback, but it ended up being for the Kolon CF, which looked slightly more like it went along with the mask concept, in my opinion

And I still believe that this choreo could be the 2016 comeback.

Now, as far as the new things go, I realize that this was just one post taken from twitter but

I didn’t think the mask dance would come back! Also the Baekhyun high note wasn’t that much of a surprise but whatever and Sehun’s recent insta/weibo post goes along with the blood stained shirt thing. 

And btw I have no idea what thtones is lmao I won’t even comment on it. I am clinging to the Ventage Frost Demo in the hopes that it will finally be the new song.

A lot of people are talking about the devil (lol) and 666, Michael vs. Lucifer, even One Piece! (theory here) and stuff which wasn’t I had originally thought but hey, it could go anywhere at this point. My imagination was going towards more Phantom of the Opera/Masquerade, especially combined with that demo song, it would be so nice. Also the “Light vs. Dark” concept is an old rumor too, and I thought that since the Kolon cf choero was like a battle that it went along with those rumors as well. Let me know what you guys think! I tried to not make this too long but it is. Lol oh well~

Credits: @fy-sehunoh, @d-hoes-baekon, @c92, @dailyexo, @xingbarachen There are links to many videos/fancams on the old posts even though a couple have been deleted. Most of the gifs are mine.

EXO reaction to their girlfriend asking them for a neck massage

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*Agrees because he is a precious boyfriend who cares for his girlfriend’s well being*


“I’ll do it the Galaxy way.” *Kept getting the pressure wrong until he got it right after 4 tries*


“Do I get something out of it babe?” *Always using the opportunity to get you to do something for him in return (Sassy Maknae)*


*Pulls you into his lap and continues your request*


“Anything for my jagi.” *Behold the fluffy Jongin*


“You look like you could use one with the way you were sleeping on my shoulder last night after the movie.” *Knew it was coming sooner or later*


“If I do it, will you do mine after?”


“Are you sure it’s JUST a neck massage?” *Hoping that the massage ins’t the only thing you want*


“Tricks you into thinking he would actually do it but instead he tickles you*


“How about a nice warm bath afterward too? You look like you could use one.” *Caring for your well being like the good boyfriend he is*


“A-a neck massage? Sure. *Not sure which way you mean. Precious unicorn is confused*


“I need one too. Let’s go to the spa instead. That way, we could relax together.” *Junmoney in the house. (You’re Kyungsoo)*

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Transformer / Part 14 (Final)

Exo as Wolves AU

Word Count: 2796

I am crying right now I can’t believe it’s over.


“I can’t believe this happened.” She sat in front of you, her arms folded in her lap, head down. “I thought that after everything with me and Kris that Dan would be out of everyone’s life.”

“He will be now.” Jongdae reached forward, holding her hand gently.

You smiled at her reassuringly. You could feel her emotions running through you. She felt responsible for all that happened. Everything that happened to her and Kris, and now you.

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EXO : High School Cliques
  • Xiumin:the jock
  • -"no homo bro"
  • -"dude im not gay wtf"
  • -constantly wants to fight
  • Luhan:the arthead
  • -gains inspiration from a freaking vent in the wall
  • -bookmarks the pages of the yearbook Xiumin's in
  • -doesn't eat lunch but sketches Minseok and combs his gelled hair
  • Kris:well-known kid who's actually rich af
  • -"i seriously just don't care"
  • -uses his mansion for parties while his parents are away at wine tastings
  • -sits at the back of the class room and flirts with girls
  • Suho:the nerd
  • -does other people's homework for fun
  • -calls the teacher out for making a mistake
  • -embarrasses himself everyday without realizing it
  • Lay:the stoner
  • -"have you ever thought about...chicken. just chicken, man."
  • -zones out in class and gets called on to read
  • -biggest role model is the string cheese he eats for lunch
  • Baekhyun:the troublemaker
  • -always talking to someone that doesn't wanna talk to him
  • -starts the truth or dare game at parties
  • -only watches anime
  • Chen:the class clown
  • -never gets in trouble because the teacher's used to his ways
  • -rests his feet on his desk and taunts other people actually trying to learn
  • -knows in depth information about EVERYONE in the school
  • Chanyeol:the gamer
  • -bed head everyday
  • -sleeps in class to make up for his lack of sleep at night
  • -"Dragon Slayer is 10 times better than Death Machine, seriously like Death Machine's cheats are so.."
  • D.O:the drama geek
  • -sings broadway musicals in class
  • -hates every other clique (especially the gamers and troublemakers because of countless reasons)
  • -"They just get to run around, being stupid and somehow pass their classes, while I have to work my ass off. Fucking imbeciles."
  • Tao:the hipster
  • -"r u serious, people are just now finding out about this. i knew about it first youfuckingbitchesstOPSTEALINGMYSTYLE ISTFGIWILLEND YOUANDYOURFUCKIGNFAMILYI HATE EVERYTHING"
  • -goes to a chiropractor
  • -90% diva 10% internal pain from being surrounded by fake hoes
  • Kai:the emo
  • -only finds happiness in puppies because humans hurt every living thing
  • -performs slam poetry at the school hangout about depressing shit that he has no experience with
  • Sehun:the prep
  • -"im the realest bitch here"
  • -talks shit 24/7
  • -gets turnt at parties and posts SO MANY snapchats of him twerking and doing other crazy shit
the first rule is not to fall in love

suho / tao | sugar daddy au, smut, drama, romance | nc17 | 7.5k | novilunar

Tao’s relationship with Joonmyeon is more complicated than it’s supposed to be and Tao doesn’t know how to stop.

+ also available on archiveofourown