If you’re confused as to what is happening with Baek, there are rumours going around that he is dating Taeyeon again because they have the same earphones.

This is none of our business because it’s his life and not ours and he deserves some privacy. Both of them deserve some respect and people need to calm down. Unless they tell us they are in fact dating we should stop commenting on his posts and hers.

Stop calling Taeyeon a whore. Stop bothering Baekhyun.

You do not own them.

Exo reaction to their s/o running away and leaving a breakup letter behind

( I know I said I wasn’t doing gif reactions but I was too inspired by this! Hope you like it) 

Xiumin: he has a pretty mature mindset once he read your letter he’d know exactly where you’re going and beat you to it. So you can both talk it out. 

“Minseok you’re here!“ 

“I thought you broke up with me?!”

Suho: “did y/n really really up with me?” He’d be disappointed with himself for losing you and stay at home all day rereading your letter. 

Lay: he’d be completely devastated he would let his emotions get the best of him and cry until his eyes dried out while thinking of everything he did wrong. To him you did nothing wrong it was all his fault. 

Baekhyun: he would act as if nothing happened, he would continue being his joyful self and making jokes and being loud but once he sees something that reminds him of you he breaks down all his true feelings coming out too late.

 "I’m fine… really" 

Chen: he knows how close you two are and how insanely in love he is with you. So he doesn’t even worry about you leaving him he’s going to get you back. He’d get in the car and sing the whole ride without a worry. “Y/N is so dramaaaaaatic”

Chanyeol: you won’t have anytime to leave once he reads your letter he will get to you in time no matter what. He won’t even think about it twice, he needs you.

Kyungsoo: “if she wants to break up that’s fine it’s her decision.” He’d act like he doesn’t care but the members know it’s not true. D.O would be moody and try to distract himself with food 

 Kai: “miss me? Because I missed you” Just like xiumin he knew exactly where you were going and beat you to it. He’d wait for you with roses and presents ready to convince you to take him back. You’re his royalty and he’s going to show you how much he cherishes you 

 Sehun: “Y/N is stupid that’s all” he’d mumble rolling his eyes at your letter. “I’ll call tomorrow I want to see how long y/n can go without me” he’d find the drama cheesy and would just want to make you pay a little by waiting a few days

About the exordium last night in mexico city

I’m posting the transformer part again :)
So here’s what happened:
So they were singing and dancing transformer as always ❤️ and at this part where they all walked to the front and dance, the audio cracked and we all (including them) were so confused but Suho (baby i love you you are the best leader) continued dancing and singing so the rest of the boys followed him WITHOUT MUSIC and all the fans were singing/screaming the lyrics so they would follow along. It didn’t last much because at the end they all laughed and were so happy we were trying to make the best of a bad situation but I swear that moment is when you realize you are in the right fandom.
That moment was the moment you see how amazing the fandom and EXO are, the love we have, the support and the care. It was just a mistake from the staff
Or whoever is in charge of the music, but they made a very magical moment.
At the end Suho said that the passion from Mexican fans (and also the international fans that were there) was so great that we crashed the audio xD and then he said we were lucky because we were going to see transformer two times (yes we were)
And we all know it’s a tough dance specially for Jongin and yet he danced it two times and he was soooo tired but he gave HIS BEST and we were all united screaming “Kim Jongin” supporting and giving him our love.
Maybe it’s not the same for other people that were there but for me it was one of the best moments of the concert because you could see that even in the hard times exo and exo-ls are united and there for each other.
It was amazing, it was the best concert ever. I’m so proud of them and proud of all the fans that were there. I’m sure that all who were there are going to agree with me and say it was one of the best concerts (if not the best) of the whole century. It was magical, perfect, amazing, out of this world, nothing can describe it.

EXO reacts to you getting asked to dance by someone else

REQUEST: Hi! Could you possibly do an EXO reaction to you being at a formal party and getting asked to dance by someone else? (Possibly could be in a relationship or on your way to being in a relationship with one of the members) :)

Minseok: You two would be shyly flirting with each other when one of your bosses asks you to dance. You’d look at him apologetically, and he’d gives you an assuring glance, telling you it’s okay. He wouldn’t be jealous because he knows what you feel for him, but would secretly give your boss glares.

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Luhan: He’d get jealous when your coworker asks you to dance, knowing you were dating him. He’d let you dance with him, keeping his eyes on your coworker. The second he sees him lower his hand on your hip, he’d pull you from him and dance with you himself.

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Yifan: He’d be getting up to ask you to dance when someone else asks you. He would start to think that he lost his chance with you, until he sees you reject him and walk towards him, asking him to dance.

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Junmyeon: He’d be dancing with you when the song ends and your boss asks you to dance the next song with him. He’d be reluctant to let you go, but eventually he’d let you dance with him, knowing he had nothing to worry about.

