junkyard wonders

Junkyard Wonders by Patricia Polacco

     Trisha has dyslexia and she is placed in Room 206, which many of the kids at school call “the junkyard.” She is upset with this as are many other kids in 206. Their teacher decides to take them to a junkyard. She shows them that junk is only junk if you call it that- all the items are actually full of possibilities. Together they take something incredible from the Junkyard and transform it.

The illustrations are Polacco’s usual style.


5/5. This book is inspiring! It teaches that it is not what you are given in life, it’s what you do with it. The neat thing is that it is about Patricia Polacco herself.


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He’s ours, and we’re not letting him go.                                                            You want us to vote on it or something?

                                                                                      Bet you it’ll be unanimous.

Don’t be lavish // Robynn

Flynn huffed as he carried the broken lawnmower around Swynlake to get to the junkyard. Already wondering where he could buy a new one. Money for once was still not a problem anymore and thus he was going to make this as convenient for himself as possible. He’d more than earned that questionable privilege.

Before he found either of those things though, he found a different store. That one offered neither of the things he needed. Instead there was only trash on display at the first glance. It turned out those were pieces of devices, rather than the things themselves. Repaired and broken ones. He stopped short and looked up at the sign.

He weighed the lawnmower in his arms, considering that. If he just stopped there he wouldn’t have to walk quite as far. Plus, he could find out first hand whether this service was any good should any of his personal things break. So he entered the shop and took a look around. Once he reached the counter he sat the lawnmower down in front of himself.

“Hey there. Can you repair that for me?”


Imagine Poe Rey and Finn on a road trip though

Like Poe is driving, or at least to start off with - as they get more comfortable and the roads get quieter the other two begin to take turns

And they start off each in separate beds but then one night Finn’s nightmares get so bad that they wake Rey up and they end up cuddling so he can focus on her breathing rather than the memories
But then in the morning Poe wakes up and sees them together and can’t quite hide his heartbreak. So the drive that morning is super tense and it’s the most he ever snaps at them and that afternoon he says he has errands to run and leaves them for a bit

And when he comes back he’s back to being their joyful enthusiastic best friend again
Maybe there’s something heavier about his eyes, but that could just be from all the time on the road, right? No one else will notice a thing

Except of course Rey and Finn notice and goddamn they care so much about this man and they can’t work out why he was so upset and Rey is still a little wary because of Poe snapping at them but eventually
They figure it out

And for some reason they think that the best time to talk to Poe about it is on the road (where he can’t avoid the conversation) but like ??? No!! Poe has never swerved so much in his life jfc

And that’s how the end up making out at a truck stop and never paying for multiple beds again