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@izuru why did you save Ishimaru? You honestly weren't under any sort of obligation to do so

A/N a naekusaba twist to the killing saga? sign me the fuck up

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Killing Your Crush - naekusaba

Mukuro had always obeyed Junko’s orders and this one would be no different.

She supposed that it was bound to happen at some point given her sister’s failures at trying to kill him. It was amazing as to how long he had managed to elude her attempts with sheer luck. It astounded her that someone was capable of hindering Junko’s plans and maybe she felt just a bit proud that it was Makoto. Or maybe she shouldn’t. After all, she was just ordered to kill him in her sister’s stead. It should’ve been easy since she’d killed plenty before and she had the ability to kill with her eyes closed.

Too bad he also had the ability to persist in the back of her eyelids.

To be fair, she had tried different approaches before. She sniped him from the far ends of hallways but something would always block the bullet at the last second or someone would run into him or he’d trip out of nowhere just in time to dodge the bullet. And he’d be too oblivious about the bullet that had nearly lodged his head that it was almost cute. She never did report that last detail.

A trap had been set or rather, several of them. Rather than creating an opening, she patiently waited for him to fall in step into his doom. In war, it was traps that slaughtered more men than bullets. So she hid her presence as she watched with anticipation whenever he was near. He tripped them. All of them and all at once which wasn’t supposed to be possible but a flying shoe had rendered the odds. He should have been decimated by the traps individually, successively, if only they didn’t cancel each other in an odd stroke of luck.

He walked away unscathed. Again oblivious and again cute. He caught whiff of smoke which made him sneezed- adorably, might she add- but other than that, he continued about his business to retrieve his far flung shoe. Mukuro just stared at his form in awe. How he could avoid all that and be oblivious at the same time was beyond her. Nonetheless, he was a challenge to her mission.

Once she realized that long-range wouldn’t cut it because far too many failures supported this theory, she decided that she’d have to do it at point blank in the end.

There were just too many factors involved when putting distance between her target. At least at near proximity, she was in her element. This was her zone and all who entered her territory could be considered dead if she chose so. She had no doubt that he had no defensive skills in him and even his luck should be worthless under her sheer fighting power. This was her specialty after all. If there’s anything she was proud of then it was her talent for killing especially when it came to brute force.

Now if only she could get close to him enough without making contact.

“Hi, Mukuro!” He smiled as soon as he saw her.

And that’s all it took to compromise her mission.

“Uh, hi…” She shyly looked away as soon as their eyes met. Dammit, this was why she wanted to avoid contact in the first place. Whatever carefully laid out plan she had was suddenly thrown away along with her caution and whatever chance of success she had.

If Junko thought Makoto’s luck was a threat then Mukuro thought that his smile was downright fatal.

“What are the odds that you’d be awake at this hour too? I guess I wasn’t the only one who wanted a midnight snack.” He chuckled as they walked at a leisurely pace.

“Dinner wasn’t exactly filling.” She curtly supplied. Her brain was working overtime as she reconfigured her approach at his assassination.

“Yeah, let’s never put Hagakure on cooking duty ever again.” He winced at the memory.

One second. A lull in the conversation. Deep breath.

That was all it took to prepare herself for her next move. While it’s true that his smile had rattled her, she hardly lost any conviction from it. Mukuro was a professional mercenary, a talented soldier, a ruthless killer, and a loving sister. She placed Junko above all and her orders were absolute. It didn’t matter that Makoto had been the only person who genuinely treated her like an actual person. It didn’t matter that his smile was the first sincere one she had ever received. It didn’t matter that she may have held the slightest hint of affection for him and his charming personality.

It didn’t matter because in the next second, she attacked.

No fancy moves were necessary after all, he didn’t even get to see what was coming to him. With one swift blow to the back of his head, he fell unconscious just like that. He almost crumpled to the floor if she hadn’t caught him. Her guard was still up even as she held him like this. It was just so easy, too easy in fact, that she wondered how her sister could have failed when she was the superior one. There must be some trick left. The kill would be rather anti-climactic if it ended just like that. Searching, her eyes swept over his form.

He looked so peaceful and yet vulnerable at the same time. He was out before he could even become aware of what was happening. She had no doubt that in his mind, he was still believing that he was in her safe company because otherwise, he wouldn’t have such a carefree sleeping face. She gently brushed his bangs aside. He had no idea that she was just toying with his life right now.

