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Mastermind | Danganronpa AU Fanfiction

This is a fanfiction for Danganronpa based on an AU that I fell in love with. Basically, what if the Mastermind behind Hope’s Peak wasn’t the real Mastermind at all?

This is over 48 hours and over 6,000 words for nothing other than my own amusement, because I like challenging my writing skills sometimes, but I figured other people would get some enjoyment out of it, too.

**WARNING** This short story contains major spoilers for the show Danganronpa! If you haven’t seen it, or even haven’t finished the last episode itself, please be aware that this will spoil it for you. Like, the first word is a spoiler here. And it also has spoilers in the tags, so be careful. It’s like a minefield in here.

Also, this AU is not mine. This is only my opinion of how it would go if this AU had really happened. I would credit the creator, but I can’t find the original source of this AU. If any of you know, please share with me so I can credit them. I also had to change a tiny bit of the wording in some of the parts from the animation, where I got the beginning dialog from, because it was actually pretty dang hard to understand what was being said in a couple of parts, and who knows, maybe the entire sentence was different in the subbed verison.

This story also has a mature rating for mature themes such as language and violence. It does not contain depictions of sexual content. If any of these things bother you, please don’t read on. I just don’t want anybody who is uncomfortable with these themes to not know about it before they continue.

I’m sorry if this still has spelling mistakes or autocorrected words that don’t make sense, I’m trying to fix everything Wattpad messed up, so if there’s errors please don’t be shy to point them out so I can fix them!

Alright, let’s get this show on the road. 

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anonymous asked:

Ok this might be a weird question but in your opinion, how will Ouma do in a fist fight? The only thing that I believe that he can beat is Saihara but who knows?

Honestly, Ouma would probably lose in a fist-fight with a lot of characters. His reaction to Momota threatening to punch him back in Chapter 2 always cracks me up, because he’s clearly aware of the fact that he’s the kind of person most people want to punch in the face. The fact that he was just like, “Uwa, I’m gonna get punched!” and then “dashed out of the gym like a scared rabbit” shows that he’s pretty quick on his feet.

He does punch Momota in Chapter 4 of course, but that’s only after: 1.) being punched by Momota once at the beginning of the chapter, and 2.) Momota was considerably weaker from his illness, which Ouma comments on by noting that his “speed was a lot slower compared to before.” So he judged whether he could actually punch Momota there or not, and did so in order to both make himself look worse in front of the group and try to draw everyone’s attention to the fact that Momota was sick. But it’s doubtful he would’ve punched Momota or anyone else in other circumstances, since he wouldn’t have had the advantage.

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say most people could beat him easily, especially since he’s only a measly 44kg and looks like a strong gust of wind could knock him over. Kodaka also confirmed that while Junko could win if she cheated and used other technology, she’d lose in a direct, fair fight against Sakura, so clearly SHSL Analysis doesn’t mean you can win in physical fights all the time. So yeah, my money’s on Ouma being way too scrawny to win any fist-fights unless he also cheated.

On the subject of Junko Enoshima... (Crowds random rant)

Junko: ”Hey… Isn’t this world of preexisting harmony boring?”


I have to say that I find Junko Enoshima, the villainess of the Danganronpa series, to be a fascinating deconstruction of the ”chessmaster” (that is, a person who is able to think many steps ahead of everyone else).

To be honest, I used to find Junko to be a character that was kinda hard to get a grip on. I’m not sure if it’s because I hadn’t read the Danganronpa Zero novel or if my memory of the past two games is a bit hazy… But after the latest episode of Danganronpa 3 (Despair episode 6 or episde 12 all-in-all), we got a truly fascinating scene between Junko and Izuru Kamukura.


Izuru: ”Junko Enoshima, you have super analytic abilities, which allow you to see many steps in advance. So why did you do this, knowing you couldn’t win?”

Junko: ”Oh, so you don’t know? You ought to have super analytic abilities yourself, though…”


Junko: *smile/smirk* ”See?”

 Junko: ”Despair is an unknown. Because of my super analyctic ability, I was thoroughly bored with this world. The ’hope’ everyone longs for is just preexisting harmony. But despair was the one thing that was different. The heart-racing excitement of messy despair has a taste like you’ve never known! Despair is the one thing that brings chaos to this world. Just like a single bullet setting off a world war, despair has the power to throw this world into chaos! Look at me now! I’m having so much fun! Even now, I’m filled with despair and excitement!”

Junko: ”Can you understand me?”


Junko made it clear from the very beginning, in the first Danganronpa game, that she does things for her own amusement, or as she puts it: for “despair”. Now, if despair is something that she associates with the unknown and unpredictable… then her actions and obsession makes a lot more sense to me. She’s still a horrible person, don’t get me wrong… but as a character, she’s a fascinating deconstruction of what can go wrong when you can predict literally anything coming your way… and then get BORED out of your mind with that. It’s the same as with Izuru. They find the world to be mindbogglingly boring, and searches for something… ANYTHING… that can relieve that boredom. It doesn’t make what they’re doing right in any shape or form. Definitely not! But it does make them somewhat more understandable as characters.

Danganronpa Episode 7 Analysis
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So I am basing this analysis off of @shokumei-no-yugi‘s post on a quick summary, which is basically all I needed to raise some questions and theories. Check their post, but this screencap is a summary of the episode.

So, the question I’ve been asking since day numero uno is what did Nagito do to Monaca.

Or, more so, where did he take her?

Firstly, if you never played D:AE or watched a playthrough, you should. It’s really gonna answer a lot of questions on the Ultimate Lil’ Despairs and how they got where they were and Komaru and Toko’s friendship and backstory and such. You can go to this youtube link and watch just the cutscenes too, thats really all you need you don’t need the game play.

