Hey gang! I’m happy to be able to share a little preview of the Backstage Pass OP song with all of you! The song is titled “I Can’t Believe It,” and it’s been composed by our friend and talented musician, Junko Fujiyama. The final version you hear here is performed by the lovely group Project Mili, but we’ll be including a special version sung by Junko on the official Backstage Pass OST!

Check out more music by Junko here!
And check out more music by Project Mili here!

Edit: By request, here are the lyrics -
I’ve been dreaming to be next to you
Wanted to be someone you call when you’re down
Yes you can say I’m addicted to you
I feel like I’m flying
I might be crazy

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I had a super amazing weekend with my friends, and I’ll be posting lots of photos from our adventures over the next few days. This was the highlight of the weekend: getting to see Junko Fujiyama perform at the Asian Festival in Knoxville. She was wonderful, completely awesome and she was so sweet and thankful for being there and it was amazing, and you should check her out on youtube and reverbnation if you don’t know who she is, because you’re missing out.

I hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend and I’ll talk to you guys soon! xoxo