She stared at him for one long moment, memorizing his final moments. This would be his end. She couldn’t risk any complications his luck might push if she tried to transfer his body somewhere else to kill him cleanly. His death would have to be here and quick. She laid him down with her body anchoring heavily on him just in case he woke up and tried to escape. Her hands didn’t even tremble as one covered his mouth to muffle his screams while the other pulled out a knife and angled it at his throat with precision. She held it there with bated breath as one final thought crossed her mind.

If there was anything Mukuro would miss then it was Makoto’s smile.

As a sort of final rite for him or perhaps more for herself, she pulled away her hand, half-expecting to see a smile on his face. She didn’t put her hopes up since there’s no way people that smile in their sleep actually existed. But to her surprise, they did exist and Makoto was one of them. His smile was soft and barely even there but it stayed. Unlike the dazzling bright ones he’d normally wear or the shy reserved ones he’d polish, this one was different. Serene, natural, at peace. Her gripped on her knife tightened at the sight.

Mukuro’s hand returned to cover that smile, that innocent smile which mocked her.

And then in one swift movement, she struck.

Her lips kissed the back of her hand right on top of where his lips would have been.

In the end, Mukuro was unable to rob Makoto of that smile.

Before she could kill him, she had to kill her feelings first.

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If you want and only if you do want to could you maybe do scene kid Mikan and Celestia outfits? I'm sorry to be such a bother but I hope you have a peachy day ♡´・ᴗ・`♡

Mikan will pierce you plenty and Celest is your queen

I figure Celestia in this au wouldnt necessarily be super scene but her fashion is expensive and regal like. always wearing a tiara and platformed shoes.

Mikan has glittery hair galore and make up thats always running from crying, she wears various cut up tanks shirts and shorts she gets from friends (junko maybe?) and places like hot topic or her job.

(And thank you! ;w;)

Okay so it has come to my attention that many people do not know about what is in my opinion the best event to ever occur in the entirety of the Cesspool that was Early Dangan Ronpa Fandom

Most people can recall the more horrific elements of those days, ie terrible discourse powerpoints. However, very few of my friends have displayed prior knowledge of the one redeeming light at the end of the tunnel

I speak, of course, of the Junkos Meme

It’s not surprising that this meme has been buried and lost to the majority, as it is hidden in the massive amount of commentary on the original SA LP for Dangan Ronpa, and most people prefer to read the actual content of the LP rather than sift through every single comment that follows. In addition, once the forums were moved to the archive, I’m pretty sure all of the comments were lost, unless some dedicated soul has saved them all from the ravages of time.

In any case, I read every single post due to three factors:

  • I love people and communities with all of my heart and nothing brings me more satisfaction than tracking patterns in their behaviour. I ocassionally sift through entire fanfic archives to take a census on reoccuring trends in fic content over time. I’m in deep
  • I thrive off of seeing other people react to things I like
  • I am a shitfuckign memer and want to see whatever Fresh New Memes roll in

This meant that i carefully read through each and every forum post on that LP until i reached the very last installment at the time (as an aside, this led to me learning about the existence of Ghost Trick, Touhou, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and Agatha Christie). 

The greatest discovery by far was that of the Junkos Meme

You see, the very first time the cast of dangan ronpa was introduced, someone innocuously posted something along the lines of “I don’t trust the smiley girl with the pigtails.” I can no longer access the original comments to check the exact phrasing, but I think it had something to do with her smile.  

In any case, from there on every time something suspicious happened, at least one person would pipe up with a jocular, “junko’s at it again” or somethign of the sort

This only increased after Mukuro-as-Junko’s death. The joke was that it was so implausible, so ridiculous to blame everything on Junko that it was akin to claiming aliens had abducted one’s hamburger. It was the forum’s pet Eridan-is-an-allegory-for-the-obama-administration theory, the funny kind of idea that couldn’t have any credibility whatsoever.

Then people started puling pieces together. They made long speculation posts, quoting dialogue and images. Junkos wasn’t looking so silly anymore. Still, no one took it seriously, and the meme was used ever more frequently. Pictures of Yasuhiro modeled after the screencap stating, “I’m not saying it was aliens, but it was aliens”  were edited to say  the same phrase with Junkos in place of “aliens”

However, as previously stated, Something Awful hates memes, the translator and poster of the LP hated memes, and a large percentage of the people with banning powers Hated Memes. Junkos was banned shortly before the final installments of the LP.