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Yixing: He’d laugh when so many guys ask you to dance and you say no. He’d see you walk towards him and he’d wrap an arm around your waist, kissing your cheek. He’d shyly ask you to dance and would laugh when you drag him to the dance floor.

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Baekhyun: He’d never let anyone get the chance to talk to you. He’d be so clingy and would try to dance to every song with you, just so no one else gets the chance to ask you. When he sees a guy go near you, he’d kiss you passionately to make sure they know to back off.

*you’re Heechul*

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Jongdae: He’d try his best not to get jealous when his coworker asks you to dance, but he’d have his eyes glued on the two of you the entire time, making sure his friend doesn’t try to pull anything with you.

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Chanyeol: He’d be silently flirting with you until he sees your boss asking you to dance. His face would fall, but he’d give you a small smile when he sees you look at him with concern. After the dance, his face would light up when you make the first move and go talk to him.

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Kyungsoo: After talking for a few hours during the party, he’d finally gather the courage to ask you on a date, but would be interrupted by coworker who shamelessly flirts with you all the time. When he asks you to dance, you’d scoff and brush him off, putting your hand on Kyungsoo’s to let him know who you’re interested in. He’d shyly smile and then give the guy the Satansoo look to back off.

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Tao: He’d whine when your coworker asks you to dance. He’d grab your hand and quietly tell you not to dance with him. You’d kiss him softly and tell him to stop being so jealous, that you love him more than anything, before going to dance with your co worker.

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Jongin: Knowing he was going to ask you out, your coworker asks you to dance with him to prove to him who you like. You look at Jongin and smile, telling the guy that you were actually planning on dancing with him instead.

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Sehun: He’d whine when your boss asks you to dance, knowing he has the hots for you. You’d squeeze his hand and assure him that there’s no need to get jealous, kissing him sweetly. As he watches you dance, he’d give your boss glares, making sure he knows not to go too far.

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EXO Reaction: Their Reaction To Their S/O Being Bratty {NSFW}

Could u please do a exo reaction to their girlfriend being bratty ? Thanks


Minseok being the switch he is can be dominating when he needs to be, but since he’s subbed to you more times than you have to him, he provides you with some leeway. “It would start out real simple, you wouldn’t know you were doing it until he called you out on it. Minseok had been so wrapped up in the comeback he was barely paying any attention to you, he didn’t notice this, of course, having his head in the clouds, but you did and you didn’t like it. It started with wearing his sweaters, he loved seeing you in his sweaters, he loved seeing you in his sweaters, they reached midthigh for you and you never wore panties underneath them.

"Minseok?” You called out into your apartment, “Minseok?” You walk down the hall, playing with the ends of the sleeves of the sweater you had slipped on. You walk into the living room, finding Minseok there with Sehun and Jongdae, the three of them lounging, watching some random show that was on when they had turned the television on. “Minnie, baby, why aren’t you answering me?” All three of their heads snap toward you, Minseok’s jaw locking at the sight of you in his sweater. He doesn’t say anything just motions for you to come here. You walk toward him and sit on his lap, your legs laid on the rest of the couch, your head falling to rest on his shoulder.

“Hi, noona,” Both Sehun and Jongdae wave to you before turning their attention back toward the television.

“Hey guys,” You mumble, hand coming up to draw shapes on Minseok’s chest. “Will you come back to bed with me, it’s ten at night.” The statement surprised everyone, “You two should head up to your apartment, or you could stay here, sleep on the couch, there are covers in the closet, I don’t really mind as long you,” You pause, poking his chest, “come to the room with me.” You stand up, off Minseok’s lap and he frowns when the sweat shifts a certain way, revealing the cup of your ass.

“Y/N?” He pulls you back onto his lap, the sudden and abrupt motion catching the two younger boy’s attention. “Don’t worry, everything’s fine,” He waves them off, eyes focused on them, as he leans in close to your ear. “I know you’re not wearing any underwear and normally I’d love to be able to peel the sweater off of you, and bend you over the nearest surface-fuck the shit out of you but not while my members are here.” He closes his eyes, trying to keep his chill. “I’m not going to punish, you, only because you caught me on a good day. Go to the room, put on some damn shorts, sweats, leggings, whatever, just put something on.” He sits back and you stay on his lap for a minute, frozen with shock. “Now!”


Junmyeon’s attitude toward you acting up all depended on the day he was having. If he was having a good day, he’d be a little more understanding. “It’s been a long day for the both of us, I know how you get when you’re tired, and horny princess, it’s okay, I forgive you.” If you caught him on a bad day…well, you’d most likely end up bent over his lap, his hand repeatedly coming down against your ass. Unlucky for you, the day you decided to act up…Junmyeon was at his wit’s end.

