pilferingapples  asked:

Les Mis Lost World AU?:D (er, I mean the There Are Secretly Prehistoric Lands Hidden Somewhere thing, just in case there's multiple stories with that name.)

I haven’t read the book, but isn’t this the one where they find dinosaurs in the Amazon junles?

  • Best case scenario would obviously be the one where it’s Combeferre who gets there, because he OBVIOUSLY survived the June rebellion, evaded arrest and some years later got to be part of an exciting zoological expedition.
  • But knowing the general luck of everyone in that book it’s probably Valjean and Javert. Valjean who got caught again (somewhere mid Madeleine-era), and Javert who was travelling on the same prisoner ship for unrelated reasons.
  • Suppose the ship sinks and the both of them get rescued by the above mentioned zoological expedition. (Also suppose Valjean helped Javert who in turn keeps his identity secret. Is very conflicted about it, but hey, it’s an AU.)
  • Soon enough Javert will see that ‘ex-prisoners can be good people’ isn’t the most unbelievable thing in the world. Or maybe it is, but dinosaurs are a close second.
  • He’s so ready to arrest them all. At one point Valjean has to drag him off by the collar because he attempts to arrest a T-Rex for lingering.
  • They probably never make it back to France. Valjean is secretly delighted by the fact - good luck dragging him back to prison now. Javert is significantly less happy, but hey, in these parts, he’s automatically the Head of Police! Insta promotion! And okay, ocasionally having to clean out the Velociraptors from the shed sucks, but, all in all, he can live with it.