Which, in hindsight, is perhaps the most hilarious thing of all. 

Wait, no, I changed my mind. The most hilarious part is that Junkos was also banned in the SDR2 LP thread, and yet the end of the game did not only reveal that yet Again it was Junkos but it also had the potential to be Seven Billion Junkos

Tl;dr memes are a powerful force and can tell us much about how we interpret and react to standard tropes and subversions of them. also i love them.

How each DR game starts
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>DR1:</b> *Junko places everyone in chairs in separate classrooms*<p/><b>SDR2:</b> *Neo World Program gives Remnants of Despair fake memories and forces everyone to go to the classroom and forget how they did it later in order to go through with the program*<p/><b>DRV3:</b> *Everyone gets shoved into a fucking locker*<p/></p><p/></p>
Thanksgiving Squads

“Eats so much that they can barley move” Squad: Aoi Asahina, Byakuya Twogami, Akane Owari

“That annoying relative that keeps on telling you how to behave” Squad: Hajime Hinata, Nekomaru Nidai, Sakura Ogami, Kiyotaka Ishimaru

“Creepy Cousin/Uncle Pete” Squad: Kazuichi Souda, Hifumi Yamada, Teruteru Hanamura

“That one relative that always starts sh*t at the dinner table” Squad: Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu, Nagito Komaeda, Hiyoko Saionji

“Sassy/Knows a good comeback relatives” Squad: Kyoko Kirigiri, Celestia Ludenberg

“Goes into their room after dinner and stays there for the rest of the night” Squad: Chihiro Fujisaki, Gundham Tanaka, Mikan Tsumiki

“That one relative that always gives you money/a gift” Squad: Sonia Nevermind, Usami/Monomi, Komaru Naegi, Byakuya Togami

“That one relative who says they knew you since you were a baby” Squad: Sayaka Maizono, Mahiru Koizumi, Peko Pekoyama

“That relative that everyone absolutely loves” Squad: Makoto Naegi, Chiaki Nanami, Mukuro Ikusaba

“That relative everyone kinda hates but they’re okay…sometimes” Squad: Izuru Kamukura, Yasuhiro Hagakure, Leon Kuwata

“That One Relative that got locked up/put into a mental hospital” Squad: Toko Fukawa, Mondo Owada, Ibuki Mioda, Junko Enoshima, Nagito Komaeda

“Ew. Just Ew.” Squad: Monokuma

So, I thought up of something just for fun. Going through each students from both games, I swapped each of their talents and general personalities from each group. Along with that, it switches from their gender, so a male student from DR1 will receive a talent and caricatures, or at least similarly, from a female student from DR2 and vice versa. If that all makes sense.


Aoi Asahina : Ultimate ??? - Personality of ‘Imposter’

Touko Fukawa: Ultimate Luckster - Personality of Gundham

Leon Kuwata : Ultimate Gamer - Personality of Hiyoko

Celestia Ledenberg : Ultimate Imposter - Personality of Souda

Kyouko Kirigiri : Ultimate Yakuza - Personality of Teruteru

Makoto Naegi : Ultimate Prince - Personality of Peko

Yasuhiro Hagakure : Ultimate Swordsman - Personality of Chiaki

Chihiro Fujisaki : Ultimate Photographer - Personality of Ibuki

Sayaka Maizono : Ultimate Sports Manager - Personality of Fuyuhiko

Junko Enoshima : Ultimate Mechanic - Personality of Nekomaru

Mukuro Ikasaba : Ultimate Cook - Personality of Nagito

Hifumi Yamada : Ultimate Musician - Personality of Sonia

Mondo Oowada : Ultimate Traditional Dancer - Personality of Akane

Byakuya Togami : Ultimate Gymnast - Personality of Mikan

Sakura Oogami: Ultimate Breeder - Personality of Hajime

Kiyotaka Ishimaru : Ultimate Nurse - Personality of Mahiru


Hiyoko Saionji : Ultimate Luckster/Hope - Personality of Chihiro

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu : Ultimate Pop Sensation - Personality of Celestia