So I posted a while ago, and idk where/what the post was but I basically said where did Nagito take Monaca after AE? Well, I want to state some things/theories/idea/thoughts

  • Nagito has Junko’s hand (her right one I think). What if Monaca has a part of Junko as well? We know she wouldn’t have her hands, because both are shown in multiple episodes. But what if Monaca has Junko’s brain? Or in the process of getting her brain and uploading her AI into it than into her? Thoughts, idk how possible that is in the DR universe.
  • Nagito took Monaca somewhere. I think wherever he took her is super important. But where he took her he had to have left her, because then he was put into the NWP. 
  • Nagito convinced Monaca to follow Junko. Honestly, D:AE Monaca wasn’t entirely devoted into despair imo. Nagito pushed her, implanted the idea of her becoming Junko rather than trying to impress her. 

Now, with those thoughts said, I wanted to touch on this as well. Monaca said that she isn’t hope or despair, she’s doing her own thing basically. Why is this important? Because 1 she isn’t like the ultimate despairs. She shows that she has some reason to her, having the monokuma’s fly her away rather than facing Toko because she knows she can’t win. Would Junko run away? No. We saw her attack Izuru, pull out a eye ball of a HPA trustee, kill people. Junko wouldn’t run away, hell, she faced her own ultimate punishment. Monaca hasn’t tasted despair like Junko, and honestly, I believe she is afraid of that.

& 2 Monaca wants change. And I think the beginning when she is emulating Hitler (I know this comparison is out there but listen) that she is demonstrating that she has the power, the will to push forward with her ideals, but won’t do the dirty work herself. She puts her “threats” in a killing game, and has people controlled by monokumas/monokumas robots do her work for her. This is exactly how hitler had his people blindly follow him, and putting the intended “threats” to Germany in camps. 

And I want to state with that comparison, I’m not trying to be rude. I wanted to point this out in relation to Monaca’s character. Sorry if I offended anyone!

What’s this mean? Well basically it shows just how scared Monaca is of failure. She doesn’t want to fail Junko, but can’t take that final plunge into Despair. So, I think Monaca is going to write her own rules. We see how Monaca has developed a “personality disorder” where she gets bored easily and changed personalities much like Junko did, and I wouldn’t be shocked if she did have another personality. 

We even see her fear in D:AE where she gets crushed by the building from the mega monokuma. Before she got crushed, we was ready for the “despair” bc she truly thought that she was gonna die and embraced it bc she wanted to be like Junko. But she didn’t. Even worse for her it left her paralyzed from the hips (or so) down and very much alive to live in her own sorrow and shame. That’s not despair, its failure

tl;dr Monaca is afraid of true despair. 

Now, Monaca states that she isn’t the mastermind, but knows who it is. And we also have a traitor running about. Thoughts?

  • Monaca could be referring to Junko still being the mastermind, because Monaca isn’t on the side of Despair.  I find this unlikely though.
  • I find Nagisa being the mastermind unlikely.
  • I also find Izuru being the mastermind unlikely.
  • If I had to pick anyone from the future arc I’d pick Yukizome. I’ve explained many reasons on how she emulates Junko, but to summarize…
    • Yukizome died first, much like “Junko” did.
    • Yukizome was heavily involved with the 78th class of despair and Nagito. Wouldn’t be weird if she came across Junko at some point at HPA.
    • Yukizome stated herself that she suffered, loss hope, felt pandemonium during her time in the Reserve Course. 
    • SHE STATED THAT SHE   L O S T   H O P E  ! ! !
    • Anyways, *cough cough*, Yukizome has put people she “cares” about at risk of being fired, or worse. (When she got the trustee pass from Juzo). 
    • Junko knew about the Kamukura project. From who? Maybe Yukizome told her…
    • Also, Yukizome is the Ultimate Housekeeper  while Monaca was the Lil’ Ultimate Homeroom. Don’t these sound…similiar? Yukizome was a homeroom teacher as well in HPA. Also, Monaca was from a large, wealthy family. What if Yukizome did undercover work while working for the Towa group? 
  • Point being, there are a lot of possibilities/chances for Yukizome to fall into despair and for her to help Monaca. 
  • This could mean that, yes, Monaca/Miaya is the traitor amongst the FF, but Yukizome is the mastermind.

 And, uh, Monaca flew…but into space? 

Anyways, I want to also discuss about what Monaca said. She told Komaru, who then told Makoto, that someone from the first class in the killing game will die. Hmm, possible options/theories on this?

  • Makoto: Might be forced to take his own life down the road in order to ensure hope.
  • Aoi: Will die from her wrist band thingy by protecting someone (makoto or kyoko).
  • Kyoko: Will either be killed from Juzo, since the last panel showed them both. Or maybe from Kyosuke? She also hasn’t been around Makoto, and if her wrist band thingy is that she can’t talk to him, she might tell him her thoughts, or give him her journal as her last effort to help before she dies via poison bc she is being chased. 
  • Hagakure: well he is just dodging lasers outside currently so….
  • Togami: Plane could always crash, get swarmed by Monokumas, lil’ ultimate desparis could end him maybe?
  • Toko: Same as Togami I would assume.
  • Junko: Now, listen. Her AI could still be alive, meaning, she is “alive”. Monaca could destroy her AI and officially break away from Junko as the new leader of the new found despair.

My thoughts? Either Makoto, Aoi or Junko’s from above seem the most likely to me. But what are your thoughts?

When the subbed episode comes out I may add screnecaps or change some things if they aren’t true. Stay tuned!