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LadyNoir July Day 23: Addictive

Special thanks to seasonofthegeek for helping me brainstorm this one!!

“Did you bring them?  Please tell me you brought them.”

“That depends, mon minou.”  Ladybug sauntered over to her partner, leaned in close, and flicked the bell at his throat.  “What have you got for me?”

Chat Noir bounced on his toes excitedly, and bent to scoop up a bag of coffee from where he left it on the low ledge.  “You are going to love this one!  It’s a dark roast Arabica out of Ethiopia, and it’s so strong that even my dad won’t drink it.”

“Yeah?”  She took the proffered bag and held it to the light, examining the label.  “Whole bean, right?”

Chat Noir gasped in indignation.  “Would I dare to bring you anything else, my lady?”

“No, you wouldn’t.”  She grinned, and stood on her toes to press a kiss to his cheek.  “I can’t wait to try it!  Do you have more at home?”

“Yeah, we’ve got a whole case of it!  Dad wanted it thrown out, but I saved it for you.”  He studied his claws nonchalantly, and she giggled.

“You’re the best, chaton!”

“I am.  I really am.”  He stepped closer and leaned down to put his head on her shoulder, and gazed up at her through his lashes.  “Don’t good little chatons deserve treats?”

“They do,” she replied, laughing.  “They really do.”  She slipped away from him and moved around the corner of a chimney stack, and came back into sight with a large bakery box in her hands.  “What do you think, Chat?  Will these help you scratch your itch?”

“Oh my god, Bug.  Are those…?”

“The Mort Par Chocolat macaron assortment from the best bakery in Paris.”  She opened the lid with a flourish, and grinned at the naked longing on his face as his fingers hovered over the different varities.

“Peanut butter and dark chocolate ganache.  Milk chocolate and hazelnut.  White chocolate and marzipan.  And, merde, Ladybug, dark chocolate with raspberry coulis?  Are you trying to kill me?”

Ladybug laughed, and tugged the box away from him.  “You have to promise me, Chat, that you will not eat all of these at once, like you did last time.”

“Don’t ask me to make promises that I can’t keep,” he replied, pouting.

“I will not let you make yourself sick!  And I don’t want you getting in trouble again, you junkie.  Promise me, and they’re yours.”

He glared petulantly.  “If you take back your cookies, I’m taking back my coffee.”

She giggled.  “No you won’t.  But even if you did, I’d rather put up with the caffeine withdrawal headache than let you make yourself sick.”

“Ugh, fine.”  He nudged her shoulder with his arm, a smile curling the corners of his mouth.  “I promise.”

She passed the box to him, and he excitedly dug into it, agonizing over which one to eat first.  “We’re quite the pair, aren’t we?  The chocoholic cat and the caffeine-addicted bug.”

He made his selection and stuffed the entire macaron into his mouth at once, then sighed blissfully.  She shook her head, but knew she had no room to criticize.  She really needed to cut back on the coffee…

anonymous asked:

being friends with jacob in general because i love him

- Jacob would be the cuddliest best friend ever;
- Always asking you for hugs;
- Especially when you feel down;
- He would make you laugh all the time because it’s his job and he is so good at this;
- Also buying you junkie food;
- “I promise tomorrow we’ll work out”;
- “Jacob. We say this all the time but we never do that. We should probably stop saying it”;
- “But if I tell myself to workout I feel less guilty”;
- Taking you to all the most important events;
- lots of silly pictures together;
- His family would love you;
- Your mum would have a lovely relationship with him;
- I bet he would join your family whatsapp group;
- Sometimes your mum invites him to have dinner at your place without telling you;
- So you walk into the living room to find Jacob;
- Also your dad would love him;
- Everyone loves him, that a true statement;

I secretly enjoy when my printmaking falters. What pleasure there is in using old ink that clots like blood and dries like tar!
May 2016

Amusement Parks | Preference

Calum: Whenever you went to the amusement park with Calum, he’d always want to head straight towards the water park. You wouldn’t object, watching him walk around without a shirt and soaked to the bone all day was one of your favorite things ever. He’d drag you to all of the slides and then relax and hold onto your hand as you two would float down the lazy river.

Ashton: Ashton was the adrenaline junkie. You promised you’d go on all of the rides with him as long as he held your hand. He wouldn’t give up until he had been on every single ride, some of them even twice. Ashton loved waiting after the ride to watch for the photos of you two on the rides, buying a few of them because he couldn’t get over the faces that you two were making.

Luke: Luke’s favorite part of the amusement parks was always the greasy and over-fried food. Whenever you went, you’d spend most of your day walking around the park, talking and munching on some sort of funnel cake or a stick of cotton candy. You’d each get something wildly different switching halfway through to try out the other’s. At the end of the day, you’d go home with empty wallets and full bellies.

Michael: In pure Michael nature, his favorite part was the games. No matter what game he played, he always ended up winning something, meaning that you’d always go home with tons of stuffed animals, ranging in sizes and other little prizes. You loved watching Michael get super competitive, focusing so hard on each game that he would play. Sometimes he’d lose a game and his stubborn side would come out, and he’d play over and over, not giving up until he won.