‘Imposter’ : Ultimate Detective - Personality of Mukuro

Akane Owari : Ultimate Programer - Personality of Makoto

Mahiru Koizumi : Ultimate All-Star - Personality of Kiyotaka

Sonia Nevermind: Ultimate Moral Compass - Personality of Yasuhiro

Mikan Tsumiki : Ultimate Coterie Writer - Personality of Mondo

Nagito Komaeda : Ultimate Male Model - Personality of Sakura

Teruteru Hanamura : Ultimate Gambler - Personality of Sayaka

Ibuki Mioda : Ultimate Clairvoyant - Personality of Hifumi

Peko Pekoyama : Ultimate Bikergang Leader - Personality of Byakuya

Hajime Hinata: Ultimate Martial Artist - Personality of Aoi

Nekomaru Nidai : Ultimate Soldier - Personality of Kyouko

Chiaki Nanami : Ultimate Affluent Progeny - Personality of Leon

Kazuichi Souda : Ultimate Swimmer - Personality of Touko

Gundham: Ultimate Writing Prodigy/Murderous Fiend - Personality of Junko

                        Junko Enoshima Heroine or villain?

Another article about Dangan Ronpa and before I begin a big thank you to the Tumblr DR fan artists never stop doing what you do. Sorry for the caps but to avoid offense PLEASE ONLY READ THIS IF YOU HAVE FINISHED DR 1 AND 2 AS WELL AS DR ZERO THE LIGHT NOVEL.

Now I know what you are thinking that I must be off my rocker to even type such a thing and that Junko is clearly a villain and she revels in the misery that she causes others or could it be something deeper than that? Imagine if the villain you had painted all along wasn’t actually as bad as she appears to be. Let’s break it down what our Perfect, despair, loving, super human has achieved in the series so far.

1.Born into the world as the SHSL Analyst a talent that can take any talent and make it their own what Hope’s peak has been looking for all along the closest being to perfection and the greatest talent.

2.Possibly killed the previous/true SHSL model assumed the personality of a typical model and infiltrates Hope’s peak recruits the cast of DR 2 and many of her loyal fans to create the SHSL despair group and then laid waste to the modern world.

3. Assumes the role of possibly her original identity considering she is actually a SHSL analyst not a SHSL model. As Ryoko Otonashi she is tricked by a childhood friend who brainwashes her when Ryoko loses her memories and possibly returns to how Yasuke Matsuda thinks she really is or wants her to be. Ryoko finds out the truth and kills Matsuda revealing that he was nothing but a cog in the grand mechanism of her plan. She then proceeds with School Life of Mutual Killing by killing the former principle of Hope’s Peak.

4.The events of the first game take place and Junko Enoshima is supposedly killed at the end of her execution however later information could possibly indicate she is not dead.

5.The events of the spin off game take place???? We will have to wait to find out.

6.The events of the 2nd game takes place and AI Junko is deleted and some of the former SHSL despair members want to work hard to redeem the damage they have done to the world.

A very brief summary of everything Junko Enoshima has achieved now if we look at that at face value it can’t seem anything but the actions of a villain. If we look at it from another angle we might realise something else.

1.Okay there is a problem here Junko claims she was in despair from birth but why exactly is she in despair? Most fans would claim boredom and her actions do seem to verify this but what if she was in despair because the world was spiraling in the wrong direction? I will go on to explain with the next point.

2. Any fan who has played both games and read Zero would know something is seriously wrong with the Hope’s peak academy ideology the school council are just evil bigots that support the prejudice of those who lack talent. They are at the core of the problem now according to Junko she wanted to target Hope’s peak academy specifically because they are apparently the greatest beacon of Hope.

Or could it be that because they are the root cause of a poisonous ideology that we the fans are not too sure how far this mind frame has spread. Maybe by taking this out and Junko being the talent they were trying to cultivate this whole time would be the perfect thing to hammer home just how wrong they were. Not to mention she reached out to others who were already in despair because of this ideology impacting on their lives.

¾. Setting up the school life of mutual killings again might seem without question evil. Most would claim that Junko killing Mukuro near the start had no justification or it could be used to implicate how sick she is of the sheep like attitude of the masses that allowed the Hope’s peak ideology to take root. Mukuro often knew Junko was morally wrong but wanted to please her sister instead of calling her out on it.

Also any female viewers reading this must be able to relate to Ryoko killing Matsuda because he was an asshole that never really loved Junko only the aspect of her that appealed to him the most. This point applies to both genders you should love everything that your partner is not just parts of them because that is selfish and entitled. Not to mention the fact that Matsuda brain washed her which is a really cowardly thing to do.

