junkie sherlock

“Why does everything have to be understandable? Why can’t some things be unacceptable, and we just say that?” - BBC Sherlock


Most important development of S4 so far: Sherlock has a new indigo dressing gown!

I wonder at what point between the end of HLV and now he decided to go out and get a new robe.  Was there a celebratory I’m-not-being-sent-to-Eastern-Europe-to-die shopping spree?  What makes a man already in possession of dressing gowns in burgundy, camel, tartan, and blue silk decide he really needs another?

Or maybe it’s always been tucked into the back of his wardrobe, but he only brings it out on special occasions, like when he’s off his tits on drugs.

Look how ashamed he looks here, he knows he’s messed up and let everyone down. He’s purposely standing away from everyone not even in the same direction, he’s either looking up with his arms crossed which is body language for putting a barrier between you and other people or situations , or he’s looking down which is shame. He’s messed up and he’ll say it’s for a case as much as he likes and yes it was , and I don’t personally think that he’s addicted again, but he also knows that he’s messed up bad and he doesn’t want to feel like he’s let everyone down. That’s why he lets Molly hit him he thinks he deserves to be attacked he could have easily have blocked her hand ,not in a way that would hurt her because I don’t think he ever would do that to Molly, or he could have moved out the way , he’s physically bigger she wouldn’t have been able to stop him from moving. So he stays there. 

Please, assess yourself on the Mycroft Holmes scale:
— Wikipedia;
— Sherrinford Waters’ Dwarf-Fisher;
— The Ice Man;
— Big Brother Of Sociopaths-Violinists;
— Lady Bracknell;
— Mummy’s Son;
— Archenemy Of Brother-Junkie Sherlock;
— Vulnerable Reptile;
— Secret Kingsman’s Agent;
— Romantic Melodrama;
— The Favorite Of Eldery Ladies;
— The British Government;
— Greg’s Gay Donut.

You know what pisses me off? Mary calling Sherlock a junkie who solves crimes in place of getting high and John a doctor who never returned from the war.
Like, fuck you? That’s a nasty thing to say to your husband and supposed friend in your posthumous DVD?
Plus, Sherlock and John moved past all of that in seasons 1 and 2! Sherlock cured John’s nightmares and PTSD. John gave Sherlock a reason not to do drugs. They only fell apart because of what MARY did to them.
Like honestly? Fuck off, Mary. You don’t know these men as well as you think, you smug dickhole.