“Junmyeon, please!” You begged, tugging at his hand.

“Y/N, please just listen to me, not today baby, we need to be heading back toward the dorm in a few.” He sighed, wrapping his arm around your, kissing your temple. “Now, if we could please leave.” Junmyeon had brought you to the mall and you had been here for a good two and a half hours, he brought you here because he had missed your birthday while he was on tour and of course he had felt extremely bad, but now he was tired and you were stringing him out.

“No!” You stomped your foot, crossing your arms, standing still in your place. “Not until you take me to Bath & Body Works!” You pouted your lips, ducking under his arm. He shifted your bags in his hand, running his now free hand down his face.

“Y/N, what could you possibly want from Bath & Body Works? We’ve been to the damn store three times?”

“It’s right there on the way out, please, oh please,” You clasped your hands together, the customers and employees of Victoria’s Secret staring at the two of you like you were some t.v show, everyone truly entertained by your behavior.

“You know it’s not on the way out….if it were on the way out,  I wouldn’t mind going to the store, but it’s all the way on the other side of the mall.” Junmyeon smiles at the people whose attention the two of you had drawn. “Now, can we please leave because you’re causing a scene.” He whispers, stepping closer to you.

“No, no until you say we can go to Bath & Body Works,” Junmyeom growls and grabs you by the bicep.

“Y/N Y/L/N, I swear to god if you don’t stop fucking around with me, I will take all this shit back, take you home and I will bend your over my knee, and take my time spanking your ass until you’re sobbing, not crying, sobbing, begging me to stop. I swear, I will make sure you can’t walk properly, put on a pair of panties, pants, I will completely ruin your ass, stop fucking with me…please.” You look up at him, your eyes widen and you let out a shaky breath. “Do you understand?”

“Yes,” You nod your head,

“Now…what do you want to do?”

“G-go home,”

“Good girl,”


Yixing and you had this long conversation at the beginning of your relationship, discussing boundaries, kinks, things you were 110% into and things that would 110% turn you off. Tthe conversation lasted for a good two hours, which is why he was so confused you never brought up the fact, you were a little. When it happened, other members were there, Kyungsoo, Minseok, and Jongin, they littered the front room, Jongin and Minseok going head and head as they played some video game, it looked like Overwatch, was set up like Overwatch but it wasn’t Overwatch. You didn’t put too much thought into it, you didn’t play the damn game. You sat on the couch, head on Yixing’s lap. You were playing on your phone, ‘Angry Birds 2’, and Yixing was running his fingers through your hair, something he often did when he was bored or tired.

“Yixing?” You asked, sitting up from his lap. “I want to color,” Yixing furrowed his brows at you, tilting his head to the side.

“I’m sorry, what’d you say?” He giggled a little, finding your sudden change in attitude a little childish.

“I sad I want to color,” You pouted, crossing your arms. You felt like crying, not understand why he wasn’t understanding what you wanted. “I want to color, now!” You shout, your voice getting higher. This draws the attention of the others, the game even being paused.

“I-I-I don’t understand, I’m-I’m sorry,” Yixing’s cheeks begin to heat up at everyone focused on the two of you, he truly had no clue what you were up to and he was growing frustrated, “Y/N, what are you talking about?”

“I actually want to paint.”  You look over toward the hall, “Do you think we have paint? Finger paint?” You hold up both your hands, your face splitting into a wide grin. “Yixing! Get me some paint!” You tugged at his hand, your eyes widening as you begged him to get you paint and paper. Yixing watched you, his lips pulled into a tight line.

“H-have you slipped into little space?” It finally clicked in his mind and he had to force himself not to burst out laughing, not because it was funny but because he was truly embarrassed. He had read somewhere that if your partner slipped into little!space you were supposed to immediately tend to their needs, he could only imagine how you felt…him denying you the first two times.

“I think so,” You muttered, shaking your head, clearing your thoughts. “Now can we get some finger paint and paper? Or a new stuffie?” Yixing furrowed his brows,

“What the hell is a-” He shook his head as well, not wanting to upset you at all. “Yeah, yeah, let’s go.”

Baek, Chen, Chanyeol

Ksoo, Kai, Sehun

Rough Times [Suho]

I don’t like her. 
He deserves better.
She is nothing.
Not pretty, not charismatic.
I want him to be happy.

It was always like that, every website you read, said horrible things like that. It made you sad, you weren’t even mad because they called you names, but it made you sad that they wanted your boyfriend to be happy and all they did was to attack him. “It’s alright Y/N, I don’t care about what they say, the only important thing is my opinion of you” And he meant it every time you heard him say it, but deep in your heart you felt the need of being accepted, after all you were one of them, just another girl supporting her oppa. 

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