Back to her classmates since she lived with them it assumed she did this to them in particular because she wanted them to feel despair as their friend. However considering her behaviour as the MonoKuma persona it would seem to indicate otherwise. Basically at the start of the game with Naegi he basically tells the players just how happy he is to go to Hope’s peak and how special he is forgetting the fact that his joy crushes the hopes and dreams of those without talent. Junko as Monokuma constantly mocks the so called superior talented beings and puts them in a situation where their moral high ground would truly be put to the test.

They failed completely at first not only did they kill for very typical reasons that even Junko was surprised that they did but they were completely pointless as well proving that the hope for the future were no better than anyone else. It also would make sense why Junko was so happy at the prospect of her ‘death’ because they finally defied the imposing insane regime she had created for her classmates and in some ways it could be her reaching out to them in a figurative sense.

5. My guess is that they reveal in the spin off game that Junko isn’t actually dead which would explain some things that don’t add up in the 2nd game.

6. Now this is where my point becomes a little more difficult to argue but it does tie in with what I said about Mukuro as once the 2nd cast were in despair they followed her blindly seeing her as a beacon of their own hope while not really questioning the morality of what they were doing at the time. However I would argue that AI Junko was once again being critical of humans still alive as Naegi and Future foundation ultimately wasted precious resources and electricity to try and rehabilitate the surviving members.

This is of course a noble cause at face value but it ignores the very important fact that they are currently in a post apocalyptic world where resources are crucial. Do a bunch of mass murderers really deserve this treatment after what they have done could you really believe that considering your own reactions to every murderer you read about in the news? I know the tumblr feminists certainly wouldn’t.

I think this point is reinforced by the fact that those who truly grew as characters and then became the most moral people as well as overcoming all obstacles that AI Junko threw at them. I believe this signifies her allowing those who had truly changed to leave and once more contribute to a world that desperately needs them right now.

Before I forget the points that seem like plot holes currently that I am referencing from the 2nd game is when the players are told what happened after Junko’s death the SHSL despair self destructs and members took parts of her body. This should be impossible because her body was crushed and it can’t be Mukuro because someone took an eyeball is this an indication that Junko can create actual clones and she isn’t dead?


A lot of what I have written above makes me feel that Junko is what I refer to as a martyr type heroine where she has changed a corrupted world full of prejudice and segregation to one where people can be freed from that. She has lost family and friends and those closest to her but they along with the many that admired her never understood her. Murder is never a good stance to take and in some ways I feel she is punishing herself for taking this path and the fact the world can become a better place if she becomes a scapegoat for all the world’s anger allowing a much more hopeful world to emerge.

Unfortunately a hopeful world doesn’t suit Junko Enoshima who was born in despair but she will have been the one to bring it not Naegi. As much as Naegi has helped the rest the cast there is one problem he is still clearly favouring the talented over the average person which is root of all the problems of DR in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if Naegi is an unintentional villain by the end of it.

Of course a lot of what is written above depends on how the rest of the world behaved towards the Hope’s peak ideology this is just a theory based on the knowledge of the Dangan Ronpa series so far. While it may seem a stretch and reading pretty deep into things I feel that Dangan Ronpa has a knack for turning common perception on its head and while I think its unlikely I wouldn’t be surprised if Junko was a heroine at the end of it.

Thanks to everyone that actually read this miniature essay regarding Junko I tried to keep it simple and avoid ramblings so more people can read it so sorry if I went on too long. This is just a conclusion I reached by talking to multiple fans about the series and I did rush over a few things to keep it simple and easy to read.

DR3 Despair Arc: Unpopular Opinion

Wow, I’ve wanted to write a Mukuro analysis ever since episode 5 came out but I never really found the motivation to do so. But I guess I finally completed it? Or, at least, the matter I wanted to adress most. I won’t be going into much detail on the Chisa scene because in my opinion, the amount of hate Mukuro received just for that scene is off the charts and really surprised me. It’s okay to be disturbed by or sensitive towards lobotomies/brain surgery/gore but the baseless hate that was spammed in the tags was really unnecessary. Mukuro is a villain character, first and foremost. She’s Junko’s sister and lived most of her life as a mercenary. Don’t go crying over spilled milk, folks.

But that aside, let’s state my real point of critique.

‘Mukuro Ikusaba is OOC’.

