Genre: God AU (Special thanks to @3kpop2jagi1 and B who helped me brainstorm this!! Itโ€™s a combo from both lovely ladies!)ย 

Pairing: Suho x You

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The waves crashed on the shore as the sky darkened. You could hear it from where you are in the bed room as you brushed your hair. You chuckled softly, knowing exactly what it would be about. You made your way towards the window and heard another crash of waves. Its height made you smirk. So, you grabbed your wrap and made your way outside.

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EXO Confessing

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suho-trash said: Can you do an exo reaction to them confessing to their crush


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He would go all out for a confession, he would buy you a rose and a box of nice chocolates. He would be upfront about his feelings and he was happy to tell you whether or not you felt the same.


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He would be a little more low key about it. He would get you some flowers and tell you. He was torn because he loved your friendship but he knew he couldn’t hide his feelings any longer.


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He would accidentally let it slip that he had feelings for you. He would be so embarrassed that he just threw away all his planning by letting it slip like that.


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He would do something cute like a scavenger hunt and the last clue lead to him and he had a stuffed animal and confessed to you.


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He would casually go out with you and he bought you a coffee and would say with a straight face “I like you a latte” which causes you to choke on your coffee because you weren’t expecting such a cheesy line.


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You guys were hanging out and he was playing the piano. You kinda spaced out as he played the beautiful melody.

“I like you.” He would say.

Your eyes glazed over looking at the piano keys.


You came to and asked what he said.

“Nothing.” He would frown.

“I heard you the first time I just wanted to hear it again.” You teased. He would grin bashfully.


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He would kick everyone out of the dorm and cook you a special meal. By the end of it he would just confess whether you felt the same or not.


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He would just be casually hanging out with you. And he wanted to tell you so bad but he also would beat around the bush a bit until you realized what was going on and kind of coaxed him into confessing and you confessed as well.


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He just wanted to tell you he liked you, nothing extravagant or anything. But one of the other members convinced him to do otherwise. So he would like tie a note to Vivi while you were at the dorm and so when Vivi would come up to you and you would get his small love letter.

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Speak Softly, Love (5)

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Speak Softly, Love Mini Masterlist


Warnings: Swearing, Gun Violence and Death

The aggravating sound of your fatherโ€™s classical music was troubling you. During the two weeks that Sehun had disappeared off on a mission, you had become paranoid with worry. Every little thing that happened immediately caused you to think that maybe something bad had happened to Sehun. The way he left that day was so sudden and so rushed. He too was worried, you could see it in his eyes before he kissed you and left as quickly as he came.

And now your father playing classical music on end and having to resort to a few glasses of whiskey each night to allow him to finally fall asleep did not ease your worry one bit; but increased it tenfold. He only played music like this when he was deeply worried about something and the insomnia was a dead giveaway that something was not right.

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As the leader, Suho has a heavy burden on his shoulders. I wish I can help him to lighten the load, I still have a lot of shortcomings as the older brother. But it’s time to say it out. Suho, you can share some of these burdens with me now, share some sense of responsibility with me. And thank you for leading EXO.” — Xiumin

Suho is always filled with confidence. I personally feel that it would be due to the fact that he frequently prepares (for the concerts) a lot hence he’s able to feel very confident. He has an upright look which is very good. Lay

Suho hyung, even though my jokes may be too much you’ll still be accepting them, thank you. And thank you for whenever I’m troubled, you’ll brood over it as if it’s your own problem. Baekhyun

Suho hyung, I’m very grateful for you, leading the EXO members who have strong personalities all the way until today. If it were me I would probably be unable to do it, so I feel that’s even more amazing. Chen

Suho hyung is the person I consult the most often with about my problems. Hyung, now you know how much I like you, right? I hope that from now on, we can depend on each other. Chanyeol

Suho hyung, thank you for always tolerating the members’ childishness. D.O.

Suho hyung, thank you for always taking care of every member’s condition so meticulously as the leader. Please take care of me well in the future too.”  Kai

Suho hyung, you must have a lot of difficulties as the leader, right? Although I cannot fully understand how much responsibility you’ve shouldered, I hope that you’ll know our gratitude towards you. Sehun


to the love of my life, thank you for being my source of strength, for always making me laugh and for being the best leader and person ever. you deserve the universe and more!

happy birthday to our super leader hyung ♡ I love you to the moon and back~