This, this is probably what pisses me off the most when I read rants about Zetsubou-hen. I’ve seen this statement appear so many times. Let me get things straight: sorry to burst your bubble but Mukuro’s character has actually always been like this. I understand her sister-complex and totally masochistic thoughts in episode 5 and 6 might have shocked some people. Perhaps, because their only background on her character is DR1 and possibly DR:IF (which left Mukuro an empty canvas for us fans to fill in and created the possibility for a cute fluffy Naekusaba fanfics) or because animation and voice acting usually leaves a stronger impression on most people than written text does. But let me put this straight once and for all, her sudden outbursts about Junko nor her performing a lobotomy on Chisa were ‘Out of Character’ or ruined her in any way. I’ll try to explain her obsession with Junko by using a few quotes from the light novel DR/Zero which is canon to the Kibougakuen timeline and in which Mukuro has a more prominent role. (Note: These are all quotes from book 2 ch 10. You can probably find the translations somewhere online and read the chapter yourself to get a better understanding of the situation.)

There will be spoilers for DR/Zero after this so beware

After Mukuro defeats the Madarai Brothers in Yasuke Matsuda’s clinic to save Ryouko, the two have a brief conversation together. Mukuro expains to Ryouko that she came to save her because that’s what her sister, Junko Enoshima wanted her to do. Ryouko is obviously taken aback by hearing the name Junko Enoshima once again and how she seems to be involved in everything that’s been going on around her lately. Mukuro continues to explain her interpretation of Junko’s despair to Ryouko and this is mostly done in an emotionless manner (that she seems to use whenever she is talking to anyone when the subject ‘Junko’ isn’t involved)

All of a sudden it looked like Ikusaba-san’s eyes were gazing far away.
“That’s why, whoever it may be, whatever situation it may be, whatever world it may be, it just all means nothing to her, unless she is dealing with

But as soon as the topic changes to Junko herself, Mukuro’s overall expressions and overall body language seems to change drastically.

"Yes, she really is ridiculous…to the point of despair, she’s the lowest, worst sister ever but…that’s why I can’t leave her alone. That’s why I have to help her. After all, I’m the only one who can understand her.”

Then, looking at the face Ikusaba-san showed me, I was suddenly taken aback. The ever so emotionless face was, ecstatic and smiling.

When Mukuro talks about (her relationship to) Junko, her demeanor turns 180 degrees almost instantly. But it gets even more intens than this. In the next paragraph Mukuro explains the link between Junko and despair and how her sister eventually became Ultimate Despair. Or at least, this is Mukuro’s take on that but we can consider this very close to the truth. The emotion she feels while explaining this, is described by Ryouko as the following: 

While she spoke, it was like she fell into a fever, the expressions on her face turned into ecstasy. It was so completely absurd that it would have been hard for anybody to think of it as anything but a joke, but I understood that this was real.

Does anybody remember the blushing faces in the limousine scene from episode 5? Yes, exactly. We can safely say that she is probably making a similar expression here than the ones we saw in the DR3 anime.

"Hey, you don’t get it right? I don’t think anybody could. But you know, only I can understand it…”

Consumed by ecstasy, even Ikusaba-san’s breaths began to become ragged.

“Only I am able of understanding her. That’s why she needs me. She still hasn’t realized that but, maybe she is only pretending not to realize. Ufu, that’s because she’s so shy. Ufufufu.”
Seeing this
intoxicated Ikusaba-san continue to talk like that, repelled me.I knew that she definitely didn’t have normal feelings for Junko Enoshima

Ryouko’s reaction to Mukuro’s disturbing behaviour is probably how most of us felt when we first saw Mukuro talking to Junko back in episode 5. But it seems true, Mukuro has no normal feelings for Junko Enoshima and that’s why we have a hard time understanding or relating to them. We see it as unnatural, weird and even disgusting to some degree. While these are all valid opinions, that doesn’t mean Mukuro Ikusaba’s portrayal in the DR3 anime is OOC. It actually is really on point with the information we get in Zero. Mukuro goes as far as to masquerade as her sister to test Yasuke Matsuda’s memory erasing techniques by fooling Ryouko, kill two Board members and most of the Madarai brothers in the process, just because that’s what Junko ordered her to do before she underwent Matsuda’s treatment.

What I also noted in that small conversation Mukuro and Ryouko had in chapter 2.10 is that it shows us a bit of Mukuro’s motivation to why she is so extremely loyal to Junko in the first place.

There is nothing in the world that means more to her than dealing with despair, is what Mukuro says about Junko. Which we know already from the games.

To that statement, Mukuro adds:

“But because of that (her obsession with despair), I can’t leave her alone. After all, I am the only one who can understand her.”

“Hey, you don’t get it right? I don’t think anybody could. But you know, only I can understand it…”

Mukuro really wants to help her sister because she claims she is the only one who can understand Junko. And because she understands, she wants to go to unhealthy degrees for the sake of her sister. Why exactly this is, is never stated because Mukuro keeps claiming she is the only one who understands. And thus, nobody else could understand her motivations, is the only conclusion I can make here.

“Only I am able of understanding her. That’s why she needs me. She still hasn’t realized that but, maybe she is only pretending not to realize. Ufu, that’s because she’s so shy. Ufufufu.”

This was a really odd statement for me, at first, but I feel like it does make sense if I take Mukuro’s feelings towards Junko in cosideration here. Mukuro said that the only thing important to Junko is, indeed, despair. Meaning Junko would only need Mukuro if Mukuro could give her the thing she desires most. Mukuro gives us a similar standpoint in Episode 5. She will repetitively state that Junko will fall into deep despair if she murders her own sister. But this is probably only an example of how she could be of importance to Junko’s needs. It would validate that Junko did indeed need Mukuro, in some way, and it seems to be enough for Mukuro, however twisted that might be. 

Junko does need Mukuro in a way but this is where Mukuro interprets Junko’s feelings wrong. Junko’s plan is far from completion in DR/Zero. Since this is set before DR1, she is still in the middle of planning the Mutual Killing for class 78. And to make her plan complete, she needs a few key factors to be realized first. Matsuda’s memory erasement technique is one of them but she also mentions that Mukuro has yet to fullfil her job (by masquerading as Junko once again during the 78th class’ Mutual Killing).

Mukuro is pretty much two faced throughout the entire novel/anime. Appearing cool, fearsome and emotionless in battle and overly agitated or shy when around Junko or when talking to/about her.

Spoilers for DR/Zero end here

Also, what I remember from DR:IF is that Mukuro had two motives for deserting Junko’s side. 1. because she felt conflicted about Makoto Naegi and 2. because she wanted Junko to fall into a greater despair by ruining her plans. She never harboured any prominent feelings towards the rest of class 78, only towards her sister and Makoto. But somehow I have a feeling Mukuro was only attracted to Makoto’s hope much like many other characters in the franchise. After all, he’s SHSL Hope and that is his influence on the people around him. Makoto has been shown to be able to restore hope in others much like Junko is able to manipulate people into falling into despair. It something that comes natural to them as SHSL Hope and SHSL Despair, respectively. I’m not denying that Mukuro might indeed have had feelings for Makoto but this is my take on the matter.

This pretty much wraps up my opinion on her characterisation in the DR3 anime. I really want to do an even more detailed analysis on her but damn this was supposed to be a short list.

I hope I made myself a bit clear. I love Mukuro Ikusaba as a character. I don’t hate different interpretations on her personality but I dislike people that deny her true character because it doesn’t fit in with their headcanons. Having an AU is totally fine, but don’t go around claiming you write canon.

If I made any mistakes or whatsoever, leave me a comment ;)

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Touko roamed the dark halls of Hope's Peak one night, trying to get back to her dorm. "H-How the hell did I wind up here? Where in the building am I?!"

“Dun dun…dun dun…dundundundun!” Junko muttered as she crept up behind Touko. Since it was dark, her and Mukuro hadn’t been spotted and had been following Touko for a few minutes now. Junko grinned and placed a hand on Touko’s shoulder, “Boo!”

Hey, all you Nana fans out there! I just wanted to say how happy it’s made me to see people’s excitement over the Junko’s Place pages I uploaded. You’ve all been waiting desperately for any word from Yazawa, like I have been. I know we’re not that big a fandom, but I really can’t wait for the day we get a new chapter because everyone’s just going to be bubbling over with excitement and it’s going to be amazing.

But until then, I just wanted to say thanks to you all. Maybe I’m being really cheesy and shouldn’t be nightblogging (almost certainly not, actually), but I really feel a sense of solidarity with the Nana fandom. Whatever our feelings on individual characters or storylines, right now we’re all in this together. And I really appreciate all of you - those of you still posting about Nana, those of you making fanworks, those of you hunting for news and (perhaps most of all) those few of you who stalk the Nana tags and like my emotional, blubbering text posts when I suddenly get overwhelmed with Nana feels.

It makes the wait more bearable and so much less lonely. So thank you, Nana fans. You’re awesome. :D